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Calf Liposuction Sought by Women to Fit in Fall Boots


“I have five pairs of boots in my closet I can’t wear. I get them out as workout motivation. I really miss wearing them. I have to say, it is one of the more depressing parts about being a plus size girl. I have one pair of wide calf boots. They work, but the others are much prettier,” one of my friends shared.

While she uses the boots as workout motivation and sought out wide-calf boots, other women are turning to liposuction for their calves. It isn’t an instant fix though; it can take ten months to recover from this trending plastic surgery procedure. It can take months for the swelling to go down after a liposuction procedure. It also isn’t something that is available for everyone. Women who work out or have muscular calves may not have the amount of fat needed for the microliposuction procedure.

“I could lose 80 pounds and I’d still have a 16” calf,” explained another friend. (more…)

Wear the Part: How Your Wardrobe Can Really Affect Your Workout

It might not be something that you spend too much time thinking about, but the clothing and shoes that you wear while exercising can have a pretty significant effect on how successful your workout is. Everything from what you wear on your head to your feet (and everywhere in between) plays a part in how comfortable you are at the gym, on the trails, or wherever your workout happens to be that day.

Here’s four tips to help you dress the part and have your clothing work for you when you exercise:


1. Choose clothing that is suited for the activity that you’re doing.

Wearing clothing that’s fun yet practical (and that you feel good in!) can make a huge difference in your attitude! If you’re feeling uncomfortable in what you’re wearing or constantly tugging and pulling on your clothing, you’ll be far less likely to enjoy your workout.


Consider which type of top and bottom you’ll be most comfortable in. If you are blessed to have thighs that don’t rub together, running shorts might be what you prefer. If you’re not so lucky (and experience that ever-so-fun chafing effect), consider tight fitting long shorts or capri pants that provide a bit of compression and support.

Stationary Bike / Indoor Cycling

Make sure that your pants are not loose-fitting as they can get caught in the pedals.


Wear clothing that’s comfortable and is not too tight or constrictive on the body in any way.

Strength Training

Consider the muscle groups that you’ll be training. I like to wear shorts when I work out my legs and tops that show off my shoulders or back when working those muscle groups. Being able to see the part of your body that you’re training might give you a bit more motivation (and help show off the results!). (more…)

Protect Your Feet with These Sneaker Shopping Tips

By Team Best Life

Your feet take a beating just living everyday life. Add in your recommended exercise, and finding footwear to cushion and protect your feet becomes even more important. Treat your feet right using these tips as a guide.

Don’t get too attached.

Using shoes that are past their prime can lead to injury or painful conditions like shin splints. It’s not always obvious when your running or fitness shoes are worn out, as wear and tear on the inner cushion isn’t visible. As a general rule, replace shoes before you put 500 miles on them—about six months’ worth of 10,000 steps a day or running about 20 miles a week. (more…)

The Nike Studio Wrap is the Yoga Industry’s Latest Innovation

The sale of yoga swag helps support what is now a six billion dollar industry. From ToeSox to yoga tops, yoga studios are stocking up on merchandise to sell to their peace-seeking supporters.

In today’s world, it is not uncommon to drop over a hundred bucks on either a set of yoga videos, one pair of yoga pants, and even a yoga mat. Companies such as Gaiam, Lululemon, and Manduka do not deny the capitalistic nature of the yoga business. They manufacture innovative and quality products just as fast as you can say “om.”

It is not just the smaller retail companies enjoying the fruits of the growing yoga tree. Big name brands are also getting in on the action. The latest innovation to hit the market is the Nike Studio Wrap. While it may sound like a sarong you might don at the beach, the Nike Studio Wrap is actually a pair of shoes.

Inspired by the need to maintain a firm base of support, beyond what a yoga mat can provide, the Nike Studio Wrap was created for women who spend hours working out in the studio.

Whether it is in yoga, Pilates, or ballet-fitness classes, women can now wrap up their feet in this stylish three-part system that involves a wrap, a ribbon, and a flat bottom surface. (more…)

How to Get Your Refund From the $40 Million Skechers Lawsuit

If you purchased Skechers toning shoes after August 1, 2008 you may be eligible for a refund. Skechers USA has agreed to pay $40 million to settle the case filed again the Federal Trade Commission for making unfounded claims about its Shape-Ups, reporting these shoes would help people lose weight and strengthen their leg and butt muscles.

The amount of each refund will depend on the number and amount of shoes you claim, as well as total number of valid claims filed. The claims are based on the honor system and any claims under $200 will not require a proof of purchase.

According to the FTC’s Facebook page the refund for the Shape-Ups is expected to be $40.00, the Podded sole shoes is $27.00, Tone Ups (non-podded soles) is $20.00, and Resistance Runners is $42.00.

The amounts are currently only estimates and the amount could change based on the number of people who apply for the refund.

The shoes cost roughly between $60 and $100, depending upon the style and sales outlet. (more…)