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What is it?

Beyond Human Testosterone is an over the counter testosterone booster and male enhancement product. Their advertising states that Beyond Human Testosterone can help older men restore some of the vitality that they have lost and help younger men maximize their sexual potential.

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Beyond Human Testosterone Ingredients and Side Effects
Fenugreek Eurycoma Longifolia
Rhodiola Rosea Saw Palmetto Extract

Fenugreek: An herb popular in India and Eastern Europe for its sweet, syrupy flavor and its supposed medicinal benefits. There is very little clinical data about the effects of consuming fenugreek, however some of the conditions that it has been used to treat over the years include:

  • Diabetes
  • Painful menstrual periods
  • Heartburn
  • High cholesterol
  • Parkinson’s disease

There are some supplements manufacturers that claim fenugreek can raise testosterone levels or act as an aphrodisiac, however all clinical studies of the herb have disproved that. The only sexual function that fenugreek has been tied to is an increase in semen production, however even that was found in just a single non-human study.

Eurycoma Longifolia: A Malaysian shrub that, unlike fenugreek, has a well-documented connection to testosterone production. Eurycoma longifolia, also known commonly as “long jack,” has been shown in clinical trials to increase men’s testosterone levels by up to 46%.

This is significant because testosterone is the main hormone in charge of stimulating the male sexual response. Men with higher T levels have been shown to have a higher frequency of sexual thoughts, and they are more likely to act on them.

Additionally, it increases erectile frequency and the overall size and hardness of those erections. Testosterone plays a role in sperm production, and the semen of men with higher T show not just a higher sperm count but also increased mobility and longevity of the sperm themselves.

Rhodiola Rosea: An herb frequently used for improving mental functioning and reducing stress levels. This is an odd ingredient to find in a blend like this as it has shown no aptitude for increasing testosterone production or improving male sexual responsiveness in any way.

Rhodiola is an adaptogen, which means that it is useful for improving energy levels without adding to anxiety, mental, or physical stress. It’s useful for reducing feelings of depression as well, which may help men that are dealing with ED related to mental factors, however that is purely speculatory.

There is very little hard data about how rhodiola affects the body. There do not seem to be any known short term symptoms, but it is not known if there could be any long-term consequences to its usage or not.

Saw Palmetto Extract: Another ingredient that has no proven linkage to male sexual responsiveness. Saw Palmetto is a kind of tree found in North America that is known for the large, toothed leaves that lend the plant its name.

There are some supplements manufacturers that advertise saw palmetto as increasing testosterone or preventing ED, however there has never been a laboratory study that confirms these effects. Studies have shown that saw palmetto can reduce the size of a man’s prostate, however that will only be useful in a very small number of ED cases.

When the prostate becomes swollen to an extreme degree it can put pressure on the nerves of the penis and disrupt the erectile process. This is only a small amount of the total number of ED cases and in most instances of prostates growing to the point that they can cause dysfunction should be treated by a doctor instead of with over the counter herbs.

A far larger number of men have actually reported that saw palmetto caused their impotence. There is no confirmation of this in a laboratory study, however there is a fair amount of anecdotal evidence that suggests that saw palmetto may play a role in preventing erectile function.

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Beyond Human Testosterone Quality of Ingredients

Beyond Human Testosterone has an ingredients blend that relies far more on rumor and supposed effects than it does on hard data and laboratory studies of those effects.

The only ingredient that they use that our team of nutrition and wellness experts recommends for increasing testosterone function is eurycoma longifolia. Long jack has shown that it is a potent testosterone booster with links to improved erectile function, seminal quality, and libido levels.

Both saw palmetto and fenugreek have been called erectile aids or testosterone boosters before, however they have also both had clinical studies show that the rumors of these abilities are totally false. The only men that will see a sexual benefit from taking saw palmetto are those with serious prostate issues, and they should probably see a medical professional rather than self-treat.

Rhodiola rosea is a fine herb for a number of uses, however none of them happen to apply to sexual function. That means that Beyond Human Testosterone’s blend is composed of three useless ingredients to one useful one, which is not a recommended ratio.

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The Price and Quality of Beyond Human Testosterone

You cannot purchase Beyond Human Testosterone from any physical stores or even through any independent online retailers. The only place it can be found is through their own website, where they offer the following prices:

  • 1, 60-count bottle of  Beyond Human Testosterone capsules: $67.00
  • 2, 60-count bottles of  Beyond Human Testosterone capsules: $119.00
  • 4, 60-count bottles of  Beyond Human Testosterone capsules: $199.80

These prices are well outside the price range of most other products of this type, which often retail for half this much. This is especially surprising given the limited selection of ingredients in Beyond Human Testosterone.

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Business of Beyond Human Testosterone

Beyond Human Testosterone is one of the supplements produced by Innovus Pharmaceuticals. The contact info that they have posted on their website is:

Phone Number: (800) 996-5122

Address: 9171 Towne Centre Drive, Ste. 440

San Diego, CA 92122


Customers should be aware that Innovus Pharmaceuticals has an “F” rating from the Better Business Bureau and a 100% negative customer satisfaction score.

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Customer Opinions of Beyond Human Testosterone

Since Innovus controls the distribution of Beyond Human Testosterone, there is a lack of objective customer reports online. You have to go to consumer watchdog sites to find any accounts from previous customers that aren’t approved by the company, however once there you’ll find quite a few reports of people that are not happy with their experiences. Many of their reviews were similar to these:

“My girlfriend was getting mad that I couldn’t perform, thinking that I didn’t find her attractive any more. I took Beyond Human so that I could wake my little guy back up, but it did nothing and she dumped me.”

“No boner? Not sexy. Sweaty with bad stomach? Not sexy. Verdict on Beyond Human? NOT SEXY.”


The majority of the online reviews were related to it not working, however there were a variety of other complaints as well, including reports of side effects, bad experiences with customer service, and a refusal to honor their stated returns policies.

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Conclusion – Does Beyond Human Testosterone Work?

It is strange that Beyond Human Testosterone is so expensive, and yet their ingredients mix is so ineffective. There are quite a few products on the market that cost less than Beyond Human Testosterone but that have far more reliable proprietary blends.

Tongkat ali is the only additive that could reasonably be called a testosterone booster. All of their other ingredients are ineffective for testosterone production and male enhancement, especially saw palmetto, which can even cause ED in some men.

The male enhancement product that has the most reliable set of ingredients is Viritenz. Our team of researchers have compared all of the top brands of male enhancement products, and it was the one that had the most chance of working for the largest percentage of users.

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