Revitol Anti-Aging Cream Review (UPDATED 2017): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Revitol Anti-Aging Cream was designed to revitalize the skin, and completely transform aging faces into radiant, youthful complexions.  It promises to reduce lines and wrinkles, stimulate collagen synthesis to promote cell regeneration, and smooth the skin.

Using cutting-edge age-reversing ingredients and natural nutrients proven for their anti-aging benefits, this product is formulated to protect the skin from harmful UV radiation and prevent further sun damage.  Revitol Anti-Aging Cream claims it will help users reclaim their flawless skin in just a few weeks.

Our review experts have researched and tested many different products, and have voted Kremotex as the best anti-aging cream.  Made with apple stem cells, shea butter, and other natural ingredients on the cutting edge of anti-aging science, users are hailing this product for its ease of use and drastic results.

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Revitol Anti-Aging Cream Ingredients and Side Effects

Ingredients in Revitol Anti-Aging Cream may include:

Argireline DMAE Matrixyl Hyaluronic Acid
Shea Butter Edelweiss Extract RITAPRO 165 Pentacare NA

Argireline: A peptide compound commonly used in anti-aging products to reduce the facial contractions that lead to fine lines and wrinkles.  Some studies have suggested that over time, it can break down the muscle tissue that naturally firms the skin, causing it to sag.

DMAE: Also known as Dimethyl MEA, or by its chemical name, Dimethylaminoethanol, this amine is believed to contain anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, and is also used in some skin care products to adjust the pH balance.

Matrixyl: An anti-aging peptide that stimulates collagen production and skin healing.  The results are said to be more long term than many other anti-aging ingredients.

Hyaluronic Acid: Natural glycosaminoglycan with exceptional skin moisturizing and healing abilities.  It fills gaps between collagen and elastic, replaces lost moisture, and hydrates the skin.

Shea Butter: An antioxidant with superior healing and moisturizing properties, this natural emollient also helps protect against environmental damage.

Edelweiss Extract: This flower extract contains antioxidants to help reduce inflammation and potent regenerative and protective agents like vitamin C and hyaluronic acid.  It is also used to help protect against UV sun damage.

RITAPRO 165: A combination of Glyceryl Monostearate and Polyoxyethylene Stearate, this ingredient is used as an emulsifier.

Revitol Anti-Aging Cream claims this particular ingredient sets it apart, though it does not have any anti-aging benefits.  The natural fatty acids may provide some moisture, but it mainly helps create a smooth substance, and may help the skin feel soft and smooth.

Pentacare NA: This blend of hydrolyzed wheat proteins and galactomannans is used to help tighten skin and reduce pore size.

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Revitol Anti-Aging Cream Quality of Ingredients

Only the main active ingredients are listed on the website, which should be a concern to anyone interested in the quality of their skin care products and what nutrients they provide.  There is no guarantee the ingredients are what they say they are, as there are two separate websites for Revitol products, and both list entirely different active ingredients for Revitol Anti-Aging Cream.

The formula combines some proven antioxidants and other skin-nourishing ingredients, but without a full list, it is impossible for consumers to determine how it will work for their individual skin type, or if it will address their particular concerns.

There is also no science-backed evidence to prove their specific formulation does what it says it will.  The effectiveness of any of the known ingredients may provide health benefits for the skin, but there is no clinical evidence proving they work to fight the visible signs of aging.

The product has supposedly been tested and deemed safe for all skin types, but not all skin types react the same way to certain ingredients.  Before using this or any skin care product, one should always check with a specialist to discuss the possible risks.

The Price and Quality of Revitol Anti-Aging Cream

Revitol Anti-Aging Cream is somewhat expensive compared to many other anti-aging products on the market.   If you decide to give this product a try, one jar costs $34.99 plus a shipping cost of $6.95, as well as $1.98 shipping insurance.  There are options available to purchase multiple jars to save money.

Customers are urged to pay attention to the small print to avoid unwanted charges, however, as they are automatically enrolled into an autoship subscription service until it is canceled.  The responsibility to cancel is on the customer.

Many who have tried to return the products, even within the terms of their strict return policies, have had considerable trouble with customer service.

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Business of Revitol Anti-Aging Cream

The business of Revitol Anti-Aging Cream is Pacific 298 Ltd, headquartered in Cyprus, though their US call center is located in Los Angeles, CA.  Their contact info is:

Phone:   (818) 303-9260

Address: Pacific 298 Ltd.

Q Tower, 5th Floor

47 Ioanni Kondilaki

Larnaca 6042 CYPRUS

Email:    There is an email contact form on one of the many redirect pages when researching their products.

There are no complaints against Pacific 298 Ltd to be found online, most likely because the company is marketing an existing product under a new name on a new website because the public realized they were being scammed. Or at the very least, misled by deceptive marketing practices.

There are many complaints against Revitol Anti-Aging Cream itself.  Many of the complaints stem from the extreme difficulty returning the product per its money-back guarantee, and unauthorized charges.  Most, however, simply claim the product does not work.

There is also no manufacturer information available, there are no customer testimonials, and the before and after pictures are the same stock photos featured on similar product websites.  The same claims are made that there is no more need for Botox with this facelift in a bottle. Nothing about the Revitol Anti-Aging Cream seems credible.

If that is not enough of a warning to consumers, the product website does not offer much information supporting the science behind their products.  The “clinically proven results” are simply stated in bullet points.

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EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results, our experts recommend using anti-aging creams for at least 3 months. Save your money by buying a few bottles at once.

Customer Opinions of Revitol Anti-Aging Cream

All skin care products affect everybody’s skin differently, so until you try it for yourself, you won’t know how it works for you.  Fortunately, there are some online reviews of Revitol Anti-Aging Cream available, allowing consumers to make informed decisions.

Reviews are generally negative for the cream.  Many negative opinions cite the free trial as their biggest disappointment, but most others say that the product just doesn’t work, or doesn’t work as well as the price suggests.

Customers took issue with the deceptive marketing and unauthorized charges:

“I had no idea I was signing up for multiple shipments.  If I had known, if they had made it clearer, then I never would have ordered.  But that’s the point, I guess.”

One customer saw no results, after daily use for a month:

“No way this product has all the anti-aging ingredients they say.  At least not in any amount that will actually work.  This product did nothing.”

Some customers have even experienced irritating side effects:

“It just made my face red.  I didn’t notice any other difference.”

One customer was pleased with the results:

“Nothing works better than Revitol.  I recommend to anyone.”

The positive comments are rare, but they can be found.

The efficacy of any skin care product depends on individual skin type, allergies, proper application, and many other contributing factors. Please keep this in mind when researching skin care products based on customer reviews and opinions.

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Conclusion – Does Revitol Anti-Aging Cream Work?

Revitol Anti-Aging Cream claims it is one of the most advanced anti-aging product on the market, and with regular use, users will never again need worry about crow’s feet or laugh lines. Several of the ingredients in the formula are proven to protect against free radicals, moisturize, and promote collagen production, so this product might provide some positive results.

There is not nearly enough evidence, however, to prove the product performs as they claim, and the lack of information on the website about the ingredients or the science behind them is concerning.  Until the company behind Revitol Anti-Aging Cream backs their claims with research-backed evidence, our review experts cannot recommend this product.

Our expert reviewers have analyzed and compared many anti-aging products and found Kremotex to be the best overall.

Its fast-acting ingredients boost collagen production, and essential vitamins and antioxidants promote cell regeneration, reversing the effects of aging and skin damage. Remarkable before and after transformation photos along with glowing testimonials show why Kremotex was voted the best anti-wrinkle cream of 2016.

You can read more about the benefits of Kremotex and see before and after results by clicking here.

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