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What is it?

Cockstar is a male enhancement supplement used to produce stronger erections and increased arousal for up to 72 hours. The makers of Cockstar have claimed this product also helps shorten post-sex recovery times, allowing for multiple sessions with each dose.

Cockstar’s formula works to bring increased blood flow to the penis, which in turn offers the user fuller erections. Cockstar is made from a blend of ingredients that work to improve erectile function, as well as those that act as aphrodisiacs — offering an all-around improvement in the bedroom.

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Cockstar Ingredients and Side Effects

Cockstar does not have an official webpage, however we were able to find a list of ingredients posted by previous users. Provided this information is up to date, here’s a quick look at what you can expect to find inside:

Tribulus Terrestris Mucuna Pruriens Maca Epimedium
Asteracantha Longifolia Eurycoma Longifolia Gingko Biloba Cnidium Monnier

Tribulus Terrestris: A spine-covered plant from the Mediterranean tribulus terrestris has been used for generations to help boost athletic performance and naturally increase testosterone levels. Tribulus terrestris is also used to treat erectile dysfunction and infertility.

Gingko Biloba: An herb used to treat a number of conditions, most notably to boost cognitive function and improve memory. Gingko biloba may also be used to improve vascularity, which could have a positive effect on erectile function.

Eurycoma Longifolia: A Malaysian evergreen tree used for centuries as a natural way to treat sexual dysfunction, eurycoma longifolia is used as an aphrodisiac as well as a treatment for male infertility.

Mucuna Pruriens: A plant that is also known as velvet bean, mucuna pruriens contains a compound known as L-DOPA, which alters the dopamine in the brain and is used to treat diseases of the nervous system like Parkinson’s disease. Mucuna pruriens is thought to also treat erectile dysfunction.

  • Side effects may include hair loss, nausea, vomiting, headaches and insomnia.
  • In rarer cases, mucuna pruriens may also cause hallucinations or confusion.

Asteracantha Longifolia: An herb used in Ayurvedic medicine, this ingredient is a known aphrodisiac, used to stimulate desire and sexual performance with use. It also has the ability to protect the liver against damage.

Epimedium: An herb most commonly known as horny goat weed, epimedium may be used to stimulate sexual arousal and performance with use.

  • Epimedium may cause users to experience thirst, upset stomach, vomiting and diarrhea.
  • Additionally, users may also experience trouble breathing, an increased heart rate or heart arrhythmia.

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Cockstar Quality of Ingredients

Based on the list we found of ingredients used to make Cockstar, it seems the manufacturers have opted to use a formula made from items used in very traditional medicine. Tribulus terrestris, eurycoma longifolia, mucuna pruriens all have been known to help with male sexual dysfunctions, and have been used as such for centuries.

Unfortunately, we don’t have enough scientific information available to know if these ingredients have any interactions with one another within the formula, or with other medications.

Mucuna pruriens does have the potential to cause some adverse effects, most notably, hallucinations, which may make some users wary of trying Cockstar.

Based on the information above, Cockstar we still don’t have enough information to know whether or not this is a worthwhile product. The novel sounding name and lack of information make it difficult to take this product seriously, but there are some good ingredients in the blend.

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The Price and Quality of Cockstar

Cockstar is sold on a number of websites, though no major US retailers carry this product. Cockstar can generally be found for somewhere around $20 for a 14 pills, which are meant to be taken prior to intercourse rather than as a daily supplement. The packaging recommends taking 1-2 per session, so one container may not last long.

Cockstar can be found on eBay, but it’s really difficult to track down. It’s not quite clear whether this product has been discontinued or if there’s a ban within the US, but it makes us wonder if this is a safe product, or one that just hasn’t been widely adopted by the market.

As far as cost compares to quality, this product is priced a bit high for the small amount of product you’ll get per packet. Pills with similar ingredients often cost considerably less.

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Business of Cockstar

There isn’t much information available regarding Cockstar or the company that makes this product, and unfortunately, we weren’t able to locate anything regarding who makes this product, or what their reputation is.

Aside from any concerns about transparency (there is none), the fact that you cannot track down the manufacturer leads us to believe there may be some health concerns associated with this product.

Because we can’t find the company who makes this, we’re unable to confirm the ingredient list, and have no idea if this product contains any undeclared ingredients or operates their business in an ethical manner.

Customer Opinions of Cockstar

Unsurprisingly, given the lack of information available for Cockstar there are very few reviews or testimonials available for this product.

There were some reports scattered throughout the internet, which has helped us get a sense of some users’ experiences, however, we’re working with a rather small sample size. Here’s a look at what people had to say after trying Cockstar:

“This product really didn’t do much for me, and since I bought it from a small unknown website, I was unable to secure a refund. Do not buy this product, you’ll never get your money back.”

“I used to buy this product from an adult bookstore, and it actually works, surprising because it was sold as a novelty item. The bookstore no longer carries this, and I’ve been unhappy with the online stores who do. It’s hard to find.”

“I used Cockstar for a few years, and it worked for a while. It seems like they changed the capsules, they used to be all blue, and they’ve since changed them, they’re blue and white now and don’t work as well.”

“Cockstar does help with erections, but it certainly doesn’t offer permanent results. The herbs are pretty good stuff, and I have seen some changes, but they are trying to make this product sound like it’s better than it is.”

Because users of Cockstar reported mixed findings, it’s not clear if this product works with any regularity at all. We were only able to locate reviews posted on forums, but at least in this setting, users seem fairly unbiased, offering up their own experiences rather than testimonials paid for by the company.

The customer opinions do seem to suggest this product has at least worked for some people, which is notable considering this product truly does have the name of a novelty item.

While, as we’ve mentioned above, this product appears to contain some good ingredients, we’d rather recommend a product we’re able to confirm the ingredient list, as well the manufacturer.

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Conclusion – Does Cockstar Work?

After looking over the contents of Cockstar, as well as the reputation of the brand, we’re not sure this is the best solution for men looking to gain an edge within their sex lives. This product is very hard to find, and does not seem to have any type of regulation in place to ensure consumer safety both financially and physically.

While the ingredients thought to be in the formula fall in line with what you can expect to find in a typical male enhancement pill, the price is a bit high for a product containing these ingredients, and the suggested dosing makes it seem more like a prescription ED medication than an herbal supplement.

Additionally, some consumers may be put off by the name of the product, as Cockstar may sound a bit vulgar to some individuals.

Aside from all the issues mentioned above, this company is so hard to find, it seems like a risky choice for consumers to choose to purchase this item.

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