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What is it?

Staminon is a male sexual enhancement product used to improve sexual performance by making erections last longer and increasing stamina. This product also claims it will reduce the occurrence of involuntary ejaculation and give you some gains in strength and physicality.

Staminon doesn’t offer much information about how this product works, but it’s made from ingredients that support hormone function and stimulate sexual desire. This product is meant to be taken twice daily for best results.

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Staminon Ingredients and Side Effects

The Staminon website does actually post an official label for consumers to review before they buy. Here’s a look at the ingredients used in the supplement:

Epimedium Tongkat Ali Saw Palmetto Orchic Substance
Wild Yam Extract Nettle Root Extract Boron Sarsaparilla Extract

Epimedium: Epimedium is used for a number of conditions such as cancer, nerve pain, arthritis and to stimulate sexual desire. This ingredient is also used to provide users with more energy and increased stamina during sex.

  • Side effects may include cramps or muscle spasms, heart palpitations, restlessness, insomnia or allergic reaction. It may also cause dry mouth, vomiting, dizziness and headaches.

Tongkat Ali: A tree from Southeast Asia, tongkat ali, has been used as a natural aphrodisiac for centuries, and is thought to help treat reproductive issues like male infertility and erectile dysfunction.

Saw Palmetto: An herbal supplement used primarily to support prostate health, saw palmetto is thought to treat an enlarged prostate, and may have some effects in treating prostate cancer. It’s also thought to function as both a sedative and an aphrodisiac.

  • Side effects may include headaches, vomiting, stomach pain, diarrhea and constipation.
  • There is some evidence that saw palmetto may also cause pancreas or liver damage with repeated use.

Orchic Substance: A substance found in cattle testicles, orchic substance is thought to promote testicular function in human males and improve sperm count and quality.

Sarsaparilla Extract: Perhaps best known as a wild west beverage option, sarsaparilla is thought to help with bodybuilding, psoriasis and a number of other natural remedies. Some claim sarsaparilla can help the body produce more testosterone, as well.

  • Though generally safe, sarsaparilla may cause upset stomach.

Wild Yam Extract: Though generally used as a natural alternative to estrogen replacement therapy, wild yam is found in some male enhancement products for its use as a “natural DHEA.”

Nettle Root Extract: Used for a number of conditions, nettle root is most commonly associated with its use as a diuretic. This ingredient may also be used to support fertility by giving sperm a supportive environment.

Boron: A mineral supplement used for building strong bones and muscles, boron also supports estrogen production in both men and women.

  • In large quantities, boron may cause poisoning. Sign of poisoning may include tremors, convulsions, headaches, diarrhea and vomiting.

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Staminon Quality of Ingredients

In taking a look over the formula of Staminon, the ingredients seem fairly standard, using ingredients like saw palmetto, tongkat ali and epimedium to stimulate desire and help users achieve an erection.

Saw palmetto and epimedium do pose some risks to users that they may want to be aware of before adding this to their supplement regimen. Because, saw palmetto may cause liver or pancreas damage, it’s a good idea to talk with a doctor to make sure it’s safe.

Additionally, it’s a good idea for consumers to be aware of the effects of boron. While it’s generally safe for most users to consume in small quantities, large amounts may result in some unpleasant symptoms. We don’t know how much boron is in the formula, but it’s likely pretty minimal – it’s just worth mentioning in case users are taking other supplements containing the mineral.

Ingredients like wild yam extract may very well have an effect on hormone levels in the body, but there’s not a lot of data backing its ability to function as a natural version of DHEA.

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The Price and Quality of Staminon

Staminon appears to be available exclusively from the official Staminon website, as well as its “affiliate site,” Nowhere on either site is any information listed about how much this product costs, there’s just a form for users to fill out in order to receive one of the 250 free trials they supposedly give out daily.

Unfortunately, it seems as though they may be auto enrolling users in a monthly subscription for this product, rather than selling it in a straightforward manner. In order to find the price, one must read the Terms and Conditions on a completely separate page. The monthly charge is $123.47 and will continue until you opt out by calling or filling out a form on the webpage.

Staminon is not available from any third party platforms that would help minimize the risks of trying this product. As a result, we suggest looking for a supplement that you actually can price compare while shopping.

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Business of Staminon

The name of the company that makes Staminon goes by the same name. Here is their contact information listed below:

Phone Number: 877-744-3406


Address: 4001 Virginia Beach Blvd


Virginia Beach VA 23452

The Staminon looks relatively professional. It’s clean and easy to navigate, and features both the selling points of the product and the ingredient label right there on the homepage.

While the perceived transparency works at first glance, you’ll notice that the website doesn’t list the price on the website, instead asking users to fill out a form to “send out a package” before they receive more information.

The site has a big red button on the top right hand corner, allowing users to “quick cancel,” which suggests they’ve likely had issues with an automatic payment deal gone wrong.

The website does link to some case studies, one for tongkat ali and its use in reducing stress, as well as one about the effects of ginseng on male reproduction. Unfortunately, the tongkat ali study doesn’t address its use as a sexual aid, nor is there ginseng featured in the formula. These seem like strange links to cite, as they don’t really support the claims of this product.

The Staminon site does feature a study on epimedium and its sexual benefits, which does correspond with what this company is trying to sell.

The company website lists that the official business name behind Staminon is also Staminon, but a quick Google search reveals that this company has been producing several competing male enhancement products using the same address.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much information available about Staminon or the company that makes it.

Customer Opinions of Staminon

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Conclusion – Does Staminon Work?

Staminon is made from a lineup of ingredients that suggest it has potential to at least deliver on some of its promises, however, we simply don’t have enough information to know if it works or not.

The first major red flag we found while evaluating the Staminon website was, two out of three clinical studies outlined on the product page don’t actually fall in line with the selling points of Staminon. This product does not contain ginseng, unless it’s an undeclared ingredient, and they’ve chosen to highlight an alternate use for tongkat ali, despite multiple studies out there that focus on sexual benefits.

The second major issue, which is perhaps more troubling, is the fact that Staminon does not clearly advertise the price of the product, only a form to have a trial offer shipped to your address. Should you poke around the website, eventually there is a mention of the price in the terms and conditions, but they’ve clearly tried to hide this information from consumers.

Overall, we’d suggest looking for a solution that offers greater transparency, as well a substantial amount of reviews or data that suggests its effective for its intended uses.

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