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What is it?

Phallosan Forte is a penis stretching device aimed at increasing penis size over time with regular use. The makers of Phallosan Forte also claim this product will help straighten out curved penises.

Phallosan Forte is made from hypoallergenic silicon and relies of vacuum suction to stretch the penis over time. This product comes with different sleeves offering different amounts of pressure, depending on how long you’ve been stretching.

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Phallosan Forte Side Effects

The Phallosan Forte is a device rather than a male enhancement supplement, so some of the risk of side effects have been removed. However, just because it cannot be ingested, doesn’t mean there isn’t the possibility of any adverse reactions with use.

Here’s a look at what you can expect from using this product:

Penile extenders, or penile traction device, as they are often called, are used to extend the penis by essentially pulling gently on it for an extended period of time. The Phallosan Forte and similar devices are typically worn for 6-8 hours a day. In the case of this product, the official website says the user can keep it on for up to 12 hours at a time.

The Phallosan Forte uses vacuum technology, in combination with a belt that attaches to a sleeve worn on the penis. These actions create a gentle pull, and the intensity is adjustable, so users can increase the pressure over time.

  • Side effects associated with using this device may include pain, hematoma and numbness, as well as itching, discoloration and bruising.

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Phallosan Forte Quality

We like that Phallosan Forte has created a penis extender made from allergy-free silicone sleeves, reducing the risk of any rash or skin issues that would likely make users avoid using the product.

Phallosan Forte is made with plastic attachments, rather than metal, which for the price, many users found to be a cheap move on the part of the manufacturer. That being said, there were few reports of the device breaking or losing suction, which are issues we’ve seen with similar devices.

It’s true that with any of these penis extending devices, there is a risk of injury or bruising with use, which may turn some users off. It’s also important users follow the instructions as closely as possible and scale the pressure up gradually, to avoid any painful effects.

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The Price and Quality of Phallosan Forte

Phallosan Forte is $339.00 for one device, plus $25 in shipping. They also offer spare parts, such as different types of sleeves for between $20 and $35, depending on price, and charge $12 in shipping for those.

Many consumers have mentioned that the price for Phallosan Forte is pretty steep. It does seem to cost more than some of its competitors, with similar products usually falling in the range of $150-$200 per device.

With that in mind, there were far less reports of this device breaking or causing problems with use, which we’ve seen with similar products, so perhaps there is more of an investment with quality here.

Phallosan Forte can only be purchased through the official webpage, meaning that consumers can’t get around having to pay international shipping fees when placing an order.

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Business of Phallosan Forte

The name of the company that sells and markets Phallosan Forte is known as Swiss Sana Ansalt, and they are based in Liechtenstein. They have also mentioned that this product is Texana Manufacturing Ltd., a Malta-based manufacturer.

Phone Number: 888-254-2664

Address: Kirchstr. 3

LI-9490 Vaduz



The Phallosan Forte website does contain a lot of information about the device, detailing how it works, what types of conditions it treats, and more. It seems relatively transparent, but a lot of the information could be a bit hard to understand for a first time customer.

The site features an extensive attempting to explain how Phallosan Forte works, though it doesn’t provide much substantial information regarding what the actual mechanics behind the product are. It is a penis pump that works using vacuum technology and a variety of cup sizes to deliver results, much like other penis pumps, but still, first time consumers may need to call customer service, which for US customers is only open from 4am-7am EST.

What we liked about this company, aside from any issues with communication (this page may well be translated into English), was that they made a point to dismantle any information out there suggesting herbal supplements can actually enhance penis size.

Customer Opinions of Phallosan Forte

Based on the reviews we found for Phallosan Forte, it seems a lot of people were pretty happy with the results, though there were some complaints about the quality. Here’s a look at what past customers have had to say:

“Phallosan Forte is pretty expensive, and the quality of the plastics come off as cheap. I do like the belt and the general comfort of this device. Most products just are not comfortable for the 8+ hours.”

“I’m pretty happy with the Phallosan, since I can wear it to bed without too much discomfort. I usually clip my penis to the other side of the belt should it start to feel weird.”

“I’m finding the comfort ring to become uncomfortable after about three hours. If you wear this to bed, be warned that nighttime erections can be a bit painful while the device is on.”

“I don’t like that the Phallosan clip is made from plastic. If it were metal, it would allow me to hang weights on there to enable further gains.”

It seems that a lot of people saw some results that left them quite pleased. We didn’t see many mentions of specific gains, citing actual measurements, as even on anonymous forums, some people felt uncomfortable revealing their penis size.

Because Phallosan Forte requires consumers to clip the penis into a belt, we could imagine that some consumers would be reluctant to commit to wearing this regularly for 6+ months per the recommendation on the site.

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Conclusion – Does Phallosan Forte Work?

In evaluating Phallosan Forte, it seems this product could be effective for some people, provided they are comfortable wearing a device for multiple hours a day for months at a time. But, for those concerned about size, this could be promising.

A lot of the comments from past users indicated that they were generally pleased with the results they saw, but most men that used Phallosan Forte discussed their surprise at the comfort of the device more than the actual results. While the Phallosan Forte website does mention that this product takes 3-6 months to yield the growth promised, we aren’t sure how this claim translates to real people.

Penis pumps and stretchers have been known to work to some extent, but they require a lot of patience and long term commitment. We liked that the company behind Phallosan Forte acknowledged this, and made an effort to explain this to consumers. But, the reality for consumers may be that the they find the device cumbersome, or uncomfortable — an interruption to their daily lives.

Additionally, men compelled to seek out a stretching solution may have some body image issues that need to be addressed as well. We’d advise speaking to a doctor before taking pills or using a device promising major size gains.

Penis stretchers, though potentially effective simply may not be the right solution for everyone. Men suffering from premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction may want to take a supplement or prescription drug instead. While Phallosan Forte won’t cause any digestive issues or stimulant effects like some supplements, it may cause injury to the penis should one try to do too much too soon.

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