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What is it?

MuscleTech Test HD is a testosterone-boosting supplement that aims to improve libido, energy and more in men with low T levels. MuscleTech Test HD claims to work within 7 days, using only herbal ingredients.

MuscleTech Test HD works to support free testosterone levels in the body, leading to more energy and sexual potency. The manufacturer of MuscleTech Test HD claim this natural blend of ingredients includes a clinical dose of shilajit extract, which in combination with other ingredients like tribulus terrestris and velvet bean, work to increase testosterone levels.

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MuscleTech Test HD Ingredients and Side Effects

The official label of MuscleTech Test HD, features a lengthy formulation of herbal ingredients. Below is a look at the key ingredients and their side effects.

Tribulus Terrestris Boron Citrate Broccoli Powder Zinc
Shilajit Extract Velvet Bean Extract Stinging Nettle Extract Calcium

Tribulus terrestris: A plant used frequently in Ayurvedic medicine, tribulus terrestris is a natural remedy for men suffering from low libido. The herbal ingredient is thought to help bpost levels of testosterone with use and supports organ function throughout the body.

Shilajit extract: A naturally occurring tar-like substance, shilajit extract is thought to support fertility and testosterone levels, as well as benefit the heart, memory and cognitive function. Additionally, this substance is loaded with anti-oxidants, which may help slow the aging process.

Boron citrate: A mineral present in a number of foods, boron is used to help increase muscle mass, testosterone levels and improve muscle coordination.

  • In large quantities, boron may cause poisoning. Symptoms include tremors, convulsions, headaches weakness and irritability.

Broccoli powder: Full of beta carotene, broccoli powder is thought to help prevent cancer, as well as support, liver, prostate and kidney health.

Stinging nettle extract: An herbal remedy for a number of urination issues such as kidney stones, urinary tract inflammation and more, stinging nettle extract is thought to support testosterone levels in the body.

Zinc: An essential trace mineral used primarily for its immune-boosting ability zinc is thought to help support existing testosterone in the body.

Calcium: Essential for healthy bones and teeth, calcium is a mineral used to prevent osteoporosis, and keep the cardiovascular and nervous systems running smoothly.

Velvet Bean: A bean-like plant with a velvety exterior, velvet bean is also known as L-dopa or mucuna pruriens and is linked to part of the brain that produces dopamine. Additionally, velvet bean is used to support reproductive health, treat patients with Parkinson’s as well as those with anxiety or depression.

  • Side effects may include confusion, psychosis, and vivid dreams, as well as nausea, vomiting, anxiety and insomnia.
  • In some cases, velvet bean may cause hair loss.

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MuscleTech Test HD Quality of Ingredients

The formula contains some interesting ingredients, particularly shilajit extract which shows some potential to be a powerful ingredient with a range of benefits.

Tribulus terrestris is beneficial for naturally treating erectile dysfunction, and zinc, calcium and broccoli powder are good nutrients that should be a part of any healthy diet. However, ingredients like velvet bean may be dangerous for many consumers, as this ingredient may cause nausea, vomiting, or more serious issues like confusion, hair loss, as well as some more troubling side effects like unpredictable emotions and breathing issues.

While the amount of boron included in the formula is likely much lower than the amount needed to induce poisoning, users may want to exercise caution with use.

Additionally, this product markets itself as a testosterone booster, yet does not contain any ingredients commonly associated with increasing the male hormone in the body.

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The Price and Quality of MuscleTech Test HD

MuscleTech Test HD is not available through the product’s official webpage, as the company, MuscleTech is a distributor that does not sell direct to consumers. However, this product can be found in a number of stores, both online and in person, such as Amazon, GNC, The Vitamin Shoppe, and more.

The prices ranges from $20.99 on Amazon (lowest price) for a bottle of 90 capsules to $69.99 on the Vitamin Shoppe webpage. The Vitamin Shoppe does offer this product at a lower price if you purchase another supplement. The 90-capsule bottle lasts for 45 days if taken as directed.

Again, while we appreciate the manufacturers have opted to keep the ingredient list short, there is little evidence pointing toward whether or not this is an effective product. Velvet bean has a long list of negative side effects, despite its widespread use in a number of male enhancement products. At this point, we simply don’t have enough information to fairly assess whether MuscleTech Test HD is an effective solution for boosting testosterone.

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Business of MuscleTech Test HD

The name of the company that sells MuscleTech Test HD is known as MuscleTech, and their information is as follows:

Phone Number: 806-749-7867

Address: 2422 Broadway St.
Lubbock, TX 79401

The MuscleTech website looks clean, modern and is easy to navigate.  MuscleTech Test HD is currently not available through the website, but it can be purchased elsewhere online, through GNC, Amazon and more.

MuscleTech is pretty transparent as compared to many of its competitors. They have a social media presence across multiple channel, though they don’t list any contact information on their site aside from their social accounts.

MucleTech also has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and no registered complaints.

Overall, it seems like the makers of MuscleTech Test HD are following a sound set of business practices, as nothing comes up as far as any negative interactions with the company are concerned. This may be in part because the company seems to function as a distributor to third-party retailers, rather than dealing directly with customer-facing business.

Customer Opinions of MuscleTech Test HD

Customer reviews of MuscleTech Test HD have varied a great deal, and while it seems some people feel this product lives up to its promises, others have not had quite as positive an experience. Here’s a look at what users have had to say:

“Started taking this to build muscle mass and I noticed some gains after about a month, but stopped taking and am still seeing improved results from working out. Not sure if it was the product or not.”

“Doctor visits for dizziness and passing out before I identified the problem. When I discontinued use I was fine. It’s too late to return the product for a refund, so I will just trash one and a half bottle.”

“This is the worst test booster I’ve tried. Even after doubling the suggested dosage, I saw no change. This is cheaper than similar products and it is because it just doesn’t work.”

“After taking Test HD for several months, I’ve noticed my appetite has increased, and I feel more energized, as well as slightly aggressive. It definitely works better on an empty stomach.”

Reviews for MuscleTech Test HD were mixed and represented a range of experiences. Based on the above information, it’s hard to determine whether or not this product is a good test booster.

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Conclusion – Does MuscleTech Test HD Work?

What we liked about MuscleTech Test HD is, that this product is made by a well-known distributor, who has been in business for over 20 years, and that the product is made from a blend of all-natural ingredients. That being said, we don’t like that this product contains velvet bean, which has been linked to some troubling side effects with use.

MuscleTech Test HD does seem to be an effective product for many men out there, who have seen their sex drive improve significantly or experienced long lasting energy both in and out of the gym. However, this product has not been consistent in its results, and some people have felt dizzy or nauseous after using.

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that just because this product is readily available, doesn’t mean that it’s the best product of its kind.

After looking over several sexual enhancement products, our review experts have discovered that Viritenz is the best option out there. The formula is made from a blend of herbs like tongkat ali, tribulus terrestris and ginseng, all proven effective and safe for treating erectile dysfunction, low testosterone and more.

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