Brain Peak Review (UPDATED 2017): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Brain Peak is a nootropic supplement claiming it can help unlock people’s true mental potential. They add how users will be able to completely improve their entire mind, and that it will help one with achieve an “untold performance”

A 150 person study is highlighted which showed an increase in overall mental function, but the specific details of the study are not provided. Only natural ingredients are used however, with each one intended to deliver optimal effects. Memotenz was rated by our review experts as being the most beneficial nootropic. This is made with wholesome, studied ingredients which can increase one’s mental capacities. Visit this link to get a detailed run down on the top rated Memotenz.

Brain Peak Ingredients and Side Effects

No official ingredients list is provided anywhere, though there are unaffiliated 3rd party websites which claim that the following are used:

Phosphatidylserine Huperzine A Cognizin Vinpocetine Bacopin

Phosphatidylserine: Fat soluble ingredient that is found in high amounts within the brain. This helps to improve cognitive health, and can be used by the elderly to help improve their memory.

It can also lower the stress hormone cortisol, and it is found in high amounts within fatty fish. Further cognitive benefits are possible when this is taken in supplement form. An additional benefit is reducing the mental deterioration which can happen as one ages, as well as helping treat Alzheimer’s symptoms.

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Huperzine A: Natural extract that is used as a way to treat Alzheimer’s, though this has yet to be proven. In certain amounts this can cause:

  • Diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting.

It may require cycling which limits its abilities to be taken as a daily supplement.

Cognizin: Patented additive that is used to help deliver nutrients to the brain, helping protect neurons from damage, and supporting the creation of healthy electrical impulses.

This is a form of citicoline which is supposed to be free of any allergens, as being vegetarian.

Vinpocetine: Chemical that shares similarities to the periwinkle plan. Used to help improve blood flow in the brain, as well as help delay the effects of Alzheimer’s. There is limited information on its process, and whether or not it’s truly effective.

It’s advised to take it in controlled amounts, as it can potentially cause:

  • Dizziness, flushing around the face, and nausea.
  • Sleep disturbances, nervousness, and stomach pains.

There is a lack of information on whether or not it can deliver better results in higher doses.

Bacopin: Natural herb that is added to help improve memory and overall brain health. This is also intended to work as an adaptogen, meaning it can help the body better deal with stress.

It has chemicals in it which can also protect brain cells from damage, which means it can be used for treating Alzheimer sufferers.

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Brain Peak Quality of Ingredients

Without a verified ingredients list it leaves many doubts about what this supplement can do. There needs to be some sort of showcase of the additives in order to help determine if the dosing is good enough.

In certain amounts these kinds of ingredients can either be ineffective, or potentially dangerous. There are some claimed healthy ingredients used, but it’s impossible to verify if this is true.

Most of what is intended to be included would be wholesome, but there still needs to be more added to ensure well-rounded benefits. As it stands, there are far too many unanswered  questions about the overall quality and capabilities of Brain Peak. Click this link to read about which top 10 nootropics were rated as being the most beneficial.

Brain Peak Price and Quality of Brain Peak

A free trial is advertised, and it’s impossible to verify the actual price.  Free trials always have to be looked at with caution however, as companies often will say if one does not cancel their trial program, that users are obligated to take part in an automatic monthly shipping plan. This forces users to be credited every few days without first being notified.

This will often be hidden in the terms and conditions, and legally has to be followed by the customer.

It’s highly important to be able to understand what the full price is of a supplement, as some can be greatly overpriced. There is also no mention on whether or not a money back return policy is offered, and their ingredients are not discussed. Real solutions which can help aid focus, memory, and attention to details are found in this link.

Business of Brain Peak

No official company website is offered, and instead there are a few 3rd party sites which seem to market this supplement, but once you click on any of their banners they redirect customers to a free gift card questionnaire.

3 of the supposed websites which claim to offer a free trial all redirect back to the same link. This is highly questionable, and it’s unknown why the creators of Brain Peak have decided to stop marketing their own brand.

It all seems like some sort of scam, and there is no indication that the creators of this supplement are actually looking to help potential customers learn about the policies they offer.

Without any evidence, it’s impossible to verify any real facts about this supplement. Taking any free trial may put place the customer at risk. For a detailed look at the top rate nootropics of the year, click on this link.

EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results, our experts recommend using brain enhancement supplements for at least 3 months. Save your money by buying a few bottles at once.

Customer Opinions of Brain Peak

No user reviews can be found online. Some of the web sites looking to sell Brain Peak do offer what they claim to be written reviews, but it’s highly questionable whether or not these are legitimate.

Unless there are verified testimonials from the official website, it’s impossible to determine what is real.

There needs to be reviews in order to truly judge what kinds of effects are possible ,and whether or not this is a long term solution.

Conclusion – Does Brain Peak Work?

There simply isn’t enough information available to help determine whether or not Brain Peak is truly safe and effective. No ingredients list, verified reviews, company website ,company polices, or any sort of useful information is provided. The only claims come from 3rd party sites which redirect users to a questionnaire. There is no reason to believe any of the claims made, and judging from similar kinds of business practices, it’s highly likely that this is a scam.

A truly effective nootropic which our review experts noted was the most beneficial supplement was Memotenz. It is composed of natural ingredients which have 3rd party clinical studies to verify their worth. Testimonials are provided on the official website from people who ended up noticing noticeable benefits.

It’s made to help improve focus, aid memory, and deliver improvements in overall cognitive health. They manufacture it in a FDA compliant facility which is 3rd party inspected. There are also no cheap artificial additives or short lasting stimulants used. Gain more information about the effectiveness of Memotenz by clicking the link provided.

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