Weight Loss News in Review – Week of October 25

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Calories in Your Favorite Halloween Candy

Before you mindlessly start munching threw your kids’ trick-or-treat bucket, consider how quickly you can consume 100 calories.

Smart Choices Grocery Program Discontinued

The FDA has investigated this “healthy food label” program and deemed it confusing for consumers.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Controversial Fitness Comment

Her tongue-in-cheek advice for losing weight after 35 causes quite a stir.

The Ultimate Butt Burning Workout

Tighten and strengthen those glutes with this workout designed by our fitness expert Matt Johnson.

Is Childhood Obesity Abuse?

Parents around the world are losing custody of their overweight children.

Carnie Wilson’s New Show Unstapled

No stranger to reality cameras or the weight struggle, Carnie’s on a mission to lose 50 pounds.

Curtis Stone’s Mediterranean Turkey Burger

The Chef prepared this flavorful turkey burger, sandwiched between portobello mushrooms, for the Biggest Losers.

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