Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra Review (UPDATED 2017): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra is a probiotic supplement used to improve digestion. With 15 billion CFUs, Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra is meant to support improve nutrient uptake, relieve constipation and more.

Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra is unique in that this is a whole-food, soil based probiotic. With daily use, users can expect to see additional benefits like an improved ability to digest dairy, as well as improved immune system health.

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Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra Ingredients and Side Effects

Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra contains a diverse range of bacteria, that work together to provide the body with a diverse population of gut flora. Here’s a bit of background information about probiotics and how Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra can potentially help you:

Soil-Based Probiotics

Soil-Based Probiotics: Soil-based probiotics, or SBOs, are a bit different that the bacteria found naturally inside the body. Most probiotics are lactic-acid based and are used to treat digestive issues and immune system health.

SBOs treat digestive issues as well, but they have some additional antifungal properties, which might provide further health benefits.

Both types of probiotics are used to improve conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, reduce bad bacteria in the body and boost immune health.

Probiotics may also help the body get more nutrients out of the food people eat, as well as improve metabolism and regulate appetite.

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Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra Quality of Ingredients

Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra is made exclusively from SBOs, so whether or not users experience less yeast infections or a reduction in menopause symptoms like vaginal dryness, they’ll still see some key benefits with use.

Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra may be a good addition to anyone’s diet, whether they’re dealing with menopause or are in their reproductive prime.

Based on the product description, it’s clear that Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra is designed for users who may be suffering from bowel issues like constipation, diarrhea or some other type of digestive issue.

While this looks like a good product without any adverse effects, menopausal women may still need to add another product into their regular rotation — something that addresses the hormonal imbalance that happens during this transitional period.

Probiotics may reduce the risk of frequent yeast infections, but they won’t do much for hot flashes or mood swings.

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The Price and Quality of Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra

Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra is sold through the official webpage at a regular price of $44.99 for a bottle containing 60 capsules—the equivalent of a one-month supply. A 90-count bottle goes for $56.99 and $99.99 for a bottle containing 180 capsules.

This product is also available for sale from Amazon, who offers three different sizes—a 90-count bottle for $34.53, $53 for 180-count bottle and $55 for a 216-count bottle.

Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra is a little on the expensive side as far as supplements are concerned, though not completely out of the price range of probiotics in general.

Women dealing with menopause who are thinking about this supplement may want to look toward something that’s geared more toward balancing the body’s internal flora, in a way that helps prevent yeast infections or BV.

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Business of Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra

Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra is made by a company known as Garden of Life. Here is there contact information below:

Phone: 561-748-2477

Address: 4200 NorthCorp Parkway
Suite 200
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410

Garden of Life is a large natural products company that makes a range of supplements from greens and vitamins to probiotics and more.

Based on the information on the Garden of Life “about us” page, this company is engaged in a number of environmental and social causes—they’re a certified B Corporation and they also are certified vegan and non-GMO.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a supplement like Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra, it’s clear that this company does a good job of creating an ethical and transparent company culture, with a certain attention to detail in each of their offerings.

Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra, was one of this company’s very first products, and from there, they were able to expand into other product lines.

Overall we like the site and feel that it contains a good amount of information. The Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra page could talk a little more about the science behind this product, but most consumers should find its existing condition to be sufficient.

Customer Opinions of Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra

Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra has mostly good reviews. Based on most of the comments we came across, most people felt that this product was effective in helping them deal with digestive issues. Unfortunately, we did not see too many mentions of this product’s use as a women’s health supplement. Either way, here’s a look at what we found:

“This product is great. I do take other digestive supplements, but have found that since I’ve added this product into my daily routine, most of my symptoms have been greatly reduced.”

“This stuff is perfect — feel like I’m much more regular and don’t have gas all the time or feel bloated. I definitely recommend this product for anyone looking to stay healthy, regardless of chronic bowel issues.”

“I have an autoimmune disorder and as a result need some extra support for my immune system. After abut four days of use, I saw some major improvements in my condition, particularly with my stomach issues.”

“Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra is the best! I’ve had immune system problems for years and hardly ever get sick these days. Really works for preventing colds and flu or if you’re prone to infections.”

Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra seems to be a good quality probiotic, based on the reviews we came across from people who have used this product for various indications.

People like the fact that you don’t have to refrigerate soil-based probiotics, and it looks like this product works really well for people with chronic stomach issues.

There were very few mentions of this product’s use as a yeast cleansing probiotic, a benefit you’ll find in some competing products.

While we’re sure this product is a high-quality probiotic, we’d recommend looking elsewhere if you’re someone who gets a lot of yeast infections or have other signs of candida.

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Conclusion – Does Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra Work?

Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra looks like a good product with some excellent health benefits, We see no major red flags with the product or the company that makes it.

The only issue for us is, this probiotic seems to only have been reviewed by users who have bowel issues, IBS, or some other kind of stomach problem. Yes, these are generally the main reason why people take probiotics, but this product made no attempt to target the yeast infection prone.

It’s unclear whether soil-based probiotics carry the same candida-fighting benefits as some strains of traditional probiotics, but we couldn’t find any information that suggested it was effective for this indication.

Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra may be useful for general health benefits, but menopausal women will need to look elsewhere for ingredients that support vaginal health as they get older.

In the end, it’s important to note that vaginal dryness occurs during menopause due to a loss of hormones. Addressing this issue with the use of supportive ingredients that balance hormone levels can alleviate dryness and reduce the risk of infection.

Based on the many reviews we’ve compiled documenting the strengths and weaknesses of various menopausal products, we have learned that Femmetrinol works best to deliver key benefits users like relief from hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, low libido and yeast-infection causing vaginal dryness.

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