Prostate Revive Review (UPDATED 2017): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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Prostate Revive is a male health and wellness supplement that is specifically designed for older men that are experiencing complications due to benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) or other issues regarding the swelling and inflammation of the prostate. Their website says that it can help to support proper bladder and urethral function, including urinary frequency, bladder emptying, and a healthy urine stream.

Their product was designed by David Brownstein, M.D., who their promotional materials call a renowned holistic physician. They recommend Prostate Revive to all men over 40 that have seen symptoms of prostate swelling, or that are looking to prevent the development of BPH, prostate cancer, or other health issues in the future.

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How Does Prostate Revive Work?

Prostate Revive is formulated to provide relief from prostate and bladder issues like frequent urination and incomplete emptying. They accomplish this by using ingredients that are thought to have some ability to shrink the prostate itself, as well as some other secondary ingredients that are more useful for helping to manage the symptoms of prostate and bladder malfunction.

The most effective ingredient in their blend is saw palmetto, which our experts consider to be the top natural prostate health product on the market today. It has shown a clinically demonstrated ability to help reduce the size of swollen or inflamed prostates, which in turn helps improve users’ urinary symptoms.

The berries of the saw palmetto plant are small, tough, and are said to taste like spoiled cheese with too much pepper on it. They may very little culinary application, however they are also incredibly high in fatty acids, beta-sitosterol, and other potent nutrients that are incredibly useful for prostate health and wellness.

There is also a dose of beta-sitosterol in Prostate Revive independent of any other ingredient, which our team of experts also recommends. Beta-sitosterols have not demonstrated that they can actually impact prostate size, however they have been shown to have a beneficial impact on many of the symptoms that tend to be associated with BPH.

Pygeum is another ingredient in their blend that contains beta-sitosterols, and it also has a reasonably high amount of fatty acids and other useful chemicals that can be found in its extracts. Pygeum is also considered one of the more effective ingredients for prostate health products on the market.

Other helpful additives found in their blend include pumpkin seed powder, stinging nettle root powder, and lycopene. Prostate Revive also contains several basic vitamins that are not considered prostate performance boosters but that are helpful at the core health level, including zinc, selenium, copper, and vitamin E.

Prostate Revive also uses a number of other ingredients that have much less established histories of effectiveness in products of this nature. Boswellia serrata, for example, is an herb that has shown some uses for reducing inflammation in general but that has never been suggested as having any applications for prostate health products.

Pomegranate fruit extract is the number three ingredient listed in Prostate Revive, however its potential for helping to improve users’ prostate health is minimal. It may contain some trace amounts of beta-sitosterols, however this will be mostly redundant given that they already have 240mg of beta-sitosterols another 360mg of other plant sterols in their blend.

They also use hydrangea root powder in their blend, which is not only probably ineffective for any sort of applications regarding prostate or bladder health, it may also have some serious long term health consequences for its users. It is not recommended by our experts for inclusion in prostate health products, or in supplements of any nature.

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Potential Benefits of Prostate Revive

Given that the ingredients blend for Prostate Revive contains saw palmetto, beta-sitosterol, and pygeum, our experts believe that there is at least a reasonable chance that consumers will see some reduction in the symptoms of BPH. It is possible that Prostate Revive users will see a decrease in the frequency with which they need to use the bathroom, an improvement in how completely they are able to void the bladder, and a reduction in residual urine left trapped in the urethra.

This can help men feel more confident and raise the quality of their life in several secondary ways. Many men find it frustrating, embarrassing, and time consuming to need to use the restroom so often, and in some cases it affects the activities that men feel comfortable participating in.

It can also help improve the quality of user’s sleep, which is a common complaint of many men suffering from BPH. Needing to get up frequently during the night to use the restroom can disrupt sleep schedules and lead to fatigue and fatigue related issues during the day.

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Are There Side Effects of Prostate Revive?

Most of the ingredients in Prostate Revive are well tolerated and do not present any significant side effect concerns. They do use a few ingredients, however, that our team of experts had some concerns about.

The first is flower pollen, which they mention in their proprietary blend without saying which flowers it is taken from or how it is sourced. There are many people that have pollen allergies in general, and there are also other individuals that have allergies to certain flowers and their byproducts. Anyone who falls into either of those groups is encouraged to either go slow with their dosing of Prostate Revive until the know how they will react or to avoid it entirely.

There are also some people that may possibly have allergic reactions to pomegranate or hydrangea root powder as well, and hydrangea root powder may also pose some potential health risks when it is consumed over long periods of time. WebMD called hydrangea root likely unsafe for daily use, and there is not nearly enough safety data for our team of experts to feel comfortable recommending it to our readers – especially in a product whose instructions call for daily use.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this pill with a proven prostate support pill such as Prostatrinex for better results

How to Buy Prostate Revive

Prostate Revive is sold through their own website, as well as through a variety of third-party supplements distributors. The price can fluctuate depending on where users purchase it, however it is commonly found in the following price ranges:

  • 1, 60-capsule bottle of Prostate Revive capsules (30-day supply): $39.95-$45.95
  • 3, 60-capsule bottles of Prostate Revive capsules (90-day supply): $85.95-$89.95

This is somewhat more expensive than most other products of this nature. It is hard to say why it costs more, as its ratings do not indicate that it has been well-received by past customers, however the extra cost may be related to their usage of some of the less conventional ingredients that appear in their blend.

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Our Recommendation

There are a number of positive qualities about Prostate Revive that our team of health and wellness experts recommend or approved of. They use some high-quality ingredients in reasonable doses, which indicates that it has some potential for being successful in helping reduce users’ symptoms of BPH.

It also has some major flaws, including an above average price and some unproven, highly questionable ingredient choices. There are a number of additives in Prostate Revive that are not particularly useful, however it is their choice to include hydrangea root in their blend that concerns our team the most.

Hydrangea root is not thought to be successful for improving prostate health or the symptoms of BPH, and it is also not recommended for daily usage due to potential side effect concerns. Our team does not recommend any product that makes hydrangea root part of their proprietary blend.

Ultimately, it is easy to find a prostate health supplement that uses saw palmetto, pygeum, and beta-sitosterols but that does not include hydrangea root or dilute their blend with other less potent or potentially dangerous ingredients.

The prostate health product that has gotten the most reliable results according to our team of experts is Prostatrinex. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that can also help to reduce the size of the prostate.

It has the potential to help users that are dealing with inconsistent and overactive bladders, reduced urethra function, and difficulty completely voiding the bladder. Click here to learn more about how Prostatrinex can benefit men who are currently dealing with BPH and other issues related to prostate health.

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