Believe It, Be It by Biggest Loser’s Ali Vincent Releases Today

ali vincent believe it be itOn April 15, 2008 Ali Vincent made history when she became the first female to win NBC’s hit weight loss reality show Biggest Loser. Ali had entered season five of Biggest Loser weighing 234 pounds, and was eliminated during the fourth week of competition. In a twist of fate that reality shows are known for, Ali returned in the final weeks of the season, having lost more weight at home than her fellow eliminated contestants. With that she re-entered the game and instantly became a competitor. At the season finale, Ali walked on to the stage looking like a knock-out in a dress in her trademark hot pink. And when she walked on the scale that final time, it showed she’d lost 112 pounds to become the season’s winner. had the opportunity to speak with Ali just moments after her victory, in which she continually said to us “Believe It, Be It.” It’s a personal mantra Ali used to drive herself during the competition, and today, it’s the title of her first book.

Believe It, Be It: How Being the Biggest Loser Won Me Back My Life
releases today, and shares her very personal story of going from an all-time low point in her life before Biggest Loser, to feeling on top and regaining the life she so desired.

ali vincentIn the book we’re reminded of Ali’s personal journey, and one that is completely relatable. She was overweight, unhappy, stressed and ashamed. When Biggest Loser came along, she embarked on a transformation that won her a title and her life back. Ali shares a rarely seen look at her true story, as well as a look behind the scenes at the Biggest Loser ranch where she made it happen.

Ali also shares with readers the healthy eating habits and workout plan that have helped her keep off more than 100 pounds from her original weight.

It’s a motivating story that will move anyone to make the changes in their lives to be happier and healthier. You just have to believe it, to be it!

To learn more about Vincent’s book, here is’s complete review of Believe It, Be It.

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