Peek Inside Shay Sorrells’ Gym Bag for her 10 Must-Haves

There are a few items that are must-have arsenal when living a healthy lifestyle. Your fridge, which we’ve already covered, and your gym bag!

So, the key to a successful workout is successful planning! I actually keep two gym bags… I know it’s insane… But I do not want to entertain that excuse that “I do not have what I need” EVER!

In my gym bag I have 10 essentials:

1.  A Fitbook: An amazing journal/planner to track all of my calories and workouts and MORE!

2. A GOOD pair of shoes: I had my feet analyzed by a shoe company that told me the best shoe for me. You can get this done at many running stores, and yes it is worth the financial investment! A good shoe can save you many injuries!

3. A pair of workout capris: For me, shorts ride up and pants are too hot, so capris are a perfect balance.  I have also found that the more fitting they are the less chaffing they cause.

4. A breathable material top: I am not a “gear head,” meaning I don’t have to have a specific brand I wear, so I buy $2 tanks on clearance from wherever as long as they are thin and loose.

5. An awesome pair of socks: I use the ones from Asics that are anatomically supporting! This helps my archless-ness. They are left and right, so no getting dressed in the dark!

6. A good sports bra: I buy a size smaller for extra support and I know a good one by the fabric – the thicker the fabric the better support.

7.  A few hair bands

8. iPod: with some uplifting playlists!

9. A schedule of classes: When you are feeling like you are lost (happens to ALL of us) join a class and have someone else tell you what to do and get on a GREAT burn!

10. Water bottle: Hydration is super important folks! Toss some lemon/lime slices in for some vitamin C, flavor and it looks snazzy, too!

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