Extenze Liquid Review (UPDATED 2017): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Extenze Liquid is a male enhancement shot that is designed to give the user energy and sexual potency for several hours after ingestion. Its advertising says that it can improve libido levels and seminal output while also helping to prevent premature ejaculation. It also claims that it can even increase the length and girth of the user’s penis, leading to increased sexual satisfaction in their partner.

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Extenze Liquid Ingredients and Side Effects
L-Arginine Maca Root
Horny Goat Weed Yohimbe

 L-Arginine: A form of amino acid that has been linked to improved erectile effectiveness. L-Arginine converts to nitric oxide in the blood stream, which dilates the veins of the body, increasing the ease and quantity of blood flow in the body.

Blood flow is a key part of erectile health because the filling of the corpora cavernosa, the spongy tissues of the penis, is what makes it attain rigidity. If blood pressure is too low or too high it can be difficult for the body to regulate the quantity of blood that gets to the penis. Too little blood, too much pressure, or inability to control blood flow can lead to erectile dysfunction in men.

L-Arginine makes it easier and faster to move large quantities of blood within the body. This leads to increased blood flow into the erectile tissue, which leads to larger, harder erections that can be more easily maintained for the duration of the sex act.

Maca Root: In the Andes mountain of Peru the native people have been using the root of this specific plant to help treat a number of ailments, male infertility and erectile dysfunction among them. It is closely related to the radish and is used in food, beverages, and to help treat:

  • Anemia
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Hormone irregularities
  • Osteoporosis
  • Depression

As an aphrodisiac, maca has shown to have a number of helpful functions. It increases the frequency of sexual thoughts and fantasies in both men and women, raising libido and desire levels throughout the day. It is a mild stimulant that also improves circulation, so there are erectile benefits to maca as well.

It also has been shown to help treat male infertility by improving seminal quality. Both the quantity of fluid produced and the density of the sperm within the fluid are increased, and they show improved movement and mobility as well.

Maca is also useful for improving depression-related ED, as well as sexual dysfunction related to depression medication such as Lexapro and other SSRI’s. All of these reasons combined make maca one of the most effective natural erectile aids and one of the most popular ingredients in over the counter male enhancement products.

Horny Goat Weed: An herb that is thought to help improve erection quality. There are some reports and advertisements that claim that horny goat weed has other benefits, however all functions beyond harder erections are not supported scientifically.

Horny goat weed, also known as epimedium or ying yang huo, is a Chinese herb that improves circulation and is also high in phytoestrogens, which may lead to an increase of the female hormone estrogen. Some conditions that it is used in home remedies to help treat include:

  • Osteoporosis
  • Fatigue
  • Memory loss
  • Liver disease

There is no clinical data that supports its use for treating these conditions. There is also no scientific data that supports its sexual benefits, however the anecdotal evidence is significant.

There have been reports of quite a few side effects related to horny goat weed. These may include:

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Involuntary spastic movement
  • Heart arrhythmia

Horny goat weed is not safe for children or women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. It’s also dangerous for anyone on blood thinners or heart medications. Prospective users should consult a medical professional before consuming horny goat weed.

Yohimbe: A kind of tree found in Eastern and Central Africa known for the chemical compounds in its bark. Yohimbe is a stimulant and circulatory aid, but it is also one of the more dangerous of the supplements that are commonly found in male enhancement products.

Yohimbe is a mental functioning stimulant, which some say increases the frequency of sexual thoughts. It has also been shown to help erectile dysfunction in certain specific cases, however there is no clinical data available about its effectiveness for either function.

There is more clinical data about all of the negative effects that can potentially be attributed to yohimbe consumption including:

  • Heart arrhythmia
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Paralysis
  • Kidney failure
  • Seizure
  • Heart attack
  • Death

Multiple different users of yohimbe and yohimbe-derived products over the last few years. It is very dangerous for anyone with a history of heart troubles or blood pressure issues. It is also dangerous for anyone with schizophrenia, PTSD, or anxiety, as it can increase the likelihood of experiencing psychotic reactions.

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EDITOR’S TIP:Combine this supplement with a proven male enhancement pill such as Viritenz for better results.

Extenze Liquid Quality of Ingredients

Extenze Liquid has two of our panel of experts’ most highly recommended ingredients, and it also has two of their least recommended ingredients.

L-Arginine and maca root have both been scientifically proven to benefit male sexual health. L-Arginine has shown a very direct relationship with the size and strength of users’ erections, and maca has also been linked to erectile health, as well as libido, seminal quality, and stamina.

Horny goat weed and yohimbe have their positive effects exaggerated by manufacturers, wo also conveniently ignore the many negative side effects that former users have experienced. Our panel does not recommend any produce that contains them as they are too dangerous and not effective enough to justify the risk.

It should also be noted that one of the major claims of Extenze Liquid is that it can increase penis size. This is not an effect that is possible with herbal supplements. Erection size can be effected by products of this nature, but that is a temporary effect of improved blood flow, not a permanent increase in raw size.

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The Price and Quality of Extenze Liquid

Extenze Liquid is a one-time use shot that is designed to provide immediate benefits and is too expensive to be used as a daily supplement by the vast majority of consumers. It is sold over the counter in stores and online for prices that tend to be in this range:

  • 2, 2 oz., bottles of Extenze Liquid male enhancer: $5.98-$8.49

This is a much lower price than many other one-time use products, however for users that intend on being regularly sexually active it is neither healthy nor cost-effective to use Extenze Liquid in the place of a daily male health supplement.

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Business of Extenze Liquid

Extenze Liquid is a product of Leading Edge Herbals. They list their contact information as:

Phone Number: (866) 621-6886

Address: 149 Old Gray Station Road

Gray, TN 37615

Email: yourprivacyrights@leminternet.com

It should be noted that Liquid Edge Herbals has a 100% negative customer feedback rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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Customer Opinions of Extenze Liquid

There are some disturbing reports from users regarding Extenze Liquid. It is normal that any given product will not be effective for some users, however there were quite a few reports similar to these:

“I tried it and it had the opposite effect – I was limper than a noodle. I couldn’t get it back up until the effects wore off.”

“Mt boyfriend took this and he couldn’t get hard for three days. Talk about being sexually frustrated – I should sue Extenze for emotional trauma.”

The frequency of users who reported that Extenze Liquid actually contributed to impotence was shockingly high for a product of this nature.

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Conclusion – Does Extenze Liquid Work?

Our panel of nutrition and wellness experts strive to recommend products that can help make their users’ sex life better by making their natural bodily functions work better. Extenze Liquid, however, is a short-term fix that does nothing for the long-term prospects of the user’s ability to perform.

It uses two products that can be highly dangerous and have even been fatal in some cases, and despite this there are reports that it has had the opposite of its intended effect and had even contributed to users’ impotence. There is no reason to believe that it can increase the size of a man’s penis.

Our team recommends Viritenz as the most effective option for users that are looking for male enhancement. Its daily formula allows its users to be responsive to the moment instead of having to take a shot or pill if they think the time will be arriving soon.

This allows the user to be confident and relaxed, without worrying about when to take the product or if it will or will not work. Click here to see why Viritenz is so much more effective than other men’s sexual enhancement products.

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