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What is it?

Testo Factor X is a testosterone boosting supplement meant to help aid libido and sexual stamina. The main benefit is aiding testosterone in order to keep men’s health stable, and to prevent the natural loss of testosterone in aging men.

It’s meant to be especially effective when used alongside a fitness plan. The marketing uses bodybuilding men with muscles exercising. A claimed benefit is that one can last longer in the gym to help build one’s strength and muscle gains. Our review experts have found that the most effective male enhancement supplement is Viritenz.  It has a comprehensive formula shown effective for aiding sexual performance. Click the link here to learn more about the benefits of Viritenz.

Testo Factor X Ingredients and Side Effects

No official ingredients label is provided anywhere, though there is mention of the ingredients. Without the supplements facts it’s impossible to verify the actual dosing, which is important to help ensure it can deliver safe and effective results.

Here are the claimed additives according to the manufacturers:

Eurycoma Tribulus Terrestris Alpha Lipoic Acid Coleus Froskohlii Horny Goat Weed

Eurycoma: Evergreen shrub that is used to increase sexual performance. It is a protected species now as it’s in danger of becoming extinct.

It affects the way the body creates testosterone. Studies have shown it is possibly effective in humans for reducing estrogen.

Examine.com has found:

“Lack of evidence for testosterone boosting”

They also add that it can aid in fertility though it’s unclear exactly how this is so.

Tribulus Terrestris: Plant extracts which is added to improve both athletic performances as well as treat sexual issues.

Traditionally used in ayurvedic medicine to help increase libido and overall sexuality while not having negative effects on testosterone.

It has been shown to be an effective and safe ingredient when added to supplements.

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Alpha Lipoic Acid: Antioxidant which is used to help prevent damage and oxidative effects. It can help reduce cell damage as well as loss of vitamins.

This is considered safe when taken by mouth in controlled doses, though in some it can lead to a rash.

Examine.com has found that while it can produce some effects, they are typically weak and only short lived. This is not enough to help provide any strong enough benefits.

Coleus Froskohlii: An incorrect way of spelling Coleus Forskohlii, an herb added to help increase blood flow and widen blood vessels.

Used to reduce body fat and raise testosterone, but it’s lacking enough evidence to prove these claimed benefits.

The manufacturers have listed the incorrect spelling of this additive, and it’s unclear why this is so.

Horny Goat Weed: Aphrodisiac and testosterone booster added to improve erections. The intended benefit is to increase blood flow to one’s sexual organs. It can potentially be unsafe and lead to side effects such as:

  • Breathing issues, dizziness, and dry mouth.
  • Thirst, vomiting, and nosebleeds.

Effects on its use have been limited, and it’s unknown if this is actually effective.

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EDITOR’S TIP:Combine this supplement with a proven male enhancement pill such as Viritenz for better results.

Testo Factor X Quality of Ingredients

Ingredients like tribulus terrastris have been shown effective, but the rest are lacking. There are additives which have shown the ability to cause side effects.

Things like horny goat weed can lead to many complications that can be dangerous, and it’s unknown if this is added in a likely safe amount.

The formula isn’t comprehensive enough to ensure male enhancement effects, and without the full ingredients list it’s impossible to judge the dosing and whether or not this is all that’s added. In this link is our expert reviewed list showcasing the most effective male enhancement supplements available.

Testo Factor X Price and Quality of Testo Factor X

Instead of adding what the total price is the company offers a trial offer. This is not a good sign of a quality product, as you should know exactly what you might pay once a trial offer is over.

There are also issues with this kind of practice, as there are companies who claim to offer free trials which quickly turn into auto shipment chargers each month if one does not cancel within the dedicated timeframe.

This makes it impossible to determine if this is priced fairly for the kinds of ingredients added. Without determining price it’s impossible to figure out if one is paying a fair price.

This raises the question on whether or not one should even invest time into this formula, as there are important details which are yet to be determined. Our review experts have found the top 10 most effective supplements for male enhancement; click here to see which made the list.

Business of Testo Factor X

No contact information is cited anywhere. It’s also unknown what the company name is, which makes it impossible to research if they are truly a legitimate group.

One person did end up complaining about their claimed free trial by stating:

“saw $148 per bottle on my bank account… wanted to return it but there’s a 35% restocking fee”

Judging from this sole review it’s clear that they do not offer only single bottle purchases. They also lock people into monthly contracts with an expensive restocking fee for any returns.

You’re unable to sample the product first, you have to pay a high price.

Though there is only one sole review, this was extremely negative and highlighted an unfair business practice.

Customer Opinions of Testo Factor X

Few customer opinions are found online, here are some select reviews:

“does not work as intended”

“did not see any results”

Overall it’s extremely negative and there isn’t any positive review from users found online.

Though there wasn’t much available to choose from, the few available opinions are negative and highlighted the lack of benefits. Provided here is our expert crafted list showcasing the best male enhancement supplements.

Conclusion – Does Testo Factor X Work?

It’s impossible to determine if this is effective from the few details available. We do know that customer reviews are negative but limited, and that the formula is claimed to be something but there is no supplements facts list to prove this. There have been noted issues with the claimed free trial, which is always a questionable offering. It’s clear from the available information that some have felt scammed by this, and there’s no way to learn more about what the actual terms and conditions are.

Our review experts have looked at many male enhancement supplements and found Viritenz was the best overall. It contains clinically studied ingredients shown to help improve erections, virility, sexual performance, and lasting performances in the bedroom.

Users have also left positive reviews adding how they noticed great effects from its all-natural formula. This contains potent extracts that are free from any artificial or potentially harmful ingredients. This makes it a wholesome formula for male enhancement.

Viritenz also has a GMP certification to ensure routine quality control inspections, and proper dosing strength. Learn about the effects of Viritenz by clicking on the link here.

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