Biggest Loser: Episode 3

It seemed like tonight’s episode of Biggest Loser: Couples finally got a little juicy. It’s like the past two weeks have been this careful dance where everyone is just trying to feel out themselves, their teams and competitors to see how this whole thing is supposed to work. Tonight was that first glimpse of the drama that only reality TV can spawn. Scripted TV? Nah- who needs it?

The orange team has been this sort of silent giant. Not too in your face, not really in the shadows and then they go and dominate at both of the past two weigh ins. They were rewarded tonight for that feat… with a hike up a mountain! No pain, no gain I guess. At the top of the mountain were three envelopes, Gameplay, which they chose. Inside gave them an extra vote at this week’s elimination. They passed up Luxury- which would have given them and a team of their choice massages for the week and Family- a 24 hour visit with the person of their choice. They ended up not even using the extra vote, so I say the reward was a wash. I’ll take a massage- for each day of the week- any day of the week.

It was an incredibly emotional week for the pink team. Bette-Sue, who I’m seriously starting to pull for- she’s a wild one!, had this revelation while walking with 20 pound weights. Two weeks ago she was 22 pounds heavier, so she was essentially walking around with the weight she’d lost. Pretty powerful. Jillian encouraged, more forced, Ali to come to terms with the emotional reasons for her weight and being on Biggest Loser. Ali and Bette-Sue met to discuss Ali’s years of pent-up angst, abandonment issues with her mother. It ended up in a tearful, positive hug and kisses from Jillian. Yah! The “Bully” kissed them both on the cheek. SHE HAS A HEART!

I liked the challenge this week. Dirty, messy and mean- it was all about strategy and for the first time the black team did not win. Grey came out on top. Relay race through a muddy pond, carrying medicine balls, place them in any other team’s bucket, first team with 8 balls is out. Last team standing wins. Definitely called out the teams people have issue with- white and orange were out first, followed by black and yellow- and then I guess the “good guy” teams. They won immunity- but like the orange team, didn’t end up needing it at the vote.

Alright- the juicy part. Weigh in was so exciting tonight, but I’m going to cut to the chase and just say that I really thought the white team, with Neill and Amanda, was going to pull through. I thought they were going to blow everyone away at weigh-in, but sadly they did not. Up against purple, in their third straight appearance in elimination, the white team was unanimously asked to leave tonight. UGH! I am so sad. Amanda- total power player, she could have taken it all the way home. Neill- MAN! What is up?! Just quit touching the treadmill already. I was torn on the elimination because you’ve got purple team on one hand who has been in every single elimination and on the other the white team who keeps trying to give it their all, but everyone’s mad at Neill. Three strikes rule doesn’t apply here.

I was glad to hear that Neill and Amanda are sticking with the plan at home, playing with their son more easily with the 20-some additional pounds they’ve both lost since leaving Biggest Loser. Great try guys! Keep it up.

Now, if this post could get ANY longer… this Saturday and Sunday the Biggest Loser Million Pound Match Up is stopping in Wichita, KS. I’ll be covering the entire event- inside and out- and be back next week with the scoop on that.

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