Tune In: Age Defying Secrets on Dr. Oz

Tune in to the Dr. Oz Show tomorrow to learn the doctor’s secrets on how to ‘Defy Your Age.’ One of the many tips he’ll share comes from Dr. Rovenia Brock. Prior to her appearance on the show, Dr. Oz polled his audience who guessed her age at 34 years old. But as is revealed on the show, she’s actually 56.

Dr. Brock shares one of her favorite age-defying recipes, which includes such ingredients as coconut water which hydrates the skin, wheat grass ice cubes to fight wrinkles, fresh spinach for plenty of antioxidants, lemon, and fresh ginger.

Dr. Brock says she drinks one of these smoothies every morning, which she calls her ‘fountain of youth’  shake, because it helps prohibit premature aging with powerful detoxifying qualities.

You can also expect Dr. Oz and his panel of youthful guests to present a variety of cutting-edge medical breakthroughs, the official recipe behind Dr. Brock’s fountain of youth shake, as well as some simple fashion and make up solutions to help you look 10 years younger.

Check your local listings for official showtimes.

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