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What is it?

Omega Woman is a supplement created for women to help balance hormone levels, as well as offer a daily dose of omega-3s. In addition to addressing hormone levels in the body, this product also helps keep skin looking radiant throughout the aging process.

Omega Woman is formulated from a combination of deep sea fish oils and evening primrose extract. The makers of this product claim it helps restore hormonal balance with regular use.

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Omega Woman Ingredients and Side Effects

Omega Woman only contains two key ingredients, fish oil and evening primrose extract, as well as some natural flavors used to mask any fishy aftertaste. Below, we’ll look at these key ingredients, as well as any potential side effects associated with their use:

Deep Sea Fish Oil Evening Primrose Extract

Deep Sea Fish Oil: This particular supplement contains two of the most important fish oils, EPA and DHA, which are used to help lower triglyceride levels in the body, prevent heart disease, high blood pressure and treat and prevent a number of kidney problems.

Fish oil is also used to help with memory and cognition, healthy joints and reducing pain and swelling.

  • Side effects may include diarrhea, bad breath, belching, rash or nosebleeds.

Evening Primrose Extract: The oil extracted from the seed of the evening primrose plant, this ingredient is thought to help with several types of skin disorders like eczema and acne, as well as chronic illnesses like MS or rheumatoid arthritis.

Evening primrose extract contains omega-6 fatty acids, which is thought to help alleviate breast pain and inflammation in the body. Evening primrose is often used to ease symptoms associated with hormonal issues like PMS, menopause, endometriosis and during pregnancy.

  • Side effects may include diarrhea, nausea or headache.

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Omega Woman Quality of Ingredients

Omega Woman is made with high quality fish oil, which is a great addition to most people’s diet, offering a range of benefits from heart health and cognition and memory to joint mobility and more.

It’s clear that this product packs a nutritional punch, but we’re not entirely sure whether the presence of evening primrose will be enough to deliver the kinds of benefits that menopausal women will find helpful to the specific symptoms they are experiencing.

The website briefly mentions that this supplement will help balance out hormones, as well as give women the omegas they need, but we haven’t seen much evidence that omegas are any more useful during menopause, as in any other stage of life.

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The Price and Quality of Omega Woman

Omega Woman can be purchased directly from the manufacturer for $29.95 for a bottle containing 120 capsules, which amounts to a two-month supply. Shoppers can also find this product on Amazon, GNC, Jet and several other online retailers for about the same price.

A two-month supply of any supplement for under $30 does seem like a decent price, especially given all the quality control measures, Nordic Naturals, the manufacturer, takes to ensure they are putting out a safe and sustainable product, but this product really amounts to being a fish oil supplement with an added component. Meaning, we’re not sure if this is the best option for anyone looking for a product that addresses all the symptoms of menopause — though it may provide some key nutritional benefits.

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Business of Omega Woman

Omega Woman is made by a company known as Nordic Naturals. Their contact information, along with some background information can be found below:

Phone: 800-662-2544

Address: Nordic Naturals, Inc.
Watsonville, CA 95076


Nordic Naturals is a company that specializes in fish oil supplements, many of which boast the unique benefit of not having the fishy burps or aftertaste you’ll find with many competing omega-3 supplements.

The official company website does a fairly good job of laying out their sustainability efforts, as well as the health benefits of fish oil, as well as their partnerships with many top universities.

While there’s not a ton of information provided about the unique benefits that Omega Woman can provide. Customers are able to get plenty of information about fish oils, as well as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids from the Nordic Naturals site, but it’s hard to glean from this particular source how fish oil is useful to women going through menopause.

Customer Opinions of Omega Woman

Most of the reviews we came across for Omega Woman were rather positive. Consumers were using this product for a number of reasons, many were looking for cognitive benefits, while others claimed that this might help with hormonal issues like fibrocystic breasts and PMS.

We did not come across too many users using this to treat menopausal concerns, so it’s hard to say whether or not it’s helpful in fighting against some of the more common symptoms like hot flashes or night sweats. Regardless, here’s a look at what past consumers had to say after using this product:

“I swear by this product. It really doesn’t cause any of those nasty fish burps, so there’s no excuse for not taking your omegas anymore.”

“I usually get really terrible cramps each month, and have found that this product has helped reduce some of the regular suffering I deal with. Also the lemon flavoring helps these go down more smoothly.”

“I have fibrocystic breasts, and this product has helped greatly reduce the pain I’ve been experiencing for quite some time now—the fibrosis has gone down, and I’m feeling much less anxious about my health.”

“I’m certain that this product has not only made the skin on my face look better, but my whole body as well. I was hoping it would make my hair look a bit better, but I’ve yet to see any changes.”

Omega Woman seems to largely be used by women for issues like breast pain, skin, PMS and more—and the majority of the reviewers we came across mentioned that they felt this product was effective.

Unfortunately, we just didn’t come across many users that tried Omega Woman for menopause, so we don’t have a good sense of whether this product helps with hot flashes, night sweats or any of the other common symptoms women deal with at this point in their lives.

Based on the above information, we do believe that many women can benefit from taking this product, as it contains high levels of both omega-3s and omega-6s, essential fatty acids that play a role in proper nutrition.

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Conclusion – Does Omega Woman Work?

After looking at Omega Woman in its entirety, it’s clear that consumers are getting a high quality supplement with some great health benefits. The thing is, we still aren’t sure if it provides any relief from any of the major symptoms of menopause.

Nordic Naturals is a well-established company with a good reputation. They’ve been really good about informing consumers about how the fish oil is sourced, as well as their commitment to sustainability by avoiding overfishing, as well as using high quality fish free of contaminants.

Yet, they didn’t really provide much information about Omega Woman, in particular, and it’s hard to get a sense of whether this product is aimed at all women from teen-age to post-menopause or if it’s directed more toward someone in perimenopause or young adulthood.

The vague information about how it helps balance hormones doesn’t reveal much, though many users claim that this was an effective supplement for reducing menstrual discomfort and other issues.

After looking at the reviews and the website, we think Omega Woman has some potential to be a useful supplement, yet we don’t think it’s the right solution for the menopausal woman looking for relief from hot flashes or mood swings. We’d recommend users try turning toward something that targets the specific symptoms they are experiencing—like an herbal supplement with a comprehensive formula.

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