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What is it?

Testo Vital is a male enhancement supplement that claims to have a number of benefits for user’s sexual health. Their advertising says that it can help increase erection frequency and rigidity, as well as their duration and effectiveness. It is also supposed to help users recover in between sessions and produce higher quantities seminal fluid that is denser in sperm count.

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Testo Vital Ingredients and Side Effects

Instead of publishing their full ingredients or posting pictures of their ingredients panel, as most respectable supplement companies do, Testo Vital instead chooses to publish only select highlighted ingredients in their mix. Amongst the ingredients that they choose to list are:

Sarsaparilla Wild Yam Extract
Tongkat Ali Polyethylene Glycol

 Sarsaparilla: A root that has been used as a food or flavoring agent and in medicines and pharmaceutical products. Sarsaparilla may be best known as a root beer-like beverage, however it is also thought to have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties and may protect against some forms of liver toxins.

Sarsaparilla is also thought to increase testosterone levels in its users, which can have a number of sexual benefits such as increased libido and frequency of erections. It has also shown some applications in treating gonorrhea, syphilis, and other sexually transmitted diseases. Sarsaparilla is safe for most users, and the only known side effect is mild stomach irritation in some rare cases.

Wild Yam Extract: Another plant, like sarsaparilla, whose roots are used for both food and medicine. Wild yams are high in the chemical diosgenin, which can increase the production of certain hormones in the body, especially estrogen.

It is far more common to see wild yam in women’s health products as the conditions that it seems to be most beneficial for treating primarily affect females, such as:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • PMS
  • Breast enlargement
  • Menopause

It may also help increase libido in both sexes, however the data for this is lacking. It is safe for most individuals, however it mimics the effects of estrogen so anyone with estrogen sensitivities is likely to be effected by wild yam products as well. People that suffer from protein S deficiency should also not use products that contain wild yam, as it can lead to conditions like blood clots and systemic lupus.

Tongkat Ali: One of the most popular ingredients for men’s enhancement supplements. Also known as eurycoma longifolia or long jack, tongkat ali is useful for increasing testosterone production in men, which can in turn help increase libido.

Tongkat ali is thought to be safe for the vast majority of users. There are no serious side effects associated with its consumption in either the short or the long term.

Polyethylene Glycol: A strange entry to find on a male enhancement supplement’s ingredients list, given that its only real known medical function is as a laxative. It is unclear how the manufactures of Testo Vital expect polyethylene glycol to help their users.

The only known function of polyethylene glycol on the body is it increases hydration of the stool, softening it and making it easier to pass. It has no effect on libido, stamina, or any of the other functions that their advertising claims it that Testo Vital does. There are some side effects that could possibly be linked to polyethylene glycol consumption including:

  • Thirst
  • Gastro-intestinal distress
  • Insomnia
  • Hives
  • Abnormal heart rhythm
  • Kidney disease
  • Seizures

Polyethylene glycol should be avoided by anyone with high blood pressure or a history of heart disease. There are also a number of prescription drugs that it can have dangerous interactions with, so be sure to consult your medical professional before you begin consuming products with propylene glycol in them.

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EDITOR’S TIP:Combine this supplement with a proven male enhancement pill such as Viritenz for better results.

Testo Vital Quality of Ingredients

Given the state on the male enhancement industry it is not possible to assume that all supplements are safe, effective, or even legal. Our team does not recommend any personal care products that do not divulge their full contents.

There are disreputable manufacturers that use ingredients like yohimbo, ephedrine, and dimethylamylamine that are banned by the FDA for the negative effects they can have on people’s bodies, and if a company will not disclose everything that is and is not in their blend then there is no guarantee that they do not appear.

Beyond that, there are some known effective ingredients in Testo Vital, and there are some highly questionable ones as well. Tongkat ali and sarsaparilla are both effective male enhancement ingredients that are not known to be linked to any serious side effects, making them popular with manufacturers, critics, and customers.

Polyethylene glycol and wild yam, however, are not known to be popular with any of those groups. Wild yam is far more effective in women’s products than men’s, and there can be a number of unsafe consequences to increasing estrogen production in men.

Polyethylene glycol is a laxative with potentially dangerous effects on the health of its users. It is not recommended as an additive in male enhancement blends, or for any purposes other than stool softening.

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The Price and Quality of Testo Vital

The pricing structure of Testo Vital is unconventional, to say the least. They are not sold through any independent outlets, nor are they even sold on a per-unit basis through their own website.

Instead, the only option that is open to potential customers interested in trying Testo Vital is to sign up for their “Free Trial Offer.” Despite what the name suggests, however, there is very little chance that the product will end up being free for any given user.

The issue is that despite what the name may suggest, what signing up for the free trial offer actually does is enroll the potential customer in a monthly renewal program that charges users $123.47 without authorization or notification. Many users are charged multiple times before even realizing what they have signed up for, at which point they are charged a cancellation fee if they try to get out of the agreement.

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Business of Testo Vital

Testo Vital is an affiliate of male enhancement manufacturer Staminon. Staminon lists their contact information as:

Phone Number: (877_ 744-3406

Address: 4001 Virginia Beach Blvd #117-114

Virginia Beach, VA 23452

Email: Customerservice@staminon.com

It should be noted that there are a number of reports about Staminon on consumer protection websites that calls the organization dishonest and their “Free Trial Offer” a scam.

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Customer Opinions of Testo Vital

The reviews of Testo Vital are not particularly positive. Many of the customer responses are similar to these:

“I thought that Testo Vital might be the answer to my problems, but if anything its just made things worse down there.

“I know this stuff can’t actually make me bigger, but I at least expected something. I can still barely do anything.”

“Total rip-off. Total scam. Does nothing. Totally useless.”

The usual complaints were that it did not improve users sex life or sex organs in any noticeable way. Many users threatened to contact the BBB or file a lawsuit against Testo Vital based on their experiences.

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Conclusion – Does Testo Vital Work?

In order for our team of male health experts to suggest a product to our readers it has to demonstrate that it is capable of providing measurable benefits to a man’s sexual health while not putting him at risk for suffering any consequences.

If a company does not tell you what is in their product, it is impossible to make this assessment. You do not know if there is anything in their blend that it detrimental to users’ long term health, and you don’t even know if the product will be effective.

The ingredients that they do disclose are not enough to make our team believe that they will be effective for any sexual health purposes, however the possibility of experiencing serious health complications because of these pills is inordinately high. For all of these reasons, it is not possible for our team to recommend Testo Vital to our users.

The product that our panel of experts most recommends is Viritenz. Their blend has demonstrated that it is not only effective at growing users erections in terms of both length and girth, but it also improves orgasm intensity. Few users experience side effects related to Viritenz, yet they’ve established a reputation for reliability as strong as any company in the business.

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