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What is it?

Metamucil is a fiber and laxative brand made to reduce appetite, lower cholesterol, and regulate blood sugar. It’s available in different forms such as powders, capsules, wafers, and bars.

It’s claimed to be the number 1 doctor recommended fiber brand. It’s most commonly used as a way to treat constipation.  The company advises to get at least 8 ounces of water per serving, since the fiber needs water to be properly digested and to prevent choking.  Currently the flavored powders come in Pink Lemonade, Orange, Berry, and sugar-free versions. In this review you’ll hear about customer reviews, possible side effects, and whether or not Metamucil has potent results. The top 10 list of diet pill supplements is available here.

Metamucil Ingredients and Side Effects

Here are the ingredients found in the Metamucil brand:

Sucrose Psyllium Husk Citric Acid Natural Flavor
Artificial Flavor Orange Flavor Yellow 6 Aspartame

Sucrose: Common table sugar that can be made from sugar beets, cane, and even fruits and vegetables. It’s often added to processed foods, and it is rapidly absorbed in the blood.  It has been linked to side effects such as:

  • Blood sugar disorders, hyperglycemia, and insulin resistance.
  • Increased risk of dental cavities.
  • Metabolism issues and increased risk for obesity.

The serving size for Metamucil is 2 rounded teaspoons 3 times a day for their regular formula; this means one will get a total of 48 grams of sugar.

The American Heart Association recommends the following:

  • Men: 9 teaspoons of sugar or 37.5 grams
  • Women: 6 teaspoons of sugar or 25 grams.

This means men are getting 10.5 grams more than what’s recommend, and women are receiving 23 grams more than what’s considered healthy. The American Heart Association adds:

“Added sugars contribute zero nutrients but many added calories that can lead to extra pounds or even obesity, thereby reducing heart health”

This can cause serious problems to overall health since both men and women are receivingsignificant amounts of sugar at a full serving of Metamucil.

This is an exceptionally high amount of sugar which has no nutritional value. It’s only added to help give the drink a more pleasant taste. The best weight loss solutions are available via the top 10 list of diet pills.

Psyllium Husk: Fiber extract made from the Plantago psyllium plant. It’s used as a general laxative to help treat diarrhea, constipation, and irritable bowel symptom.

It can lead to unwanted side effects, especially when one doesn’t drink enough water:

  • Chocking, blockages in the throat and intestines, and difficulty breathing.
  • Allergic reactions, stomach problems, and frequent bathroom use.
  • Lost absorption of vitamins and minerals.
  • Gas, vomiting, and chest pain.

It’s also used to suppress appetite, but adds:

“may reduce appetite slightly when taken in high does, but does not appear to be potent or reliable”

They also talk about its potential for weight loss:

“failed to find weight reducing properties of psyllium suggesting it is not a good weight management intervention”

The FDA has also sent a warning about its potential health issues:

“Esophageal obstruction and asphyxiation…. Are significant health risks when these products are taken without adequate fluid”

Web MD has also sent a warning letter:

“Do not take this medication for more than 7 days unless directed by your doctor”

It’s not considered a very effective or safe fiber according to multiple health sites. Many considerations have to be taken into account before using it. Since only 7 days of use are advised before requiring a doctor’s supervision, it’s not a long term solution for appetite suppression.

The kind of fiber used is also considered a soluble fiber. This kind of fiber can be found in things such as nuts, beans, oats, peas, and other fruits and vegetables. It’s used to help aid digestion and it turns into a gel when absorbed in water.

Taking a pure fiber source such as Psyllium can be potentially harmful, and there’s no proof that it is an effective appetite suppressant or weight loss additive.

Artificial Flavor: Extracts made from ingredients not made for human use, such as chemicals, oil, or tar extracts. They are typically created in a lab, and can be extracted from many unknown sources.

There is no explanation by Metamucil on where they source their artificial flavors from.

Yellow 6: Food coloring that’s extracted from petroleum. It creates a yellow tint, and is often found in cosmetics, candy, and other processed foods.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest also adds:

“Yellow 6, are contaminated with known carcinogens”

They have tried to petition the FDA to ban these additives, as they have no nutritional value and can be potentially harmful.

Yellow 6 has no weight loss benefit and is only added to help make Metamucil look a certain way.

Aspartame: Artificial sweetener that is around 200 times sweeter than regular sugar. There have been issues with people complaining about side effects such as headaches and weight gain.

A study by Yale University saw that aspartame had negative effects on health:

“encourage sugar craving and sugar dependence”

“further fuels the food seeking behavior”

So it has the possibility for causing more food cravings since it does not promote satiety. The study found that people who ate aspartame had an increased risk for wanting to seek other sugary tasting foods.

Therefore, it’s possible for this to trigger food cravings for unhealthy sweets. A comprehensive top 10 list of the best diet pills is made available in the link here.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven fat burner such as Sletrokor for better results.

 Metamucil Quality of Ingredients

MetamucilThe sole key active ingredient is psyllium husks, a plant based fiber that’s often used to promote bowel movements. Studies have shown it’s not very effective at suppressing appetite, and it’s likely not useful for any real weight loss.

Also included are additives like food coloring, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, and regular sweeteners in high amounts.  These have no nutritional value and do not support appetite suppression.

The high amount of sugar can actually increase the risk for weight gain, and the artificial sweetener in aspartame has also shown the same possibility. This makes it a poor choice for weight loss.

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The Price and Quality of Metamucil

Metamucil smooth powder sells for $19.99 from EBay, per 72 tablespoon portion.  Since it has only one key active ingredient in psyllium husks, the rest of the additives are added for flavoring and color.

Psyllium husks can be bought cheaper elsewhere, though it’s not advised to take it as a weight loss supplement due to its laxative like effects. Web MD advises to limit use to just 7 days, as it can cause side effects.

The FDA also suggests taking it with enough water to prevent choking and blockages.  For the price paid, there isn’t much support as the sole active ingredient is meant more for improving bowel movements. A comprehensive top 10 diet pills list is available when you click on the link found here.

 Business of Metamucil

The company goes by the name of Proctor &Gamble; they can be reached via the following:

Phone Number: (513) 983-1100

Address: 1 Proctor and Gamble Plaza

Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

The company has a total of 254 complaints on their Better Business Bureau page. Mostly due to issues with the customer service and the products offered.

The company has had issues in the past for making false health claims. They also released contaminated products as well.

EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results, our experts recommend using weight loss pills for at least 3 months. Save your money by buying a few bottles at once.

Customer Opinions of Metamucil

Here are some customer reviews found online of Metamucil:

“I have had the worst side effects from this, severe stomach pain, bloating, gas pains, and nausea”

“All I am left with is bloating and a nauseous feeling”

“I really tried, but I could not stand the taste”

“It was disgusting and looked very unappealing” has a total of 130 negative reviews available.  Many people were disappointed with the amount of side effects it had.

There were people who enjoyed relief from constipation and improved bowel movements however.

Some of the common side effects were found to be bloating, nausea, gas, upset stomach, increased bathroom usage, diarrhea, and ill feelings.

The top 10 ranking diet pills are available in the list provided here.

How Does Metamucil Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Has Good Appetite Suppressant
  • Has Only Natural Components
  • Contains No Coffee
  • Metamucil
  • 28 /100
Conclusion – Does Metamucil Work?

Before considering Metamucil it’s highly important to look at the quality of ingredients, and the science behind its additives. The only active ingredient is a plant based fiber in psyllium husks, it’s meant as a short term solution for helping get rid of constipation and improving bowel movements. It will often only be recommended for a total of 7 days, as increased used can be harmful. The company also adds artificial flavorings and sugars, or high amounts of sugar if one is taking the regular powdered version.

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