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Beta-Sitosterol is an ingredient that is commonly found in a number of prostate health, cholesterol function, and athletic performance supplements. It is a naturally derived compound that can be found in quite a few different common sources, including avocado, vegetable oil, and certain types of nuts and dressings, although today it is more commonly synthesized in a laboratory setting.

Beta-Sitosterol can have a number of beneficial effects on the body, including lowering lipid levels in the blood, reducing inflammation, and increasing immune function. While it has not been shown to help reduce prostate size, it can affect the frequency and the severity of the symptoms that can accompany prostate swelling, such as frequent urination, the sudden need to urinate, and incomplete emptying.

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How Does Beta-Sitosterol Work?

Beta-Sitosterol is a plant sterol ester that on a chemical level bears a strong resemblance to cholesterol. This allows the Beta-Sitosterol to bond with free cholesterol in the body, which can keep it from being absorbed into the blood stream. Over time this can help to drive down the body’s overall cholesterol count and may have some benefits for cholesterol processing and general circulatory function.

Beta-Sitosterol has also been shown to have some possible steroidal effects on the body. It naturally functions as a precursor to boldenone, an anabolic steroid that is used to help stimulate protein synthesis, which can help to build muscle, and nitrogen retention, which can also help with muscle building and may have some benefits for circulatory function as well.

Boldenone is legal, however it is considered a banned substance in most amateur and professional sports leagues. This includes Major League Baseball, where several players have faced suspensions after testing positive for boldenone, some of them claiming that it was the unintentional result of consuming Beta-Sitosterol.

One of the more common uses of Beta-Sitosterol is for the treatment of prostate issues, particularly for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), a condition that involves the noncancerous enlargement of the prostate. BPH can lead to several different health issues, most of them related to urinary issues.

When the prostate swells, it begins to put pressure on the bladder and urethra, which can disrupt normal urinary function. This can lead to frequent needs to urinate, incomplete emptying, and the sudden onset of the need to urinate. Prostate issues can lead to excess urine being trapped in the urethra, which can lead to embarrassing leakage or even infections of the urethra or kidneys.

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There are some prescription medications that can be used to treat BPH, however many men do not like to use them because they also have the potential to cause a number of different negative side effects. Beta-Sitosterol is often recommended to those individuals as an alternative to prescription drugs as it can possibly help to relieve their prostate issues without causing additional negative health effects in the process.

It should be noted that Beta-Sitosterol cannot actually lead to prostate shrinkage itself, however it has been proven to have use for treating the symptoms of prostate enlargement. It may also have applications as an immunomodulator that can help the body fight disease more efficiently, and could even help to relieve baldness and fight inflammation.

Some studies have found that Beta-Sitosterol can increase the amount of the body’s lymphocytes and other natural killer (NK) cells, which are used to block the spread of cytokines and other pro-inflammatory agents. This can have a shrinking effect on the prostate in certain circumstances, however it is mostly a generalized effect that decreases inflammation levels in the body overall.

Readers should be aware that there is a small subset of people that have a rare condition known as phytosterolemia that can potentially lead to the overabsorption of phytosterols. This can cause health complications in some individuals, however this is unlikely in most instances. If you have been diagnosed with phytosterolemia, it is not wise to take Beta-Sitosterol.

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Potential Benefits of Beta-Sitosterol

The main potential applications for Beta-Sitosterol is for the control of prostate enlargement symptoms. It can help men to improve their urinary function, which can have a number of far reaching effects that may not necessarily be expected.

Men with BPH often experience difficulty sleeping through the night due to the frequent need to get up to urinate. This can impact sleep schedules, energy levels throughout the day, mood, and motivation levels.

It is can also help avoid the potential social awkwardness and humiliation that can be caused by prostate issues. It can be frustrating to have to constantly be excusing yourself to go to the restroom, and leakage problems can cause spotting, embarrassing odors, and other secondary health issues.

Beta-Sitosterol can also help men to lower their cholesterol counts, which can improve heart health and circulatory function. It can help men build muscle and improve their athletic performance thanks to its relationship to muscle building, and it can also help athletes with recovery due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

For that reason it may also have applications for people with arthritis, cartilage damage, and other issues with inflammation. This use is somewhat less studied, as are the claims that it can help to restore lost hair and improve the thickness and overall health of existent hair.

Other possible benefits that Beta-Sitosterol could have for the body that have not been as thoroughly studied include treating tuberculosis, preventing colon cancer, and helping to reduce the sensitivity of allergy sufferers. It may also be useful for helping to treat burns and tissue damage, as well as skin issues like psoriasis.

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How to Buy Beta-Sitosterol

Beta-Sitosterol is available online from a number of different retailers. Its cost can vary depending on the brand and source, so here is a sampling of several of the buying options that are available online:

  • 1, 90-count bottle of 1000mg NOW brand Beta-Sitosterol softgels: $15.49
  • 1, 120-count bottle of 375mg Source Naturals brand Beta-Sitosterol tablets: $12.74
  • 1, 90-count bottle of 60mg Pure Encapsulations brand Beta-Sitosterol capsules: $15.20

This is a relatively average price range for a single-ingredient supplement. Users can take Beta-Sitosterol by itself, however it tends to be more effective when featured as a compliment to other ingredients that can benefit prostate health as well.

It is generally less cost-effective to purchase secondary supplements when there are plenty of prostate health blends and other daily nutritional products that have full effective proprietary blends. Our readers are generally encouraged to seek out a blend that uses Beta-Sitosterol rather than purchasing a product that is only or mainly Beta-Sitosterol.

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Our Recommendation

Beta-Sitosterol is an effective ingredient for prostate health supplements and is useful for helping to treat the symptoms of BPH and other prostate issues. It does not actually shrink the prostate itself, and is not to be used as a substitute for doctor-prescribed medication, however it can contribute to a substantial reduction of symptoms.

It can help men regain control of their urinary schedule, reducing the suddenness, intensity, and frequency of urinary urges. It can also help to improve the completeness of emptying and reduce the quantity of urine that is left in the urethra.

This can have a number of secondary benefits, such as reducing leakage, increasing the strength of urinary flow, and improving sleep schedules. It has also been shown to be beneficial to the immune system, cholesterol function, and athletic performance.

As effective as Beta-Sitosterol can be for prostate issues, it is not as effective when it is taken on its own. Our team of experts recommend it most when used as part of a broader proprietary blend that uses other helpful additives as well.

The prostate health product that has gotten the most positive feedback from our team of health and wellness experts is called Prostatrinex. It is an extensive blend of the most potent natural prostate health additives, which includes a healthy quantity of Beta-Sitosterol.

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