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What is it?

Stamina Fuel is a male sexuality and athletic performance enhancement supplement. It is designed to help men have the energy levels that they need for both intense workouts and mutually satisfying sex sessions. Its advertising also claims that it strengthens erections, reduces premature ejaculation, and enhances the intensity of orgasms for both the user and their partner.

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Stamina Fuel Ingredients and Side Effects


L-Arginine Epimedium Herb Powder
Saw Palmetto Berry Powder Ginkgo Leaf Powder

L-Arginine: One of the most effective male enhancement products on the market today. L-Arginine is a protein complex composed of several different amino acid chains that has a positive effect on male sexuality in a variety of ways.

L-Arginine is most known for the effect that it can have on men’s erections. It is a circulatory drug and blood pressure aid that allows more blood to pass through the body in a shorter period of time. This makes it much easier to divert the amount of blood needed to attain rigidity and maintain it throughout the sex act.

It is also an insulin booster, which can also improve erectile responsiveness, and L-Arginine helps release Human Growth Hormone, which is a precursor to testosterone. Testosterone is the hormone most directly tied to sexual responsiveness and can have a number of benefits for male sexual functionality.

Epimedium Herb Powder: A common, though less-respected, erectile aid found in lower-grade male enhancement products. Epimedium is generally sold under the name horny goat weed, where it functions as a stimulant that also boosts circulatory rates.

As mentioned above, circulation is a key to erectile effectiveness, so epimedium’s ability to accelerate heart rate and increase blood flow can also have a positive impact on men’s erectile density levels. It is also not considered a clean stimulant, and there are quite a few health issues that are potentially related to epimedium usage. Reports have mentioned the possibility of epimedium causing:

  • Heart arrhythmia
  • Dry mouth and thirst
  • Dizziness and lightheadedness
  • Nosebleeds
  • Uncontrollable flailing
  • Respiratory difficulty

Saw Palmetto Berry Powder: A tree found in Florida and the Southeastern US that is known for its large fan-shaped leaves and their sharp, toothy stems that give the plant its name. Saw palmetto is known primarily in medical circles as a drug used for shrinking the prostate, however it is not typically found in male enhancement products due to concerns that saw palmetto consumption could lead to impotency in some men.

The only men that may see a sexual benefit from saw palmetto are men that are experiencing sexual dysfunction due to enlargement of the prostate. Swollen prostates can sometimes impair the erectile process, however this accounts for only a small percentage of the men affected by ED.

Saw palmetto has been linked in some studies to causing erectile dysfunction. Those studies are debated and this claim may or may not be accurate, however it is not an encouraging study for the prospects of saw palmetto being effective as a sexuality aid. Other side effects that may potentially be related to saw palmetto include:

  • Slowed clotting
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Pancreas damage
  • Liver damage

Ginkgo Leaf Powder: One of the very first herbs taken by humans for health and wellness. Ginkgo biloba usage can be traced back as far as 2600 BCE, where it was used by the ancient Chinese as a cure for bronchitis and asthma. Since then ginkgo usage has spread across the globe as it has been shown to be useful in the treatment of:

  • Anxiety
  • Dementia
  • Vision problems
  • Premenstrual syndrome
  • Schizophrenia
  • Vertigo and dizziness

Ginkgo is best known as a stimulant and mental functioning aid that can improve mood and memory. Because of this some manufacturers have claimed that it is helpful for increasing sexual thoughts and circulatory rates, however there is no scientific data that corroborates that assumption.

There are some concerns about the side effects that ginkgo might cause, especially when taken on a regular basis or in large quantities. Some of the possible issues users may experience could include:

  • Upset stomach
  • Constipation
  • Bleeding and bruising risk
  • Bleeding from the eyes
  • Seizure
  • Heart attack
  • Death

There are also concerns that excessive ginkgo consumption can lead to increased risk of contracting liver or thyroid cancer. There are quite a few other possible complications and side effects that are related to ginkgo consumption and users are encouraged to seek medical advice before beginning daily ginkgo usage.

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EDITOR’S TIP:Combine this supplement with a proven male enhancement pill such as Viritenz for better results.

Stamina Fuel Quality of Ingredients

Stamina Fuel has some incredibly useful ingredients in its blend. L-Arginine in particular is known as one of the most potent and effective male enhancement aids that are available without a doctor’s prescription.

Its blend also has in it some of the ingredients that our team of experts are constantly having to warn users against. Additives like horny goat weed and ginkgo biloba are still found all too frequently in low quality male enhancement products that do not care about the long-term wellness of their customers but just want to get quick results.

Saw palmetto is not an ingredient that belongs in any product that is attempting to sell itself as an aphrodisiac. The amount of people that it could work for is very small, and there are even some concerns that it could be counter-productive in some consumers. Additionally, the other side effects of saw palmetto and the other ingredients in Stamina Fuel are potentially serious and even fatal in some cases.

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The Price and Quality of Stamina Fuel

If users are interested in purchasing Stamina Fuel, there are a number of options online for how to do so. Their price is relatively consistent across platforms, generally retailing for:

  • 1, 90-count bottle of Stamina Fuel capsules: $26.99

Stamina Fuel is a relatively cheap option compared to other male enhancement products. Readers should note, however, that its directions are indicated for three pills every day, which means that this is only a 30-day supply.

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Business of Stamina Fuel

Stamina Fuel is both the name of the product and the company that makes it. They list their contact information as:

Phone Number: (786) 505-7136

Address: 8724 Sunset Dr., Warehouse 176

Miami, FL 33173


Readers should be aware that Stamina Fuel has received over 28 formal complaints over the last three years alone. They have a 100% negative rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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Customer Opinions of Stamina Fuel

The fact that Stamina Fuel is available from so many third-party reviewers means that there are plenty of objective reports from previous customers about its effectiveness. The bad news for Stamina Fuel is that hundreds of these reviews are highly critical of the product saying:

“I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy, because even they deserve to have penises that work.”

“Never gave me a boner, but it did give me a wicked burning feeling every time I peed.”


In addition to the frequency of the negative reviews, many customers reported that they felt the positive reviews on Amazon and other sites were fakes.

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Conclusion – Does Stamina Fuel Work?

Stamina Fuel could be a potentially useful product for increasing energy and stamina for exercise if it were not for all of the potential side effects that users need to be concerned about. Due to the lack of sexually potent ingredients, however, it does not profile as an effective male enhancement product, and the fact that it is so potentially dangerous should just further encourage users to stay away.

Our team does not recommend any product that contains epimedium or ginkgo blioba because of side effects concerns, especially in the long term. They also do not recommend any male enhancement product that contains saw palmetto because of its history of possibly causing impotence in men.

Stamina Fuel’s blend lacks effectiveness and cannot guarantee its users’ safety. As such our team cannot recommend this product to our readers.

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