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O’Neal Hampton’s Biggest Loser Elimination Interview

On this past week’s episode of the Biggest Loser, O’Neal Hampton, the competitive yet paternal contestant was sent home. But only after an incredible and inspirational stint on the NBC weight loss reality series.

Hampton began his weight loss journey at 389 pounds. On his last weigh in, he came in at 265 pounds, 124 pounds less then when he began.

Listen here as O’Neal talks about his natural camaraderie with the others and how his no-nonsense and open approach to life earned him the name “uncle,” by his fellow contestants.

This Midwestern father of four is easy to lend an hand and does not shy away from the emotionality of connecting to others. Throughout his stay on the Biggest Loser, we saw O’Neal shed many tears over his own journey and through empathizing with his fellow contestants’ journey as well.

To everyone who may chalk their ill-health up to a aching joint or lack of motivation, he encourages them to just get off the couch and do it. As an athlete and sports coach as well a former obese person, O’Neal is no stranger to feeling the pain and burn of having worked out too much and having not worked at all.

Today, he continues to lead the healthy lifestyle he learned while on the Biggest Loser in the only way that O’Neal can: With integrity and with an open heart.

We look forward to seeing his continued progress on the Biggest Loser finale.

April 28th, 2010

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Wow! Amazing! He really achieve his goal in losing weight. We all know that, its really difficult to lose weight. But when you really persuasive to do so, then you can reach your ideal weight.
I'm also an obese person before weighing 250lbs, but then i loose 90lbs. Now I'm 150lbs. And I'm with the result. Diet, exercise and by using cenalex, a natural dietary supplement which help fasten reducing my weight. It really works for me. Im not endorsing or something, it's just that I can relate to his story. And I wanna share my story also.
Thank you then. :)

posted Apr 28th, 2010 10:38 pm


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