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World’s Oldest Woman Turns 116, Attributes it to Lack of Junk Food

The world’s oldest woman celebrated her 116th birthday this past weekend, and we couldn’t help but wonder how she reached the milestone without looking a day over 89.

Besse Cooper of Monroe, Georgia, received a unique gift this year: a bridge named in her honor in her Georgia hometown. The city leaders were pleased to name the bridge after their Guinness World Record holder, and to highlight their town on the map.

Besse is one of only eight people who have been confirmed to be at least 116 years old. That is one seriously impressive accomplishment. Besse told Guinness World Records that her keys to longevity have been minding her own business and not eating junk food. Hard to argue her logic; clearly her methods work.

While Besse is nearly in a league all her own, many people do live to see higher digits even if they don’t make it to 116. According to, there are seven effective health habits of centenarians. Besse’s core habits can be found on the list.
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Look Fabulous After 40, Today on Dr. Oz

“If you’re about to turn 40, you can’t afford to miss this show,” says Dr. Oz of an upcoming episode focusing on women’s health issues after the age of 40. The show focuses on equipping women in their 40s, 50s and 60s to feel reenergized about the second half of their life. 

In what Dr. Oz calls his, “My Book of 40: The Ultimate Guide to Surviving the Second Half of Your Life,” he presents solutions that every women needs for her later years of her life.

Dr. Oz will address a number of health and beauty concerns, including everything from menopause to sexual health to aging fears. For a taste of what to expect, the first chapter of “My Book of 40″ is called Fatigue Fighters. This segment will walk viewers through ways to feel re-energized thanks to simple items that can fit in your purse like cheese, tea and edamame – which contains 11 grams of protein per half cup serving.

Two other important topics to be discussed are menopause and sex drive. One expert on the show suggests using progesterone cream to re-boost sex drive and even help stabilize hormone levels.

Yet another expert featured on this episode will explain how what you eat, and changing what you eat can help normalize your blood sugar levels and fight off weight gain and fatigue.
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Top Cities for Successful Aging Revealed

If living a long, healthy life is your aim, you may want to perk your ears to the latest study from the Milken Institute, which claims to have found the nation’s best cities for successful aging.

The basis of the study was founded on the idea that the older population doesn’t want to sit around and do nothing as they age; they want to be active, live healthy, fulfilling lives, and be engaged in the community they settle in.

To conduct the study, researchers judged how capable a city was at providing successful aging based on 78 indicators ranging from health care to financial well-being.

The indicators were split into two categories: general and specific. General indicators were those that influence decisions about where to live regardless of age, such as cost of living, crime and safety, overall economic prosperity and weather. Specific indicators instead focused on the needs of older Americans, being the availability of specialized housing, financial factors, transportation systems, continued education programs and community engagement.
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Why Fermented Foods and Gut Bacteria Matter to Our Health

By Dana Shultz and Mary Hartley, RD

Belly up. It’s time for a discussion on two important health topics that just so happen to be incredibly unsexy: Gut bacteria and fermented foods. Yep, here we go.

These two terms often conjure up images of grotesque stomachs and intestines and the most detestable foods you can imagine. But if you can get past the questionable terminology, fermented foods and healthy gut bacteria are extremely important to our health.

According to a recent article from NPR, a new study has found that diet can promote beneficial bacteria in the stomachs of older people, and as a result, promote healthy aging.

Scientists looked at the diets of 178 elderly people, some of whom lived on their own and the rest lived in assisted living centers or nursing homes.

Researchers found that those living on their own had more varied gut bacteria and scored better on tests measuring frailty and cognitive function because they had more diverse diets rich in fiber, fruits, vegetables grains and poultry. Conversely, those living in assisted living centers subsisted on more of a  “mashed potato and porridge” style diet that offered less variety and nutritional value.
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Getting Old Doesn’t Have to Suck! 5 Ways to Feel Great as You Age

There’s no doubt about it, getting old, in America at least, carries a certain stigma. People spend millions every year to slow or reverse the effects of aging on their bodies. Between 1997 and 2007, cosmetic procedures increased from two million to nearly 12 million in the United States. The skin care industry is estimated to be worth $43 billion. Even men have jumped on the bandwagon with the men’s skin care (and makeup!) market booming.

But hold on – aging does not have to send you running to the cosmetics counter and plastic surgeon. It’s not all bad news. Aging brings wisdom, for one. And perceptions are often worse than reality. A Pew Research Center study reported that 57 percent of Americans aged 18-64 thought they would suffer memory loss as they aged, verses 25 percent of Americans 65 and older actually suffering from it. Similar statistics covering things such as being able to drive or suffering a serious illness had coinciding results.

And so, without further ado, we present 5 reasons getting older is kind of great:
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