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What is it?

Vigorus is a sexual enhancement product used to help users achieve bigger, harder erections and dramatically improve sexual function. Vigorus also promises major gains in penis length and girth.

Vigorus works using a blend they call VigorMaxx, which helps deliver nitric oxide to the penis for firmer, long lasting erections. Vigorus also contains a number of herbs that work to stimulate sexual desire, allowing the user improved libido as well as the changes needed to deliver a fulfilling sexual interaction.

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Vigorus Ingredients and Side Effects

The makers of Vigorus have not listed an official product label, but they have included a chart, complete with graphics on the front page, detailing all the active ingredients. We don’t know the dosing information, or if other ingredients are included in the blend, but here’s what you’ll likely find in the formula:

Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris Beet Juice Epimedium Cordyceps Sinensis Lycium Barbarum
Panax Ginseng L-Arginine Piper Longnum Eurycoma Longifolia Mucuna Pruriens

Epimedium: An herb used in traditional Chinese medicine, epimedium is thought to stimulate sexual desire and improve erectile function in users. A natural aphrodisiac, epimedium may also help relieve premature ejaculation.

  • Side effects may include headaches, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, muscle spasms and thirst.
  • Additionally, users may experience a rapid heartbeat, heart arrhythmia or trouble breathing.

Panax Ginseng: An herbal ingredient used to boost cognition and memory, as well as prevent muscle damage from workouts, improve physical stamina and performance, panax ginseng is also used to increase sexual desire and function in men.

Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris: A spiny plant used to treat both erectile dysfunction and male infertility, Bulgarian tribulus is frequently used among bodybuilders as a way to naturally stimulate testosterone production.

Piper Longnum: Also known as Indian long pepper, piper longnum is used to improve digestion and increase sexual desire.

Beet Juice: Beets can be used as a supplement to help increase the levels of nitric oxide in the body, which improves blood flow to the penis and other extremities, and they contain high antioxidant content, which offers a number of health benefits.

Cordyceps Sinensis: A fungus found on caterpillars in mountainous China, coryceps sinensis is used to improve the immune system and liver function, as well as male sexual health.

Eurycoma Longifolia: A tall evergreen from Malaysia, eurycoma longifolia is has been used as an aphrodisiac for centuries, as well as a natural way to improve male fertility and treat erectile dysfunction.

L-Arginine: An amino acid that works to increase the production of nitric oxide, L-arginine is useful in improving the blood flow to the penis, which provides better quality erections that last longer.

Lyceum Barbarum: A fruit better known as goji berry, lyceum barbarum is used to treat a broad range of ailments from dry mouth and dizziness to bad circulation and coughing. This ingredient is also thought to help treat erectile dysfunction in men suffering from the condition.

  • Side effects may include nausea and vomiting.

Mucuna Pruriens: A natural remedy frequently used to treat both male infertility and Parkinson’s disease, mucuna pruriens has a profound effect on the nervous system and is known to have aphrodisiac properties as well.

  • Side effects associated with mucuna pruriens may include hallucinations, confusion, headaches, nausea and vomiting, as well as insomnia, raised blood pressure and hair loss.

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Vigorus Quality of Ingredients

Based on the list we found of ingredients used to make Vigorus, it seems the formula is made from a collection herbal ingredients well known for their natural male enhancement benefits.

With ingredients like Bulgarian tribulus terrestris, eurycoma longifolia and L-arginine, as well as epimedium, it’s clear this product has some potential to produce erections and bring some improvement into the bedroom for a number of users. We don’t know the exact dosage of the formula, so there are some slight concerns that due to the long list of ingredients, there may not be enough of each item to deliver the benefits advertised.

We also need to mention that while likely safe for most users, ingredients like epimedium and mucuna pruriens do pose some risks for users that they should be aware of before adding this supplement to their daily routine.

Based listed ingredients, Vigorus likely doesn’t have the potential to increase penis size, though it may provide some relief for men suffering from sexual dysfunction.

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The Price and Quality of Vigorus

Vigorus is sold on the official website for $39.99 for a bottle containing a one-month supply. The site also features several bundling options which bring the price point down lower the more you buy. The makers of Vigorus offer a money-back guarantee, and free shipping on orders over $79.99.

Vigorus does not appear to be sold anywhere other than the official webpage, though the sellers do promise discreet shipping and secure payment.

Given the ingredients, this product is priced within the same range as similar products, but based on the information we have, it’s still unclear whether or not this is an effective solution for ED and it’s unlikely to increase penis size with use.

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Business of Vigorus

The makers of Vigorus are known as Vigorus LLC, and their contact information is listed below:

Phone: 877-853-6439

Address: 3549 North Main Street
Spanish Fork, Ut 84660

Vigorus LLC has put together a somewhat jumbled site that’s a bit hard to read, though it does contain some good information about Vigorus. We appreciated that the site showed graphics for each of the key ingredients, as well as a chart detailing what the user can expect in terms of penis growth over an extended period of time.

Unfortunately, the chart documenting penis growth with regular use is a bit misleading. It has no basis in actual science and does not cite any credible medical sources or studies conducted on this product and the effects it has had on users.

Plus, when we looked up the phone number provided on the website, it was not registered to a company known as Vigorus LLC, but under the name of another male enhancement company based out of Arizona, known as Vasoplex LLC. Vasoplex has a C- rating with the Better Business Bureau and only one registered complaint, so it’s unclear if this company is legitimate or trying to mislead consumers with competing products.

Aside from the confusion with the company phone number, there isn’t much information available about the makers of Vigorus.  This may be a good sign as there is no evidence of recalled product or that the company has engaged in scams like automatic billing without the user’s consent or failure to honor returns.

Customer Opinions of Vigorus

Because Vigorus is only available on the dedicated product website, it was a bit of a challenge to find any customer reviews from real people who had actually tried the product. The site itself is loaded with testimonials, but, naturally they appear to be biased and fail to offer any criticism of the supplement whatsoever.

Based on the lack of unbiased information about Vigorus, it’s hard to know if this product truly delivers the results promised on the website. We do know that there are some good ingredients in the formula, so it may deliver some benefits, but again, we don’t know any details about dosing, or if users experienced any side effects with use.

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Conclusion – Does Vigorus Work?

After reviewing Vigorus, we still don’t have enough information to draw any conclusions about its merit as a male enhancement product. There are almost no independent customer accounts from people who have tried the product, and based on that, it’s hard tell if a product works at all.

The Vigorus webpage itself has no major issues as far as billing and checking out. The prices are clearly on display, and while a little messy looking, customers likely won’t have any issues checking out or selecting the right package. Our main issue with the site is, it doesn’t offer much in terms of clinical information or medical endorsements that give potential consumers a sense of confidence before buying.

The fact that there’s almost no information about Vigorus or the company, Vigorus LLC leads us to believe that there are better products out there with a more widespread following of loyal consumers. Because of this, we can’t be sure if anyone has experienced any side effects from using the supplement or has found this to be a worthwhile product.

According to our extensive research, Viritenz is our top pick for male enhancement products. It’s made from natural ingredients like like maca, long jack, ginseng and more, and delivers improved function and male vitality without any side effects.

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