MojaMix – A Unique Custom Cereal Blend and Free Giveaway


When Thomas and his partner Noberto came to the U.S. from Europe, they were hungry for a cereal that tasted good and equally important was being good for then.  They were amazed at the cereal options lining the shelves in the grocery stores, yet either found them unappealing in taste or the ingredients being used were low quality and unhealthy. Enter MojaMix. In 2008 their idea launched from the mixing and matching of whole grains, nuts, seeds, and fruits.  All ingredients are sourced from local farmers and a majority of them are also fully organic.

When I spoke with Thomas I asked him what he felt was a big differentiator for MojaMix and he immediately said variety. Even at a Whole Foods where you can create your own granola mixes you don’t have all the options MojaMix offers with goji berries, hemp seeds and cacao nibs as just some of the examples of their extensive offering.

What we at loved was the nutrition labels that updated as you created your mix online.  Just by adding a dried fruit or nut to your mix immediately updated your nutrition facts to highlight your overall calories, fat, carbs, fiber, sugar, and protein. Another feature we love is the customized label and option to select from over 15 quotes suited for birthdays and thank yous.

For your chance to WIN your very own personalized MojaMix with unlimited toppings courtesy of our friends at MojaMix, share with us your favorite breakfast cereal and why it’s your favorite?  When I asked Brandi, our senior editor, what her entry would be she said her favorite is Cheerios because they are simple and you can pack them for a snack or enjoy a big bowl for breakfast.

So what’s your favorite?  Enter now for a chance to win! Winner will be selected 8/21/09.

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