Weight Loss Comes Down to Simple Math

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A week ago I was involved in a spirited conversation about which weight loss plan works best. I am a fan of the system that encourages taking responsibility by attending meetings, weigh-ins and preparing your own food. My friend prefers getting out of her own way. This is why she has someone else manage her diet. Her food is delivered to her weekly, in perfect portions and caloric amounts. While engaging in this discussion another friend chimed in: “If you can do basic math, you can lose weight.” He said, suddenly demystifying the entire process.

His comment sparked an entire new conversation. There is a great deal of time and money being spent on the journey to weight loss when the reality is that it should be fairly simple.

In no way do I mean to minimize the struggles of weight loss and fitness. It can be challenging and difficult. I have been on that journey and can appreciate how frustrating it can be. What I am proposing is to take the simple approach to weight loss that essentially breaks it down to something so basic that the process becomes manageable and not frightening.

Simple math: Ingest this caloric amount daily plus introduce this amount of time to physical fitness and the result is health and fitness success.

Oftentimes the more complicated something seems, the less likely you are to undertake it. If you could break down your goals for weight loss and fitness into a manageable process the odds are stacked in your favor.

Remember, if you are a healthy adult, barring any type of conditions or medications that cause weight gain, then approach weight loss in simple terms:

  • Food is your fuel
  • Your tank only needs so many calories a day, choose wisely so you can get optimum benefits from the fuel you ingest
  • Exercise so you can strengthen your body, promote weight loss and reduce stress

This may not be the recipe for success for everyone, but if you are tired of the struggle, perhaps it’s time to change the way you look at weight loss and fitness. Maybe simple will get you the results you are looking for!

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