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Peak Life Prostate is a nutritional supplement that is designed to help aging men control the size of their prostates and the symptoms that are associated with prostate enlargement. The majority of men that live past the age of 50 will, at some point in their lives, start experiencing some kinds of urinary or sexual problems due to issues with their prostate.

Peak Life Prostate is formulated to help control the symptoms that are associated with the most common prostate conditions that men face, including benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) and chronic prostatitis (CP). These symptoms may include overactive bladder, difficulty with starting and stopping the stream of urine, and pain, irritation, and tickling sensations in the pelvic floor, lower abdomen, and urethra.

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How Does Peak Life Prostate Work?

Peak Life Prostate uses two main proprietary blends in their formula. One is called their Prostate Size Support Matrix, designed to help slow or reverse the growth of the prostate itself, and the other is listed as a Flow Enhancement Complex, which is focused on improving urinary performance to help men overcome the symptoms of their prostate issues.

The Prostate Size Support Matrix is a combination of saw palmetto extracts and the minerals vanadium and boron. The saw palmetto extracts are the main focus of the Prostate Size Support Matrix, as it is one of the top herbal ingredients on the market for use in improving prostate health and functionality.

Our experts do not know why vanadium is included in this mixture, as it has not been shown to have any significant health benefits, whether related to the prostate or not. Boron also does not have any direct applications for prostate health, however it is a common feature in supplements of this nature due to the fact that it can help with the absorption and uptake of the chemicals that it is paired with.

Peak Life Prostate contains a fairly minimal selection of basic core nutrients. They use some small amounts of zinc, selenium, and copper, the three most important essential trace elements for prostate function, however they do not use adequate quantities to provide optimal support. They also do not use any vitamins in their proprietary formula, including B6 or E, our experts’ two top vitamins for prostate health.

This unfortunately limits the overall effectiveness of Peak Life Prostate, as it is unlikely to be able to provide the type of nutritional support that many men with prostate issues are seeking. Treating the symptoms of prostate growth and inflammation without addressing their root causes is not considered an effective approach to nutritional supplementation.

Based on the ingredients used in their Flow Enhancement complex, however, there is reason to believe that men with BPH or CP could find some degree of relief from their urinary issues. Their use of beta-sitosterol, stinging nettle, pygeum, and pumpkin seed has the potential to help improve bladder performance, however they only use a relatively small 475 combined milligrams of these ingredients, which limits exactly how potent it can be.

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Potential Benefits of Peak Life Prostate

As mentioned above, the overall effectiveness of Peak Life Prostate is compromised by their lack of core nutritional ingredients, especially in regards to its long-term effectiveness. Men that use supplements that treat only symptoms may show an initial improvement in their condition, however as they continue to age they will generally start experiencing those same issues if they do not address the core reasons that they occur.

That said, after regular use for several weeks or months it is possible that Peak Life Prostate users, particularly those with BPH, CP, and severe inflammation issues will start to see some improvement in their symptoms. This may include a decrease in the frequency with which men need to use the restroom, improved strength and consistency of urinary flow, and less pain and irritation in the region.

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Are There Side Effects of Peak Life Prostate?

The only ingredient in Peak Life Prostate that worried our panel of experts in particular is vanadium, a mineral element that is more frequently used in the manufacturing of tools, machine parts, and in certain types of batteries. Its human uses are fairly limited, and it is not thought to be critical to any biological processes.

It has, however, been linked to some potential side effects in humans, some of them serious. Small amounts of vanadium can possibly cause issues like:

  • Abdominal discomfort and diarrhea
  • Loss of energy
  • Nervous system malfunctions
  • Blood sugar fluctuation

If taken regularly over a prolonged period, however, vanadium has the potential to have even more serious consequences, possibly including damaging the kidneys. Our panel worries about all users taking vanadium, however those that have a history of kidney issues or diabetes should especially try to avoid products that contain vanadium, including Peak Life Prostate.

Our team’s concerns are also increased by the fact that they do not provide an accurate dosage amount for vanadium on their label. It is listed as part of their 322mg Prostate Size Support Matrix, which also includes saw palmetto and boron. The majority of that amount is probably saw palmetto, however there are no guarantees that the quantity of vanadium that they use in Peak Life Prostate will be safe for all users.

Other than those risks, our experts have very few significant concerns about the contents of Peak Life Prostate. As with all supplements there is a chance that any given user could experience digestive discomfort or other symptoms if one of the ingredients doesn’t agree with them particularly.

There is also the slight possibility of allergic reactions for those users that have sensitivities to specific foods. If you have had issues in the past with the consumption of saw palmetto, stinging nettle or other plants in the urticaceae family, or pumpkins and other gourds, then talk to your doctor before starting to take Peak Life Prostate.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this pill with a proven prostate support pill such as Prostatrinex for better results

How to Buy Peak Life Prostate

Peak Life Prostate is commonly available in both physical retail locations and through multiple dealers online. Its price can vary somewhat dramatically, however the general prices for Peak Life Prostate tend to fall into this range:

  • 1, 30-count bottle (15-day supply) of Peak Life Prostate softgels: $14.98-$16.03
  • 1, 60-count bottle (30-day supply) of Peak Life Prostate softgels: $21.11-$29.99
  • 3, 60-count bottles (90-day supply) of Peak Life Prostate softgels: $59.98-$99.97

These prices are about average for prostate health supplements with this type of ingredients profile. Readers that choose to purchase Peak Life Prostate are also encouraged to consider adding a secondary supplement that features a better selection of basic vitamins and minerals to help improve core level prostate health.

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Our Recommendation

There are some features of their product that our panel complemented Peak Life Prostate on, including their diverse array of helpful herbal ingredients like saw palmetto, pygeum, pumpkin seed oil, and beta-sitosterol. These ingredients have been shown to help improve bladder performance, reduce inflammation, and potentially even improve prostate size.

Our team does not, however, recommend any supplements that do not provide the necessary amount of core vitamins and minerals. In general, they feel that a prostate health product should contain far larger doses of zinc, selenium, and copper than those used in Peak Life Prostate, and they prefer they utilize some amounts of vitamin B6 and vitamin E as well.

They also do not encourage the consumption of vanadium for health reasons. It has not adequately demonstrated that it has any medicinal or therapeutic effects at all, let alone any effects that are related to prostate health and function. It has, however, been possibly linked to kidney damage and other negative health effects, so there is no reason to include it in a wellness product.

Overall, Peak Life Prostate is a somewhat effective prostate health formula that makes a few key mistakes in their formula that prevent them from being more effective. Our team encourages our readers to seek out other saw palmetto-based herbal prostate aids that have better core health support and that don’t use vanadium in their blend.

One such product is Prostatrinex, our team’s highest rated prostate support supplement. They use some similar ingredients as Peak Life Prostate, however they have a more potent all-around blend that doesn’t use any harmful metals like vanadium.

Prostatrinex has swiftly established a reputation within the health and wellness industry for its ability to improve men’s urinary performance and prostate functionality. Click here to find our experts complete review for Prostatrinex and other top health and wellness products.

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