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This is Why You're Fat

This is Why You're Fat

A visual guide of the most extreme, fattening, high calorie foods.

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This is Why You’re Fat: Where Dreams Become Heart Attacks is a book written by Jessica Amason and Richard Blakely.

This book takes an inside look at the various foods available around our country that people are eating. This is Why You’re Fat gives a photo of some of the most over-the-top junk food that you can find. Within the book you’ll find everything from a bacon cheeseburger served on a Krispy Kreme glazed donut to a pizza with whole corn dogs as the topping.

This book features some of the standby carnival foods that have gone from once per year childhood delights to regular cravings for the food-loving adult. This book is far from a diet plan, but more of a wake-up call to what’s making so many people in America overweight and obese. Eating deep fried candy bars greasy burgers with the works on a regular basis is bound to expand both your waistline and your wallet.

This is Why You’re Fat shows how we’ve gone from food being a delicacy and fuel to being something we use as a tasty outlet to celebrate being human.

This is Why You’re Fat began as a web site that allows anyone to post a photo of some of the most extreme foods they have found. These photos, along with what’s contained in the book, can get pretty disgusting. And some of them might make you hungry, too.

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  • A reality check to the fattening foods Americans love
  • Draws attention to the fact that so many foods are so bad for us
  • Includes pictures of these unhealthy foods
  • Interviews the creators of these foods to find out what their inspiration was
  • For some, this might serve as a guide to find unhealthy food
  • Appears to include no info other than what surprising foods people are eating

This is Why You’re Fat is not a book that focuses on healthy eating, but more on what you should not be eating. The book isn’t designed to help you lose weight, but to make you aware of some of the dangers out there when people come up with their own indulgent foods and sell them.


This book is not at all focused on exercise. It takes a look at the types of foods that cause serious health problems and lead to life threatening diseases. This is Why You’re Fat shows people exactly the kind of eating habits that have lead to American’s obesity epidemic.


Although This is Why You’re Fat may be a good read for those who can handle it - both the gross factor and the temptation. The pictures can be a bit alarming. It's hard to imagine people putting these types of foods into their bodies, but the truth is it happens everyday.

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I like the no nonsense approach.

posted Jan 26th, 2015 3:33 am


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