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BetaPollen PLUS is a men’s health and wellness supplement that is specifically designed to help users with their urinary function. This may have applications for men that are experiencing symptoms related to benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), prostatitis, and other prostate-related urinary issues.

The advertising for BetaPollen PLUS says that it can help maintain normal prostate size and that it provides long-term prostate health support. They also say that it may be able to help men improve their sexual performance, both through hormone regulation as well as possibly through improved nervous communication.

The supplement that has shown the most utility for improving overall prostate health and functionality is called Prostatrinex. Our experts say that it has the strongest ingredients blend that they have analyzed so far, including some of the top-rated prostate health ingredients known to science at this time. Click here to find out if Prostatrinex can be effective for your prostate health needs.

How Does BetaPollen PLUS Work?

As men age, their prostates tend to never stop growing. Over time, this can develop in to a serious problem for some men, as swollen prostates cut off the urethra from the bladder and disrupt ordinary urinary function. Prostates can even swell to the point where they start putting pressure on the nerves that connect the penis to the brain, potentially leading to erectile issues.

As their name implies, the main ingredient in BetaPollen PLUS is a form of flower pollen extract. Specifically, it is a combination of pollens taken from rye grass (secale cereal), corn (zea mays) and timothy (phelum pretense) that is sold under the brand name Graminex.

Graminex was first synthesized in 1997 and since then it has been tested for its ability to help improve a number of health conditions, including allergies, atherosclerosis, diabetes, metabolism, and more. Its manufacturers also say that it can have antimicrobial and antioxidant properties and may also be beneficial for immune function.

In regards to prostate health, its best uses seem to be for soothing the irritation of prostatitis. It may also be useful for improving urinary function, and specifically for increasing the strength of users’ urinary streams. Graminex will have very little impact in the size of the prostate itself, unless its swelling is specifically oxidation-related.

There is very little in BetaPollen PLUS beyond this dose of Graminex. Their only other ingredients are 60mg of beta-sitosterol and 2mg of lycopene. These are both very highly rated ingredients for prostate health, however in the vast majority of cases supplements will tend to use larger doses than what is contained in BetaPollen PLUS.

Beta-sitosterol is a form of plant sterol that is thought to be particularly useful for prostate health. Beta-sitosterol can potentially reduce the severity of the symptoms of BPH and soothe inflammation in the prostate, though most supplements that are designed for those purposes will tend to use 2-4 times the quantity found in BetaPollen PLUS.

Lycopene is a phytochemical in the carotene family that is found in tomatoes, red carrots, watermelon, asparagus, parsley, and other fruits and vegetables. It is bright red in color and is helpful for stimulating the production of beta-carotene, preventing heart disease and the hardening of the arteries, and it may have some cancer preventing properties as well.

Lycopene is also a strong antioxidant that can help to prevent damage to the prostate and may reduce the symptoms of BPH. There is also some evidence that shows that lycopene can help to slow the growth of the prostate itself, however like beta-sitosterol, this effect tends to be associated with far larger quantities than what is found in BetaPollen PLUS.

Not only are there no other ingredients in their proprietary blend, there are also no basic vitamins, nutrients, or essential trace elements either. This is a huge weakness in the contents of BetaPollen PLUS. Without providing any zinc, copper, selenium, or vitamins B, D, or E, there is very little chance that users who are experiencing prostate issues due to nutritional deficiencies will see significant relief.

In general, our team of experts believe that the best prostate health products will provide an adequate amount of basic core nutrition and herbal symptom relief. Focusing on the symptoms alone may provide some temporary relief in the moment, however it is not an effective strategy in the long term.

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Potential Benefits of BetaPollen PLUS

Men that have been experiencing urinary issues due to BPH, prostatitis, or an increase in the size of their prostate may see a reduction in their symptoms after taking BetaPollen PLUS. This is not a guarantee, however, as flower pollen is not thought to be one of the more reliable ingredients for these purposes and they use a minimal amount of supporting ingredients.

There is still a good chance that it will be able to increase the strength of users’ urinary stream, and it may also help to relax the smooth muscles around the urethra as well. The advertising for BetaPollen PLUS says that it helps maintain sexual function in its users, however it would seem like it would be less effective for these purposes.

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Are There Side Effects of BetaPollen PLUS?

Most users will tolerate BetaPollen PLUS well, assuming that they do not have any preexisting allergic conditions. There are some people that are allergic to lycopene, and pollen allergies are one of the most common types of sensitivities found in the united states.

People that have flower pollen allergies can potentially see effects like swelling of the face, tongue, and throat, difficulty breathing, and potentially anaphylactic shock, depending on the severity of their condition. People with specific pollen allergies are encouraged to avoid BetaPollen PLUS.

Their website also strongly cautions against women taking BetaPollen PLUS, especially those that are pregnant or nursing. Women do not have a prostate that BetaPollen PLUS could benefit, and they may be more at risk to develop side effects based on their level of exposure.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this pill with a proven prostate support pill such as Prostatrinex for better results

How to Buy BetaPollen PLUS

BetaPollen PLUS is a property of Stop Aging Now, LLC, a mid-sized supplements and nutrition products manufacturer based in Bethesda, Maryland. Their products are available in some select physical locations in the United States, however the majority of their sales come online.

The pricing structure that BetaPollen PLUS lists on their website is as follows:

  • 1, 30-count bottle (30-day supply) of BetaPollen PLUS capsules: $29.95
  • 3, 30-count bottles (90-day supply) of BetaPollen PLUS capsules: $80.85
  • 6, 30-count bottles (180-day supply) of BetaPollen PLUS capsules: $149.70

These prices are about average for products of this nature, however based on their limited ingredients, our team of experts would have expected them to be less expensive than this. There are also some slight concerns about the quality of their manufacturer as well, as they have a substandard rating with the Better Business Bureau, including a 50% customer feedback rating.

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Our Recommendation

BetaPollen PLUS bases the effectiveness of their product essentially on one ingredient: Graminex brand flower pollen extract. There is not enough data about Graminex that our team of experts has confidence in its effectiveness for prostate health, especially if it is not well-supported by other ingredients.

BetaPollen PLUS totally ignores traditionally effective ingredients for prostate health and support like stinging nettle, pygeum, and saw palmetto – our team’s top rated herbal ingredient overall. Not only that, but they also do not have any zinc, our team’s top rated essential element, or any of the other basic vitamins and nutrients that are necessary for providing core-level support.

Overall, BetaPollen PLUS does not meet most of the standards that our team has for a prostate health supplement. They do not use trustworthy ingredients, they provide no core nutrient support, and they pose a significant allergic risk for a large number of people. For all of these reasons, our team of experts cannot recommend BetaPollen PLUS to our readers.

Instead, they recommend that men looking for prostate support try Prostatrinex, the supplement that best fits all of our team’s standards for a product of this nature. It can help men improve their urinary function in a variety of ways, it can slow the growth of the prostate and potentially even shrink it, and it can reduce inflammation and irritation as well.

Prostatrinex also provides long-term support for prostate function, including potentially inhibiting the spread of prostate cancer cells. To find more data about the ways that Prostatrinex can affect your specific prostate health needs, just follow this link.

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