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Wicked Fit Focuses More on Drama Than Fitness

The Style Channel kicks off Wicked Fit this week, a reality show featuring former beauty queen turned personal trainer Katie Boyd.

The show will follow the life and times of Boyd as she trains at her Miss Fit Club in Boston, Massachusetts and lives her drama-filled life amongst her friends and clients.

The gym attracts many beauty queens and average-janes alike, but all members get the same brash and blunt treatment that is uniquely Boyd.

Underneath the sometimes crude outer shell of Boyd, viewers will also get to see into the life of the former beauty queen and the struggles she had as a pageant contestant. Boyd’s frustration with the rigid dieting and exercise required during pageant training lead her to open a women-only gym.

While the show will surely have a few nuggets of wisdom in regards to health and fitness, it seems fair that it will mostly be driven by classic reality TV drama. Boyd’s employees who claim to be her “besties” conveniently dislike one another, making for great television, but not necessarily inspiring health changes.

While Boyd’s story and style could make for a unique and compelling character, inspiring a new breed of viewers to change their lifestyles, critics don’t seem to think the show will follow that format.

Boyd’s rough comments to her clients like, “You guys are sloppy and slow, just like my grandmother having sex,” may or may not fly with the viewing audience. Only time will tell if Wicked Fit is found to be wicked awesome.

Via: My Style and NY Daily News

October 25th, 2011

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Katie Boyd is an embarassment for professional fitness trainers. And her friend always making that weird platypus face should not be a PT either. A true professional practices what they preach. She doesn't have to weight 100LBS, but there is no muscle definition on her frame. Funny how they airbrushed or photoshopped her photo to make her skinny for her TV ad, but still not a single bit of muscle. How is she demanding these girls do a challenging workout when she herself can't. She is in no way motivating. It??s good to be firm and tough, but the way she attacks her clients is something of a showy Jillian Michaels wanna-be. What are her certifications? She doesn??t even mention them on her site. So embarassing how her girls have garbage form on the TRX and she stops mid session for gossip. So unprofessional. Leave the training to the professionals.

posted Oct 26th, 2011 10:10 am


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