Emergen-C Joint Health Review (UPDATED 2017): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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 What is it?

Emergen-C Joint Health is a joint health supplement that contains a blend of vitamins and nutrients in powdered drink mix form. According to its website, Emergen-C Joint Health improves cartilage health and contributes to joint cushioning and lubrication. It comes in tangerine flavor and also has benefits for energy levels, immuno-function and overall bodily wellness.

Our panel of nutritional experts has performed a series of independent trials on the leading brands of joint health supplements, and they have concluded that Flexitrinol is the most effective product currently on the market. Flexitrinol rated the highest at increasing flexibility, mobility, and range of motion, and it significantly lowered inflammation levels as well. Click here to see how Flexitrinol compares to the other leading brands of supplements.

Name of Product Ingredients and Side Effects
Glucosamine Chondroitin Vitamin C
B Vitamins Sugar Manganese

Glucosamine: A naturally derived ingredient that has shown the ability to help stimulate the body’s collagen production. One of the most popular and effective joint health supplement additives currently in use, there are no known serious side effects associated with glucosamine consumption.

Chondroitin: Frequently paired with glucosamine in many of the more effective over the counter joint health supplements. Chondroitin is derived from leafy green plants and is useful for the body’s cartilage and synovial fluid health. There are no serious side effects related to ingesting chondroitin.

Vitamins B and C: Important to the body for immune function, skeletal health, converting food into energy, and basic wellness. Vitamins B & C are some of the most basic building blocks of the body and keys to a number of biological functions. They are both considered safe for human consumption in reasonable levels.

Manganese: An essential nutrient that is vital to the body’s ability to process carbohydrates, proteins, and cholesterol.

Sugar: There is no application for sugar in terms of joint health, and in fact sugar may act as an inflammatory agent, exacerbating conditions in some patients. Emergen-C Joint Health contains 5g of sugar per serving, which is not much when compared to a soda or fruit drink, but it is far more than the vast majority of joint health supplements. Even other liquid-form supplements tend to have less than 2g of sugars due to the fact that when you take a product every single day those little quantities start to add up. A week’s worth of Emergen-C Joint Health supplements is the equivalent of adding an extra can of Coca-Cola to your diet.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven joint pain pill such as Flexitrinol for better results.

Name of Product Quality of Ingredients

Emergen-C Joint Health contains some very good ingredients for a daily joint health supplement. Glucosamine and chondroitin are both highly recommended by our team of experts for their role in the body’s natural joint health processes. Vitamin C and manganese are important for general health and wellness for a number of reasons and, assuming they’re taken in moderation, can only be helpful to the body.

Sugar does not really belong in a nutritional supplement. The vast majority of consumers are looking for ways to decrease the amount of sugar that they consume, not add an extra dose of it to their daily intake. Sugar contributes to a number of health conditions and elevates consumers’ carbohydrate levels. Our nutritional experts suggest looking for supplements that do not utilize sugar as part of their proprietary blend.

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The Price and Quality of Name of Product

Emergen-C Joint Health is sold through a number of online retailers, with a fairly wide variety of prices being offered. Typically, this is approximately what a consumer should expect to pay:

  • 1 box of 30 Emergen-C Joint Health drink mix packets: $9.95-$15.95.

This makes Emergen-C Joint Health one of the least expensive joint health products on the market. Usually one should expect to pay around $1 a day for a joint health supplement, but regardless of which retailer you purchase it from, Emergen-C Joint Health should be much less per day than that mark.

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Business of Name of Product

All of the different Emergen-C products are manufactured by Alacer Corp. Alacer was recently purchased by pharmaceuticals giant Pfizer, Inc.:

Phone Number: (888) 425-2362

Address: PO Box 1043

Kings Mountain, NC 28086

Email: Alacer does not make an e-mail address available, however they do have a customer comment form on their website.

Pfizer is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, however the BBB does register 22 formal complaints against Pfizer in the last three years. Phizer has been the subject of quite a few lawsuits recently, and in August of 2016 had to settle an $894 million dollar claim against two of their prescription drugs over allegations of serious side effects in their patients. They also settled similar lawsuits in 2006 and 2013 over other products of theirs that had extremely negative health consequences.

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Customer Opinions of Name of Product

Online reviews of Emergen-C Joint Health are largely positive, however there are some notable exceptions. There are quite a few complaints regarding product effectiveness, many of which were similar to these:

“The drink tastes gross and my knees hurt just as much as they ever do.”

“I hated having to choke down this gross powdery drink every day, and I stopped when I didn’t see any improvement after the first box.”

The most common complaint was the ineffectiveness of the product when it came to reducing joint pain, and there were also a number of complaints about the taste and texture of the drink mix.

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Conclusion – Does Name of Product Work?

According to our panel of nutritional experts, Emergen-C Joint Health stands a chance of improving overall joint health, however it is probably ineffective as an anti-inflammatory or joint pain reliever.

In some aspects their drink mixes are good for the body’s overall well being, as ingredients like vitamins B and C and manganese are important to our basic bodily functions. However the inclusion of sugar as an ingredient can have a detrimental impact on a person’s health in a number of ways.

The cheap price of Emergen-C Joint Health will make it an appealing option for some consumers that are limited by which supplements they can afford, however it is recommended that if consumers have the option that they find supplements that are sugar-free, and individuals with higher levels of joint pain will probably want to seek out a supplement with more anti-inflammatory power.

Our team currently recommends Flexitrinol as the most effective joint health product currently on the market. It’s complex blend of ingredients work to increase collagen production while also decreasing the pain that is associated with inflammation. Click here to learn more about why Flexitrinol is so effective.

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