Silagra Review (UPDATED 2017): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Silagra is a prescription erectile dysfunction medication and is a generic version of the well-known drug, Viagra. This drug is designed to be taken as needed about an hour before sex, offering effects for about four hours.

Silagra is made from the active ingredient, the PDE-5 inhibitor, sildenafil. Silagra works to bring more blood to the penis, enabling greater capacity for long-lasting erections.

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Silagra Ingredients and Side Effects

Silagra really only contains one active ingredient, sildenafil. Below, we’ve taken a look at both the benefits and side effects one can expect from this drug:


Sidenafil: This ingredient is a PDE-5 inhibitor used as the key ingredient in the prescription drug Viagra. Sildanfil is used to treat erectile dysfunction by blocking the production of a chemical in the body known as cyclic GMP. Cyclic GMP prevents blood flow from accessing the penis, and builds up as we age.

Additionally, sildenafil works to improve blood flow, which provides increased capacity for sustainable, long lasting erections.

  • Side effects may include sniffling, sinus pain, runny nose, flushing, tingling or burning skin, anxiety and insomnia.
  • Additional side effects may include joint and back pain, painful erection, numbness, swelling and dry mouth, as well as sudden loss of vision or hearing.
  • In some cases, sildenafil may cause chest pain, irregular heartbeat, shoulder pain and shortness of breath.

Additionally, sildenafil may interact with medications that contain nitrates, a common component of diabetes and heart medication.

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Silagra Quality of Ingredients

In looking at Silagra and its content, there’s no real concern with quality. Prescription drugs are subject to inspections and extensive approval processes put into place to ensure patient safety. Silagra is likely safe for men who are healthy and who do not have any heart conditions or who are taking nitrates.

Our main concern with using sildenafil as a male enhancement solution is those who use the product without a prescription. This drug is widely available from a number of third-party websites selling drugs from overseas without a prescription.

Ultimately, this could be a really great solution for men suffering from ED who don’t want to take a supplement every day. We’d just recommend talking to a doctor before trying Silagra.

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The Price and Quality of Silagra

Silagra is available from a number of third-party retailers specializing in prescription drugs without a prescription. Silagra does have a few dedicated sites, such as, which feature the drug at $1.40 per pill, but this price point is only offered to those who purchase in larger quantities.

Silagra is available at a few different price points on, which offers a variety of male enhancement solutions from Viagra to Cialis and many of the generic versions of these name brand drugs.

Out of pocket sildenafil can cost up to $60 a pill, if not covered by insurance. While Silagra is cheaper than its name brand counterpart, generic Viagra will not be available legally, with a prescription in the US until the end of 2017. Generic Viagra has been legal in Canada, India and elsewhere for a few years.

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Business of Silagra

The name of the company that makes Silagra is an Indian-based company known as Cipla. Their contact information is listed below:

Address: Peninsula Business Park,
Ganpatrao Kadam Marg,
Lower Parel, Mumbai-400013

Phone: +91 22 24826000


Silagra itself has a few websites dedicated to explaining how the drug works, the risks and benefits as well as some resources for US consumers who are looking for a lower cost alternative to Viagra.

Cipla, the maker of Silagra, is a global pharmaceutical company that has been in business for over 200 years. The company website offers plenty of contact information, and by all accounts, they seem to be a reputable company.

After looking at the company and their website, our main issue with Silagra isn’t the medication itself or the manufacturer, it’s the fact that there just isn’t a verifiably safe way for consumers to get the generic product without a prescription. The third-party sellers of this product, and many similar drugs aren’t regulated by the FDA and there is a risk of getting counterfeit drugs when one places an order.

Customer Opinions of Silagra

Customer reviews were largely positive, though there were a few minor complaints here and there. Silagra seemed to be pretty effective for a number of people, though there were some side effects like headache or dizziness associated with its use. Here’s what consumers have said about Silagra:

“These pills have worked great for curing my sexual issues. Per my doctor, I’ve started taking sildenafil pretty regularly, with great results. I get a headache here and there, but it’s not too bad.”

“I’m getting older, so I’m not expecting great sex every time, but this has helped quite a bit. While I can say I don’t need this in order to have sex, it’s been great for spicing things up from time to time.”

“This product worked OK for me, I wish it lasted a bit longer. It used to be more consistent, but now I feel like I need at least 100mg to get hard. Plus, the side effects aren’t worth it. Headaches, insomnia, etc.”

“I was surprised how well this worked. Not too many side effects, and it was great to finally be able to keep an erection long enough for my wife to reach climax. I’ll keep using this so long as its affordable.”

Most reviews we found for Silagra were positive. Some men did experience side effects, but they seemed limited to mild discomfort like headaches or slight dizziness after the drug had worn off.

It’s worth noting that sildenafil, both generic and name brand, has relatively short term effects, and will need to be taken before each period of expected intimacy.

That being said, this may very well be a good solution for men who want to improve their sex life, but aren’t looking for something they need to take each day.

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Conclusion – Does Silagra Work?

Silagra seems to be a good solution for those looking for an erectile dysfunction treatment, but who do not want to commit to a product they need to take each day. There were few reports of any dangerous side effects, and people seemed to be satisfied with their experience.

While, again it’s imperative men with erectile dysfunction or any other sexual issues visit their doctor before starting a new medication of any kind, the cost of Silagra compared to Viagra is likely very attractive to consumers, especially those who do not have ED medications covered by their insurance plan.

However, though Silagra seems like a great way to save money on a costly prescription medication, it will not be available in the United States for until the end of 2017, and even so, we still don’t know what the final out of pocket costs will look like.

The main problem with buying Silagra, is that it requires potential consumers to place their trust in illegal third-party websites that sell drugs without a prescription. Ethics aside, purchasing product through these sites could pose a risk to consumers as there isn’t any regulation within these alternative markets and users may receive fake product in the mail.

Additionally, while side effects are generally pretty mild, there’s still a major risk of taking sildenafil for men who have cardiovascular issues, or those who are taking medication containing nitrates.

Silagra seems like a good solution for erectile dysfunction as well as performance issues like anxiety, or loss of erection capability due to taking certain anti-depressants. However, in less severe cases, it may be worth it to look into an herbal solution before resorting to prescription drugs.

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