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What is it?

Libimax Plus is an herbal male enhancement product that works to promote heightened blood flow in the body, leading to harder, more frequent erections. The makers of Libimax Plus say this product helps improve stamina and overall sexual wellbeing.

Libimax Plus is made from a combination of B vitamins and L-arginine which work as vasodilators, opening up the blood vessels and increasing the capacity for erections. Libimax Plus also contains a mixture of herbs aimed at improving desire and performance.

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Libimax Plus Ingredients and Side Effects

The official webpage includes a list of ingredients included in Libimax Plus. Provided this information is up to date, here’s a look at what’s inside Libimax Plus:

L-Arginine Cordyceps Sinensis Dong Quai Milkvetch Korean Ginseng
Asparagus Schizandra Fruit Chinese Dodder Seed Cherokee Rose

L-Arginine: An amino acid used to help boost the flow of nitric oxide to the extremities. L-arginine works to broaden the blood vessels, allowing more blood into the penis, and improving the ability to produce erections.

Cordyceps Sinensis: A caterpillar fungus found in China, cordyceps is used to treat a number of ailments like bronchitis, anemia and sexual health issues.

  • While safe for most users, cordyceps may cause the immune system to become more active, worsening symptoms in those with autoimmune diseases like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis or multiple sclerosis.

Korean Ginseng: An herb used in traditional medicine, Korean ginseng is thought to improve cognitive function, memory and stress levels. Korean ginseng may also be used to improve erectile function.

Dong Quai: An herb used to premature ejaculation through application to the penis’ skin.

Chinese Dodder Seed: An herb used to treat disorders of the urinary tract or the spleen, dodder seed may be used as a laxative. It is unknown whether or not this ingredient has any sexual benefits.

Schizandra Fruit: An herbal ingredient from China, schizandra fruit is used as an adaptogen, meaning it helps the body build up a resistance to disease and boosts physical performance and stamina. It may also help with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

  • Side effects may include heartburn, upset stomach, rash, itching or changes in appetite.

Asparagus: Though typically consumed in vegetable form, asparagus is also used to promote urinary health, as well as preventing kidney stones.

Cherokee Rose:  A shrub used to treat male sexual issues like semen leakage and sexual function.

  • Side effects may include nausea, vomiting, insomnia and stomach cramps.

Milkvetch: Also known as astragalus, milkvetch is often used as a tonic to fight bacterial infections and viruses, as well as improve blood flow in the body.

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Libimax Plus Quality of Ingredients

The formula for Libimax Plus doesn’t list any ingredients known to be dangerous for consumption, though it’s unclear how accurate this information is, as the website contains some conflicting information about how the product is packaged, as well as how the product works.

While ingredients like cordyceps, schizandra fruit and Cherokee rose have some mild side effects, they should be reasonably safe for most healthy people to consume.

However, the fact that there is no credible data backing up the efficacy of this product makes it hard to know whether or not this is a good product from a good company.

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The Price and Quality of Libimax Plus

Libimax Plus is available through the official website for $2.26 a pill, though the minimum order is 24 pills, so you’ll be spending $54.24 before shipping. The website recommends taking this once every five days as a dietary supplement, so the idea is that this product should last for at least a few months.

Because the website doesn’t feature any definitive information on how this product works, or how the formula delivers results that last for days at a time, we’re not sure if this is a good product or not.

Additionally, it’s hard to evaluate the quality of the ingredients when the previous version of this product was subject to an FDA recall back in 2009 (see below). There is no information regarding a change in formula, and it seems the product is now somewhat challenging to find in the United States.

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Business of Libimax Plus

The company that makes Libimax Plus, is a China-based company known as LibiMaxMan, and their contact information is as follows.

Phone Number: (86)18610029207

There isn’t much information available for LibiMaxMan, as the company is based in China and doesn’t have much of an online presence. The official page for Libimax Plus features a variety of, what the site refers to as “erectile dysfunction cures,” which are other, similar male enhancement products.

Unfortunately, the site doesn’t feature much information about Libimax Plus or any of the other products, there’s no scientific information available whatsoever, and the site is selling products that expired over a year ago.

Customer Opinions of Libimax Plus

Unfortunately, there are almost no reviews available for Libimax Plus. It’s unclear if this product has been discontinued, and there are very few accounts of people who have tried this product. Here’s a couple of the customer opinions we were able to find, though we’re working with a limited sample size.

“Within 24 hours of taking this product, I became dizzy and had a terrible headache. I did feel like I was able to get an erection a bit more easily, however, the negative effects made me not really want to have sex.”

“This product didn’t do anything for me. I’m not an expert, but taking one pill every five days does not seem like the best way to get results.”

“This is way too expensive, and made me feel dizzy and stuffed up after each time I took a pill. Couldn’t tell if it worked at all, but I’m not going to keep taking this.”

The few reviews we were able to locate reflected a sense of disappointment with use, and some evidence that the formula made contain something causing consumers to feel sick after taking.

While we can’t be sure whether or not this is a safe and effective product, it’s worth noting that it’s only available from a handful of sites like the LibiMaxMan webpage, as well as from other questionable websites like that sell a number of similar products, many of which have been recalled or banned in the United States.

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Conclusion – Does Libimax Plus Work?

Based on the information outlined above, Libimax Plus we simply don’t have enough information available to determine whether or not this product is a worthwhile male enhancement supplement.

Upon looking at the official website, there were a few red flags that come up. The fact that this site sells expired products, as well as products that have been recalled for containing undeclared ingredient makes it clear that consumer safety is not top of mind for LibiMaxMan.

While we weren’t able to find much information about Libimax Plus, it’s worth noting that the previous version of this product, Libimax was recalled back in 2009 for containing tadalafil, a prescription erectile dysfunction drug.

In looking at the listed ingredients, per the website, Libimax Plus does not contain any ingredients that are known to produce dangerous side effects in users. However, we can’t be sure of the accuracy of the list, nor whether there are any undeclared ingredients included in the blend.

Additionally, we found it a bit odd that the makers of this product recommend taking one pill every five days. There are virtually no other products that follow these dosing guidelines, and it seems unlikely one pill could pack so much potency. This small detail leads us to believe there is no science backing this formulation.

Overall, we recommend looking toward a more reputable brand with more documented reviews and an official website where you can find information about what kind of product you’re getting, or simply asking a doctor for assistance.

After looking at a broad range of male enhancement supplements, our review experts have discovered that Viritenz is the most effective product on today’s market. The supplement is made using a blend of all-natural ingredients like tribulus terrestris, ginseng and L-arginine, all proven both safe and effective for improving sexual function.

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