Weight Loss News In Review – Week of July 26

Each week, DietsInReview.com will recap the hottest headlines in weight loss, diet and health news to keep you informed of news you can really use.

HCG Diet: Look Elsewhere for Weight Loss

Our dietitian explains the facts about this controversial, extremely low-calorie and potentially dangerous new weight loss fad, which relies on human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone produced during pregnancy by the cells that form the placenta.

Obese at Higher Risk for Swine Flu

With concern growing that this winter we’ll see another surge from the H1N1 virus, experts point out that these obese are at a higher risk than others.

3 Ways to Stop the Gym Blues

Bored at the gym or constantly finding yourself seeking new motivation? Former Biggest Loser Mike Morelli shares tips for overcoming the love/hate relationship with working out.

Gwyneth Paltrows “Clean” 3-Week Detox Diet

The newest trend in Gwyneth’s bag of health and weight tricks is a new cleanse program from Dr. Alejandro Junger called Clean.

Rush Limbaugh Loses Weight with Quick Weight Loss Centers

When Rush talks, people listen. And it now it seems when Rush loses, people want to lose, too. This week he announced that Quick Weight Loss Centers program is responsible for helping him shed 80 pounds since spring.

Fried and Fatty Food May Cause Ulcerative Colitis

This disease is an inflammatory bowel disease where the lining of the large intestine becomes inflamed and ulcerated. It causes major discomfort with symptoms such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, and even bleeding. Researchers have found a link between ulcerative colitis and red meat and fried foods.

MojaMix – A Unique Custom Cereal Blend and Free Giveaway

Nevermind the pre-packaged cereals lining grocery store shelves. With MojaMix, you can create your own cereal using local, organic, nutritious ingredients. Learn more and enter for a free blend.

The Mike Tyson Workout

Our trainer Matt Johnson met this former heavyweight champion and learned what his diet and fitness schedule looks like.

Coors Field Introduces Gluten-Free Concession Stand

Take your friends with food allergies out to the ball game! In Major League Baseball’s first gluten-free concession stand, Colorado Rockies fans will find beer, food and snacks all missing gluten.

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