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What is it?

Zymax is a male enhancement supplement that promises to improve the erections of its users. It’s advertising claims that it can improve the length and girth of users’ erect penises, as well as the frequency and duration of their erections and the quality of their sperm. It also promises to increase users libido and sexual fantasies, and even that it can end premature ejaculation in its clients.

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Zymax Ingredients and Side Effects
Maca Root Arginine AKG
Piper Longum Eurycoma Longifolia Jack

 Maca Root: One of the most popular and effective men’s health supplements due to its multiple benefits to sex. It is found in the Andes Mountains in Peru, where it has been used as a food product and medicine for thousands of years. Conditions that maca has been used to treat include:

  • Anemia
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Depression
  • Tuberculosis

Sexually it is thought to lead to increased libido levels, improved erection quality, and increased volume of seminal fluid. Maca has also shown to be helpful in restoring sexual function for people with depression and in people that are taking SSRI medications for depression.

Arginine AKG: A form of amino acids that are sometimes used in erectile health supplements due to their ability to increase circulation. Not to be confused with L-arginine, a similar but more effective erectile aid that is not included in Zymax’s blend.

Arginine AKG (or alpha ketoglutarate) is mostly used for improving kidney function and by athletes for increasing muscle growth and recovery. It is thought to help increase circulation, which can be beneficial for erections, however it does not have the vasodilatation effects of L-arginine.

Piper Longum: A form of pepper plant grown in India that is sometimes used medicinally. Long pepper, as it is more commonly called, has thin, dark fruit that are thought to be high in the chemical piperine, which may be useful in fighting off certain types of infections.

There is not much scientific data that supports the usage of long pepper for any health or wellness applications, however it has been included in home remedies for:

  • Headache
  • Asthma
  • Diarrhea
  • Epilepsy

It is not a part of any recognized sexual health blends and it is not associated with physical effects on the body that can be beneficial to erectile health, sperm quality, libido levels, orgasm quality, or staying power. It is unclear what effects Zymax believes that they are getting from long pepper, but regardless it is unsupported by any kind of clinical study.

Eurycoma Longifolia Jack: An herbal supplement that is frequently sold over the counter under the more provocative name “long jack.” Long jack is used for a number of purposes, however most of them are unverified. Conditions that long jack has been used to treat unofficially include:

  • Malaria
  • Ulcers
  • Diarrhea
  • Syphilis

It is rumored to help improve libido and erectile health, however these applications are totally unsubstantiated. The only application that it has for male sexual health is that it has been shown to help increase the quantity of ejaculate produced by users’ orgasms.

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Zymax Quality of Ingredients

Zymax does not publish their full ingredients panel with all of their contents and dosage amounts. This makes it difficult to analyze the overall quality of the product, or even to know if it is safe for all users.

It is unfortunate but there are far to many manufacturers of these types of products that include unlisted ingredients that can have serious negative health consequences for users. Yohimbe, horny goat weed, and other additives that can make a product seem effective initially but can lead to conditions like heart attacks and strokes are often included but not highlighted in the advertising.

Unless a product is willing to display their entire contents then there is no guarantee that they are not using low-quality ingredients. Respectable manufacturers are eager to display the contents of their products because it allows for easy comparison between products, which they are confident will make them look good.

Of the ingredients that they do list, many of them are highly questionable. The most effective ingredient by far is maca. Maca has multiple applications for sexual health and is one of the most recommended additives by our panel of experts.

Arginine AGK, eurycoma longifolia and piper longum are all somewhat effective ingredients that tend to have their benefits exaggerated. There are certainly worse additives out there, however they are usually lower-cost alternatives to more effective ingredients that the manufacturer did not want to pay for. There is little chance that they will be able to increase erection size or libido levels in any visible way.

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The Price and Quality of Zymax

Zymax is sold through their own website and through a number of independent online retailers. The last published price on their website was:

  • 1, 60-count bottle of Zymax capsules: $48.00
  • 3, 60-count bottles of Zymax capsules: $96.00
  • 5, 60-count bottles of Zymax capsules: $144.00

These prices are slightly above average for products of this nature. Given the ineffective nature of the ingredients that Zymax uses one would expect it to be less expensive. No explanation is given for why it costs more.

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Business of Zymax

Zymax is a subsidiary of Direct Health Care Inc. They manufacture other pharmaceutical and personal care products and list their contact information as:

Phone Number: (806) 793-3999

Address: 5902 66th St

Lubbock, TX 79424

Email: Direct Health Care Inc. does not have an email address that they make publically available, however there is an electronic response form on their website that customers can use instead.

Research shows that Zymax has been previously sued for including ephedrine in its ingredients mix even after the ingredient was banned by the FDA. They were forced to repay customers and remove their illegal products from the shelves.

This is more concerning in light of the fact that Zymax does not publish their full ingredients list. It is hard to trust that there are no unhealthy or illegal additives when they have been previously sued for using unhealthy illegal additives in their products.

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Customer Opinions of Zymax

Customers have had some very negative things to say about their experiences with Zymax. Many of their comments were similar to these:

“Wow; you’d think for this much money that Zymax would have to do something, but you’d be wrong.

“I don’t know how this is possible, but I think my erections have actually gotten smaller since I started taking it.”

“By far the worst male enhancement product that I’ve ever tried, and I’ve tried them all. Guess I have to keep looking.”

The top complaint was simply that Zymax did not work. There were some reports of side effects, but they were more rare.

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Conclusion – Does Zymax Work?

The best male health products work to naturally and safely improve men’s sexual performance by improving the way the body functions, not by filling it full of harmful chemicals that may do as much harm as good. They are able to improve basic biological functions like circulation, libido, and orgasms in order to enhance the sexual experience and improve users’ overall health.

Zymax, unfortunately, does not do these things. It is only really formulated to increase the quantity of sperm when users have orgasms, and all of its other benefits are mild and derived almost entirely from their use of maca.

Maca is a highly effective ingredient, however it can be found in quite a few men’s health supplements, and other brands are more willing to disclose other ingredients and dosage amounts – unlike Zymax. Our panel of experts does not recommend any product that is unwilling to disclose its contents.

It is impossible to guarantee that such a product is safe or legal for our readers to purchase and consume, and as such it would be irresponsible to advocate its use. Readers are encouraged to only consume supplements that they know the entire contents of, which does not include Zymax.

The most highly recommended product according to our panel of experts is Viritenz. Their proprietary blend of L-arginine, maca root, and tongkat ali has impressed our reviewers with their potency and success with real users.

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