Weight Loss News in Review – Week of November 8

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Kimkins Diet Class Action Lawsuit Filed

After years of customer complaints about the health ramifications associated with the Kimkins Diet, a class action lawsuit has been filed in Riverside, California.

Kellogg’s Ends Deceptive Cereal Labeling

After concerns parents were being duped into believing sugar-bomb cereals like Cocoa Krispies are building kid’s immunities, Kellogg’s is ending its over-the-top nutrition claims.

Believe It, Be It by Biggest Loser’s Ali Vincent Releases This Week

Titling her first book after her personal mantra, this Biggest Loser champion and weight loss success story gives an intimate account of how she lost the weight and continues to manage it.

Diet Soda May Cause Kidney Problems

In case you needed one more reason to give up your diet soda habit, now a study reports that the beverage can reduce kidney function.

michelle obama childhood obesityMichelle Obama on Sesame Street

The first lady launched the 40th season of the iconic children’s show by teaching kids about healthy habits and gardening.

Five Easy Food Swaps to Prevent Diabetes

These five tips involve slashing sugar, saturated and trans fats, and cutting back on calories so you can lose weight and better control your blood sugar levels.

The Tapeworm Diet

This horrifying diet fad was all the buzz this week after Tyra Banks discussed it on her daytime talk show.

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