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Think and Grow Thin

Think and Grow Thin

Change your life in 88 days with this new weight loss program.

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Think and Grow Thin is a new book written by Charles D’Angelo that was made available on January 16. This revolutionary weight loss system works to change your entire life in only 88 days. Charles D’Angelo is known as the weight-loss coach due to his professional success as well as being able to lose 156 pounds in two years as a teenager. His success has allowed him to help others who are similar situations to the one he faced in his past. Everyone from Hollywood celebrities to politicians and CEOs have trained with Charles D’Angelo to transform their bodies. Usually, Charles works one-on-one with his clients to go through the 12 week program that he offers. Through Think and Grow Thin, you will have all of the information you need to complete the program on your own. This program will reveal the weight loss secrets of success so that you can finally meet your goals. This guide focuses on your mind more than your muscles, so you can overcome the mental elements that have made and kept you fat. This program is great no matter how much weight you need to lose. Charles has perfected these strategies to give you success. Inside Think and Grow Thin you will find eating plans and the skills and motivation that work for permanent weight loss. There are also plenty of success stories, inspirational photos and tools that will keep you on track to stick with this program. Charles starts out by telling you his story and making comparisons to your current situation and his past. The book is filled with helpful recipes and all the information you will need to make changes to your body.

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  • Program is only 88 days or 12 weeks long
  • Program creator has lost 156 pounds
  • Book offers several recipes
  • Includes guidance on cardio and strength training exercises
  • Easy to follow
  • Program has received high reviews from readers
  • Basic focus of the program is proper diet and exercise
  • None to speak of

Think and Grow Thin offers you a full nutrition plan to help you finally lose weight and reach your goals. One of the main focuses is accountability. The foods that are recommended are easy to find at any grocery store and you will learn what to eat, how much to eat and how to properly space out your meals. You will have one meal per week called a refuel meal. This meal allows you to eat anything you want, without guilt. Changing the way you think about food is really important to this program. There are some simple rules that you can implement right away to get you going on this program. For those that are trying to prevent type 2 diabetes or trying to reverse it, there is a Diabetes Detox listed. The four simple steps to helping to control your blood sugar levels include:

  • Eliminate ALL simple sugars: This includes foods containing white flour, table sugar and high fructose corn syrup. This can be an effective way of reconditioning your body to process carbs and sugars effectively.
  • Eliminate all caloric drinks: Low-sugar added and no-sugar added beverages are not enough. Stick with zero calorie drinks like water, mineral water, tea, etc.
  • Limit your starches: Starch breaks down into sugars so limit your intake of potatoes, sweet potatoes, bananas and products made with grains. Eat more starches that are unrefined like whole grains and brown rice. Be sure to keep the quantities small and don't eat these at every meal.
  • Start doing at least 30 minutes of cardio everyday: Regular activity helps control your blood sugar and helps you lose excess fat.

Along with the Diabetes Detox, there are several recipes that can be used with the meal plan for Think and Grow Thin. There are also recipes available for the maintenance phase after you’ve reached your weight loss goals. Some of the delicious recipes included are:

  • Chicken Okra Soup
  • Lemon Dill Whitefish with Broiled Asparagus
  • Kale Chips
  • Lemon Garlic Spinach
  • Beef Fajita Wraps
  • Cabbage Rolls
  • Paella

Think and Grow Thin touts weight training as the key to your dream body. Some of the listed benefits of weight training include the fact that building muscle increases your metabolism, weight training helps prevent aches and pains, weight training strengthens your bones and it keeps you mobile as you age. Think and Grow Thin offers full weight training routines for all fitness levels along with photos of the moves. Different muscle groups will be paired together and you will be told which muscle groups to work on certain days. Along with weight training, Think and Grow Thin highlights cardio exercise as the key to fitness. You can choose your cardio exercise from a wide list of choices. It is important to choose something you enjoy so that you can stick with it.


Think and Grow Thin offers a sound program and a lot of different success stories from people that have followed the program or worked with Charles directly. This program works to change the way you think about food so that you can finally have the proper keys to lose weight. Anyone wanting to lose weight and keep it off for good can benefit from this book.

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I have not yet tried this diet, just fininished the book.
what was not mentioned in the review is that the meal plan given is very strict. It is broken into 2 week blocks and you are to eat the same thing every day for the entire two weeks. I am not saying this is a negative or a positive, but I felt it should be adressed.

posted Mar 28th, 2012 7:49 pm


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