Biggest Loser: Episode 2

What a show! Whew! Thank goodness for TiVo because I zapped the commercials to get through ALL THE CLIFFHANGERS. I laughed, I cried, I got mad. For Biggest Loser’s second episode, this one had it all.

Jillian and Bob opened the night with a one-two punch- they were joining forces and creating the dynamic duo. Since the teams were in couples, they wanted to couple up. All of the teams will now be sharing both trainers. There was a “Holy &*%$” heard from Kelly on the yellow team. I think it’s a great idea. Who couldn’t benefit from the unique expertise of them both. Granted, once you get a look at the weigh-ins, it might not be working.

They are interesting. Bob said it best when he called Jillian the craziest person he’d ever met. I cannot fathom having her screaming at me. That’s what some people need to get it in gear I guess.

There were a few challenges facing the nine remaining teams tonight- see-saws, buffets and emotions. All three were running high. The see-saw was the big challenge for this week. They had to do 100 reps, up and down. First team to complete each received a calling card to phone home. Any walls that were left came crumbling down, everyone was crying. And why not, a lot of those teams have young kids at home who they hadn’t spoken with in two weeks. Just like last week’s hot air balloon race, the black team brought it home. The twist was that they were given six more cards to give to three teams. They chose to give the teams with children the opportunity to call home.

Amanda, of the White team, literally took one for the team as everyone was cussing Neill this week. He just didn’t seem to pull his weight or want to be there and she’s been working SO HARD! They hoped that call to their little boy would help him to get his head in the game. That and a pep talk from Jillian look like they did it.

The teams were given what I would have thought to be their toughest challenge yet- FOOD! Send me outside by myself with tables full of hot barbecue, M&Ms, corndogs and pop and expect me to just twiddle my thumbs and walk away? Ha! Of the 18 people on Biggest Loser, only three of them took the bait. Amazing. White team stayed strong and didn’t take a bite. Brown, Yellow and Black each gave in- but only one member of each team ate something. What’s more interesting was that with all the hot links, hot dogs, chicken wings they each went for the sugar. Everyone ate cake and cookies and candy.

This week’s weigh in was a bit of a disappointment. Episode 1 had teams losing upward of 40 pounds. Tonight, the Orange team one for the second week in a row with a total of 16 pounds lost. Mallory of the brown team was the only person to add a pound. Amanda didn’t lose a single pound. It was heartbreaking to see how much she’s given this and not make any sort of change in the scale. On the flipside, Neill aggravated a few contestants by dropping six pounds. I gained a ton of respect for Amanda tonight as her only reaction to the weigh-in was a disappointed shrug and “I’m really proud of Neill.” His weight loss saved them from elimination.

Even more heartbreaking tonight was watching the Brown team go home, rather than the Yellow. They were amazing people- you could tell they were just so genuine and strong for one another. The follow-up looks like they’re sticking with the program and they look fantastic!

I’m anxious for next week as it looks like conversations are getting a tad heated between contestants.

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