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What is it?

PH-D Feminine Health Support is a natural yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis treatment. PH-D Feminine Health Support works to keep vaginal pH in check, preventing future infections, STDs or unwanted odor.

PH-D Feminine Health Support is made from boric acid, along with other key ingredients that work to both treat existing infections, as well as prevent future yeast infections from occurring. PH-D Feminine Health Support is meant to be used once or twice daily to treat yeast infections, and once a day during menstruation in order to prevent chronic infections.

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PH-D Feminine Health Support Ingredients and Side Effects

PH-D Feminine Health Support contains a handful of inactive ingredients, primarily used to help bind the contents of the suppository together. The only active ingredient is boric acid, a well-known homeopathic remedy for BV and yeast infections. Here’s a bit of background on uses, side effects and more:

Boric Acid

Boric Acid: A chemical substance known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. It’s long been used as a way to control pests like cockroaches, but it has several uses for humans, and is relatively non-toxic. It may help treat athlete’s foot by killing fungus, and may also be useful in killing bacteria that causes acne.

Boric acid is a natural treatment for yeast infections and is thought to be effective in killing off candidia albicans, the primary cause of vaginal yeast infections.

Boric acid should not be taken orally, nor should it ever be used on open wounds.

  • Though there are no known side effects for boric acid when taken vaginally, if this substance enters the body it may cause some problems. Side effects may include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, kidney damage, and possibly even death.
  • Boric acid may also cause mild skin irritation and may have a corrosive effect if it makes direct contact with the eyes.

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PH-D Feminine Health Support Quality of Ingredients

PH-D Feminine Health is made with boric acid as the sole active ingredient in the formulation. Boric acid is known for its antibacterial and antifungal effects and there’s plenty of documented information regarding its use in suppositories aimed at fighting yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis.

According to WebMD, more research is needed to find out how well boric acid actually works when it comes to vaginal care. But, there are many accounts from women who have used boric acid and found relief from the itching, odor and discomfort associated with yeast infections.

There is a risk of irritation associated with boric acid, and it may kill off some strains of good bacteria, or probiotics. Users may want to add a probiotic into their daily regimen while taking PH-D Feminine Health Support, as killing off all bacteria may cause additional problems for the vagina.

This product could be a good solution for someone looking at suppositories with a more natural ingredient profile. As you’ll see below, there are many positive reviews for this product below.

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The Price and Quality of PH-D Feminine Health Support

PH-D Feminine Health Support is sold on the manufacturer’s website for $25 for a bottle containing 24 suppositories and $59 for a bottle containing 72 suppositories.

PH-D Feminine Health Support is also sold through Amazon at the same price point, but offers free shipping to Prime members.

Some of the reviewers we came across mentioned this product seemed a bit expensive, but in most cases, it’s not something you’ll use every day, even if you’re suffering from recurring yeast infections.

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Business of PH-D Feminine Health Support

PH-D Feminine Health Support is manufactured by a company known as Vireo Systems. Here’s a bit of background information on the people behind this product:

Phone: 855-442-6466

Address: Vireo Systems, Inc.
305 Williams Ave.
Madison, TN 37115

Vireo Systems has a website that showcases all the company’s brands, including PH-D Feminine Health Support.  Unfortunately, the company’s umbrella site doesn’t provide much information, about this product—aside from explaining that it is intended for use as a natural treatment for vaginal infections.

The company site directs users to check out a site specifically dedicated to PH-D Feminine Health Support, which would be useful—except that the site doesn’t work.

While a vaginal yeast infection suppository isn’t all that confusing for most consumers, the fact that this product also claims to be used as a preventative measure rather than a one-off treatment leaves us a little confused. PH-D Feminine Health Support may require a bit more education as to how it works, whether it’s intended to replace antibiotics, if it’s safe to use regularly and so on. We also don’t know if this product is best used with probiotics, as it may kill off some of the body’s good bacteria along with the bad.

Customer Opinions of PH-D Feminine Health Support

PH-D Feminine Health Support did receive mostly positive feedback from past consumers, though there was some range in their experiences. Unfortunately, we don’t have much information about the ages of these users, and whether or not they are in menopause or perimenopause. Aside from that, here is a quick look at what people were saying about their experience with this product:

“These were my last resort. I believe I had BV for months at a time, and tried everything from probiotics to unscented soaps and changing my diet. Use these once a week to keep BV at bay and it’s been great.”

“Pretty darn great, if you ask me. I get an infection about once a month and feel as though these have really helped improve my vaginal health. Yes, it’s a little expensive, but worth it to me.”

“Ugh, these suppositories make my vagina feel terrible when I wake up in the morning. There’s so much discharge and it’s a total mess. I get an infection each period and need something that works.”

“I think these worked a little. I have recurring yeast infections and have decided making my own suppositories is more costs effective than this product. Neither are ideal, but this one is too spendy.”

PH-D Feminine Health Support did seem to work for most of the users we came across, though it’s clear that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to chronic yeast infections which may be caused by a whole range of factors.

Boric acid is known for its effects on vaginal yeast infections and this may well be a good solution for women looking for something a little more homeopathic than the average, over-the-counter yeast infection solution.

Some people did mention that they felt the cost was a little high, especially given that this product really aims to kill existing bacteria, rather than adding any key health benefits along with the relief.

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Conclusion – Does PH-D Feminine Health Support Work?

PH-D Feminine Health Support does have several positive reviews, all from women who mentioned that using this product really helped clear up some ongoing vaginal issues like yeast infections and BV.

During menopause many women experience an increase in BV, yeast infections or odor due to pH changes, vaginal dryness or shifts in the body’s natural flora population. While

PH-D Feminine Health Support could be a good solution for menopausal women, there are some other things potential users may want to address.

First, balancing out hormone levels can help alleviate the dryness at the root of many of these unpleasant changes. As can things like taking a probiotic or using a high quality vaginal moisturizer. But, we do see this product being a good supplement for use alongside other solutions that more specifically target menopause symptoms.

In the end, we recommend talking to a physician before trying to take on chronic vaginal concerns before using PH-D Feminine Health Support. Any changes in odor, chronic itching, burning and dryness should be discussed with a doctor, as they could point to more serious issues.

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