Crocs Offers Toning Shoes

CrocsToneNot to be left out of the toning-shoe trend, Crocs are now offering a shoe that promises to give your legs and butt a workout just by walking. Similar products include FitFlops, Skechers Shape-ups, and New Balance Rock&Tone. The CrocsTone Skylar Flats sell for $49.99 and the CrocsTone Skylar Clog, which looks like the classic Croc, sells for $54.99.

The CrocsTone line claims that their shoe “initiates key muscle activity to provide toning benefits” while you walk. They claim that the secret to more attractive legs lies in the three-part sole that creates a “rocker-effect.” We have to confess that the Skylar Flat is much cuter than many of the other toning shoes, or the original Crocs themselves, but we’re still suspicious of their claims.

There’s little research to support the claim that shoes like these will give you a workout just from walking. It’s probably more effective to just strap on a pair of regular gym shoes, and do some squats or go for a jog.

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