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Prosta-Rye is an herbal supplement that is advertised as a prostate health product that also has benefits for male enhancement. They say that it can help men that have issues with their urinary urges, including the suddenness, frequency, and intensity of the need to go.

They say that their product helps men live their best life, including improving their sleep habits due to fewer nighttime trips to the bathroom, and fewer embarrassing situations like spotting, needing to stop activities or car trips to go to the bathroom, and accidental loss of control. They also claim that it has applications for improving men’s libidos, erectile quality, and seminal output.

The men’s health supplement that has been shown to be the most beneficial for prostate health and functionality is called Prostatrinex. It helps men that are suffering from issues like chronic prostatitis (CP) and benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) reduce the severity of their symptoms and possibly even decrease the size of the prostate itself. Click here to read the full analysis of Prostatrinex that our experts performed, including a breakdown of all of their ingredients and dosage amounts.

How Does Prosta-Rye Work?

Prosta-Rye has a totally unique formula for a prostate health supplement. They only have two active ingredients in their capsules: rye flower pollen, and maca root powder. In the opinion of our experts, neither of these ingredients is effective for improving users’ prostate health

Their lead ingredient is flower pollen taken form the secale cereal plant, also known as rye. Rye pollen has become a fad ingredient in some prostate products due to some studies that have found it can increase urinary performance, however there is still very little data that actually confirms rye pollen’s usefulness.

The little data that there is suggests that it is possible that rye pollen can help men improve their urinary performance, however it also tends to involve much larger doses as well. Prosta-Rye only uses 9mg of rye pollen, which is a shockingly low quantity for a lead ingredient in a product like this, and is easily 10-30 times less than the typical quantities of pollens that are found in the supplement that choose to use them.

Our team of experts do not tend to recommend any prostate products that are based on pollen extracts, and they especially did not feel that this was an effective choice in such minimal quantities. The only other ingredient in their blend, however, is maca, which has even less clinical support behind its use in prostate products than rye pollen does.

Maca is a Peruvian root vegetable that is mostly known for its use in athletic and sexual performance supplements. Maca has been shown to help increase men’s energy and circulation levels, which in turn provide a form of erectile support. It is also thought of as a mental stimulant that can increase men’s sexual desire levels while also boosting mood and subjective outlook.

Maca has not, however, been shown to improve men’s prostate function. There is no evidence that it can shrink prostate size, increase urinary health, or in any way provide the type of support that men who are purchasing products of this nature are looking for. Our team strongly recommends maca for male enhancement products, but not for prostate health supplements.

Prosta-Rye’s formula totally ignores all of the ingredients that are traditionally found in prostate health products and that have extensive clinical histories of success. Saw palmetto, for example, is the single most effective herbal ingredient on the market for helping men improve the symptoms of BPH and prostatitis.

It is found in nearly every effective over the counter prostate health supplement due to its direct, potent impact on the size of the prostate, its inflammation levels, and on men’s urinary function in general. Our team of experts do not tend to recommend any non-prescription prostate products that don’t use saw palmetto.

Additionally, they do not include any vitamins, minerals, or other essential trace elements in their product. This severely limits both the overall potency of Prosta-Rye, as well as the number of people that it can be effective for.

When choosing a prostate supplement, our experts advise users to look at their basic core nutrients first. A quality brand will have a healthy dose of zinc in it, hopefully at least 30mg, and should also contain some combination of copper, selenium, and basic vitamins like B6 and E.

Without these core ingredients, men that have nutritional deficiencies or simple problems with basic prostate function will not see significant relief by using Prosta-Rye. Our team also does not tend to recommend prostate health products that do not provide basic nutritional support.

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Potential Benefits of Prosta-Rye

In the opinion of our team of experts, it is very unlikely that Prosta-Rye will have many of the benefits that they claim for any given user. Their dosage amounts are so small that even if rye pollen is shown to be an effective ingredient eventually, then it is unlikely this quantity will be enough to affect any sort of meaningful change.

There are also no basic nutrients in their blend, which makes it particularly ineffective for everyday prostate support. They do not even use saw palmetto, which is found in almost all effective prostate health products.

The benefits that it seems users are most likely to experience are improved libido and erectile function. These effects will not be as significant as if users were to purchase a male enhancement product specifically, but they seem far more likely than the chances of Prosta-Rye improving urinary function.

Are There Side Effects of Prosta-Rye?

Rye pollen has not shown itself to be a significant side effect risk for the vast majority of users, however we should note here that pollen allergies are one of the most common types of allergies that are found across the globe. If users have in the past shown grass, flower, or pollen allergies, then they are encouraged to stay away from Prosta-Rye.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this pill with a proven prostate support pill such as Prostatrinex for better results

How to Buy Prosta-Rye

There are a few third-party retailers that carry Prosta-Rye, however they tend to be far more expensive than the prices listed on their website. The pricing structure that Prosta-Rye lists on their website is as follows:

  • 1, 30-count bottle of Prosta-Rye capsules: $19.95
  • 2-3, 30-count bottles of Prosta-Rye capsules: $17.95 per unit
  • 4-5, 30-count bottles of Prosta-Rye capsules: $17.47 per unit
  • 6+, 30-count bottles of Prosta-Rye capsules: $15.48 per unit

This price is well below average for most products of this nature, however that is reasonable for a product with such a limited ingredients profile. Any consumers that choose to purchase Prosta-Rye are encouraged to also add an additional secondary supplement that provides at least minimal doses of zinc, copper, selenium, and saw palmetto.

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Our Recommendation

Our team of health and wellness experts cannot recommend Prosta-Rye to our readers for a number of reasons. Primarily it is the fact that it does not seem like it can have any kind of meaningful effect on men’s prostate size or urinary function.

There is no indication that Prosta-Rye will be able to improve the frequency of men’s trips to the bathroom, or any other traditional measures of a prostate product like reduced pelvic floor pain or improved urinary stream. Prosta-Rye also provides no help for the long-term health of the prostate or any sort of protection against prostate cancer.

Maca is one of our panel’s top rated herbal ingredients for male enhancement and sexual performance supplements, however it has no record for improving prostate health and functionality that our team could find, and as such is not considered an effective ingredient for use in Prosta-Rye. It is also not so effective that our team would consider recommending Prosta-Rye for male enhancement purposes, as maca tends to benefit from being paired with other ingredients that are specific to male enhancement supplements like L-Arginine or tongkat ali.

Overall, Prosta-Rye has one of the least potent prostate health supplement blends that our team has ever analyzed, and they cannot recommend it to men that need any kind of significant level of support for their prostate and urinary functions. It is also not effective as a male enhancement supplement, and as such cannot recommend it for those purposes either.

Instead, or team of experts encourages men that are looking for a boost in their sexual performance specifically to try the male enhancement supplement Viritenz, and the men that need more prostate support should be consider Prostatrinex. Both are all natural ingredients blends that use only ingredients with proven track records of success.

Prostatrinex is thought to be especially effective for men that are suffering from BPH, CP, and other forms of prostate inflammation and enlargement. Click here to learn more about Prostatrinex and how it can help support healthy prostate function.

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