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What is it?

AddieUp is a nootropic supplement that is used to aid mental performance with its many stimulants. It is said to enhance overall energy, and even provide weight loss effects.

The website also adds how it uses potent antioxidants and ingredients made to provide focus and aid memory. They also mention how it is a proven formula, with many positive reviews. After looking at many types of nootropics, the best one overall was found to be Memotenz. Reviews and testimonials are available from the manufactures to showcase how effective it is. Visit the official website for more on Memotenz by following the link.

AddieUp Ingredients and Side Effects
4-Amino-2-Methylpentane Citrate Guarana Caffeine Anhydrous Yerba Mate Higenamine HCI
Methyl-Synephrine HCL Choline BiTartrate Gingko Biloba Theacrine Huperzine

4-Amino-2-Methylpentane Citrate: More commonly known as DMBA, this ingredient is lacking clinical studies on humans, and it’s unknown what it can truly do.

The FDA has not allowed for this to be used in any supplements. They’ve send warning letters to companies to stop using this, as it may be be adulterated.

Due to its lack of studies they have not given this an acceptable pass for use in over the counter pills.

It can elevate heart rate and make blood vessels contract. Web MD has found:

“POSSIBLY UNSAFE…. Chance of side effects such as… shaking, and anxiety”

Our experts have thoroughly examined many nootropics; here’s a list of the top 10 best of the year.

Guarana: The seeds of this fruit are used as a natural stimulant. This contains high amounts of caffeine unlike any other natural source. It can lead to complications such as:

  • High blood pressure, convulsions, and kidney problems.
  • Heart complications, sleep issues, and anxiety.
  • Upset stomach, fast heart rate, and nausea.

Caffeine Anhydrous: Dehydrated caffeine provided in a 100 mg per serving size. This can help increase mental focus and provide energy. This has to be cycled however, as it can lead to intolerance when used repeatedly.

This should not be taken too late in the day as it can lead to insomnia and difficulty sleeping. It can also disturb sleep cycles, and cause one to wake up unexpectedly.

Methyl-Synephrine HCL: A form of Synephrine which is said to be much more powerful. It has been used to help promote fat loss and stimulation of the central nervous system.

The FDA has not allowed for supplement companies to use this, as there are studies showing it may be harmful.

This can increase metabolism and add energy, but it can be too difficult for some to process. There are limited studies on its positive effects as well. Dosing a proper amount is also unknown due to the lack of studies.

Theacrine: Similar to caffeine, this ingredient is lacking many studies to showcase what it can truly do. has found:

“not enough research… where it may or may not be useful”

Some companies that market it claim it does not have effects on blood pressure, and that it is a better ingredient than caffeine, but no research is published.  It’s also unknown what kinds of side effects are possible.

It is said to be a safer alternative to caffeine, but it’s unknown if this is true.

Huperzine: Extract from the Chinese club moss used to improve memory and reduce issues related to dementia. It can promote unwanted side effects such as:

  • Reduced heart rate, elevated blood pressure, and twitching of the muscles.
  • Slurred speech, appetite loss, and sweating.

Effective and safe nootropics which can aid mental performance are available, click here to see a top 10 list.

AddieUp Quality of Ingredients

For unknown reasons the creators have decided to add ingredients in this which are not only potentially dangerous individually, but they are not allowed in supplements.

Methyl-Synephrine and 4-Amino-2-Methylpentane Citrate have been found to lack any legitimate science to prove their worth. They can lead to numerous side effects, and it’s not legal to add in supplements. Especially when this is mixed with other stimulants, it only increases the risk of side effects.

This reduces the overall quality of these ingredients and makes it a questionable formula. Click the link for a complete top 10 list of the best nootropics.

Price and Quality of AddieUp

A 30 count bottle retails for $39.99. They do make it in a GMP certified facility which ensures there is a reduced risk of contaminations.

There are still concerns with the actual ingredients used however. Not only does it have numerous stimulants which need to be cycled with repeat use, but they can cause unwanted side effects.

This is especially true with the ingredients such as Synephrine and DMAA. They are not often added to nootropics because they can cause jitters and stimulant like side effects. A comprehensive list of the highest rated nootropics has been compiled in a top 10 list here.

Business of AddieUp

The parent company is known as Natures Cures LLC and their contact information is:

Address: 210 Marksfield Circle Ste 6

Louisville, Kentucky 40222


Phone Number: (855) 233-4387

They do mention in their terms and conditions that the effects are not guaranteed, and that it can vary in terms of effects.

Not much information is available from users about their customer service support.

EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results, our experts recommend using brain enhancement supplements for at least 3 months. Save your money by buying a few bottles at once.

Customer Opinions of AddieUp

Listed underneath are user reviews available online:

“ wish I didn’t buy so much, feel like I was cheated out of money”

“made me thirsty and yawning through the day”

“felt that the stimulant effects were much too strong”

“gave energy but it did not increase mental focus”

Overall people’s impressions were often negative. Some added how it had more stimulants like effects similar to an energy booster, but that it was hard to work with. It made harder to focus as the provided energy was too erratic.

For some it actually only made them nervous and unable to calm down. This is likely due to the heavy rebalance of stimulants. This can affect people very differently depending on how their own makeup. See the top 10 best nootropics of the year compiled here.

Conclusion – Does AddieUp Work?

AddieUp is likely to produce some sort of effects, but this may be too harsh for some. There are ingredients added to this which have not been allowed for use in supplements. This raises serious questions about what the manufacturers are doing, and what the overall quality for this is. Reviews for this have also been mixed, and while it may provide energy, many felt it was too harsh and did not allow for stable attention to details.

The most effective nootropic of the year was Memotenz. It has only natural ingredients, no stimulants, and all of what’s inside has been backed by studies. You can read about their ingredients and the full benefits on the creator’s website.

There ae positive testimonials from people who noticed their memory retention was better, and they gained a mental edge with more attention to details. This helped those who are aged as well as younger people gain a mental advantage.

Click here for information about the benefits and to see the official Memotenz website, click on this link.

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