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Trainers Bob and Dolvett Get Little Face Time on Biggest Loser 13

By Courtney Crozier

The Biggest Loser is kicking off yet another couples season on January 3. The motto for the season is “NO EXCUSES!” which is very fitting for the start of a new year. The two trainers on season 13 are Dolvett Quince and Bob Harper, who we had the opportunity to speak with this morning. He answered a few of our questions as we await tomorrow night’s season premiere.

Dolvett, Bob, and their teams are competing against each other, so the obvious question is, “How do the trainers get along?” At least, we and @wlcmomof3 on Twitter wanted to know. Bob told us they “get along just fine,” but he doesn’t focus on Dolvett because he is focused solely on his team during workouts. Behind the scenes, Dolvett and Bob do not get the opportunity to talk much as they are separated most of the time. It’s not like the Bob and Jillian Michaels duo that we’ve seen in seasons past! (more…)

The 7 Deadly Sins that Caused Shay Sorrells’ Post-Biggest Loser Weight Gain

Shay Sorrells, from Biggest Loser 8, and our former Biggest Loser Correspondent, reached out to today to share with DietsInReview.com that life since her finale in 2009 hasn’t been easy. She bravely opened up on her Tumblr page with what she’s calling the “7 Biggest Mistakes I Made after Loser.”

She was one of the heaviest contestants in the show’s history, and one of the most inspiring with a loss of 225 pounds. Now, at the start of a new year, Shay finds herself moving forward with her weight loss journey once again.

In her post she says “I have begun to refocus my direction. I am in therapy and finding my way again. While I am not as heavy as I was starting out on Loser, I am no where close to my finale weight at the culmination of my transformation.”

She cites many factors for finding herself in this position, seven to be exact, and isn’t placing the blame anywhere but in her own hands. “I take full responsibility and attribute much of my ‘relapse’ to the seven biggest mistakes I have made post-Loser.”

In speaking up, and especially those who are in a similar situation, Shay says “If I can help any of you out there from joining me here at the bottom of the slope then I have done my first good deed of 2012.

Where exactly did she go wrong? It’s never one thing, or one day, or one choice. It’s a lot of things that always add up. The “seven deadly sins of weight loss” that Shay calls out are summarized here. (more…)

The Biggest Loser Marathon in the Season 10 Episode 12 Recap

Ohhhh it’s the final four, marathon week, and more!

Everyone heads home for their “reveals.” Let me tell you, it is so weird to sit in that car and wait to reveal your new self to your family and friends. I am sure it is much different when you are going home as a final four than when you go home “eliminated,” but I think no matter how you get home it’s completely nerve-wrecking! (more…)

Meet the Final Four in the Biggest Loser Season 10 Episode 11 Recap

It’s week 11! Wait, really? Yeah it is! I almost forgot what week it was, but really after makeover week everything seems to blend together! So this week Alison drops the bomb that the deadly RED line is back and that two people are going home, which will whittle down the house to the final four. Every time that red line rears its ugly head everyone in the house goes BANANAS! You see crazy workouts, crazy focus and attention to every morsel. It really takes everything up a few notches. Even Bob and Jillian get the red line fever and they start making every single rep a last chance workout. (more…)

Peek Inside Shay Sorrells’ Gym Bag for her 10 Must-Haves

There are a few items that are must-have arsenal when living a healthy lifestyle. Your fridge, which we’ve already covered, and your gym bag!

So, the key to a successful workout is successful planning! I actually keep two gym bags… I know it’s insane… But I do not want to entertain that excuse that “I do not have what I need” EVER!

In my gym bag I have 10 essentials:

1.  A Fitbook: An amazing journal/planner to track all of my calories and workouts and MORE!

2. A GOOD pair of shoes: I had my feet analyzed by a shoe company that told me the best shoe for me. You can get this done at many running stores, and yes it is worth the financial investment! A good shoe can save you many injuries!

3. A pair of workout capris: For me, shorts ride up and pants are too hot, so capris are a perfect balance.  I have also found that the more fitting they are the less chaffing they cause. (more…)