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Heba Salama’s Biggest Loser Resort Experience

Everyone thinks that those who are fortunate enough to be cast on NBC’s Biggest Loser have all the luck in the world and that weight loss comes easier for them than the rest of us. Not entirely true. They might lose the weight quickly in a fairy tale-like setting, but at some point, they each return home to reality. The majority of these TV weight loss stars keep the weight off, but it’s not without a lot of effort. Heba Salama is one such star.

Heba was the at-home winner of Biggest Loser’s season six, becoming the first woman to hold the title. She lost 138 pounds that season, and has worked every day since to maintain her healthy new lifestyle. These days Heba says she “focuses more on the size of my clothes now,” an ideal indicator that can sometimes be more telling than scale weight.

Heba spent the past two weeks at the Biggest Loser Resort, in Ivins, Utah and talked to us about her journey post-Loser. She also told us about her time at the Resort, how she loves the hiking and see the fellow guests’ success. Watch the video below to hear Heba catch us up on her experience at the Resort and what life is like at home with Ed Brantley, her husband and Biggest Loser teammate. (more…)

Not-So-Fat-Tuesday: Healthy Mardi Gras Tips from Biggest Loser’s Heba

heba and edToday’s guest author is Heba Salama. You’ll remember Heba, and her husband Ed Brantley, from Biggest Loser season six, during which they lost a combined total of 277 pounds. Heba became the first woman to win the at-home prize for the highest percentage of weight lost amongst all contestants eliminated during the game; Ed finished in second place. In addition to continuing to lead as examples in the fitness realm, the couple has been busily working on a new healthy cookbook due to release spring 2010 and has embarked on a fitness campaign for 2010. Learn more at EdAndHeba.com.

Let’s face it: any celebration is cause to hit the “diet pause button.” The simple word “celebration” usually denotes lots of calories just by reading it. But a celebration with the actual title “Fat Tuesday” must mean double trouble, or double chin. If I have learned one thing since being in the real world after The Biggest Loser, it’s definitely that none of these things have to be the case. I started to think about healthier ways to eat a King Cake. I turned to my husband, the chef, and his suggestion: make sure you run for 18 hours, and then you have earned yourself a piece. Thanks, honey. But for those of us looking for more realistic options, here are my top five tips for turning this into a great holiday you won’t feel guilty about! (more…)

Biggest Losers Heba and Ed Launch 10 in 2010 Campaign for Fitness

heba and edEveryone is looking for a little motivation in the new year to get fit, stay fit or even push their fitness to a new level. That’s exactly what former Biggest Loser couple Heba Salama and Ed Brantley are doing, pushing themselves to that next level. They’re not only do it for themselves, they’re doing it for each of you. Just this week they announced their 10 in 2010 Fitness Campaign, with hopes of not only challenging themselves but motivating others to get in shape, too.

That’s why this year you’ll find Heba and Ed participating in half-marathons, triathlons, and other various foot races throughout the country. They’re committed to doing 10 of these races in 2010 – and they want to see you there, too!

“Racing gives us the opportunity to stay fit and healthy, as well as meet and inspire people on their own weight loss journeys. We prove that if we can do it, anyone can,” said Heba. (more…)

Heba Salama, Biggest Loser 6 At-Home Winner

UPDATED: Watch now – DietsInReview.com interview with Heba Salama at the Biggset Loser Season 6 Finale.

Biggest Loser: Families went to the girls. Heba Salama walked away as Biggest Loser’s first female at-home prize winner, and $100,000 richer! Heba lost an astonishing 138 pounds. Had America voted for her to move on to the final three, rather than husband Ed, she would have been the Biggest Loser winner. But Heba’s quite gracious about her win either way, saying it was never about the money.

We congratulate Heba on completing such an amazing journey, and for such a tremendous transformation!

America Votes for the Biggest Loser Finalists

UPDATE: Vote for Biggest Loser 7 Finalists Ron or Mike.

Who would have thought Heba and Ed would have to go head-to-head to gain a position in the finale? It’s also not much of a surprise that Ed campaigned for his wife. Will it work?

We’re curious, who will you vote for? Make sure to cast your vote at NBC.

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