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What is it?

Delay Pills are a male enhancement supplement that is designed to improve users sex lives, particularly those that have trouble controlling their orgasms. Delay Pills are supposed to help users that have a history of premature ejaculation last longer and have more say in when their orgasms happen. Its ads also say that it is useful for increasing erectile size and strength, male sex drive, and for increasing fertility.

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Delay Pills Ingredients and Side Effects
Tribulus Terrestris Mucuna Pruriens
Cnidium Monnieri Passiflora Incarnata

Tribulus Terrestris: A common plant that is grown in India, the Mediterranean, and parts of North America that is distinctive for its bright yellow flowers and its sharp-spined seed pods. These pods have led to many of the more common names for the plant such as “puncture vine” or “tackweed.”

Puncture vine is occasionally used for treating some conditions such as angina or kidney trouble, however it is most commonly seen today as part of male enhancement supplement blends. This is because while tribulus does not actually increase the amount of testosterone in the body, it can help it use its testosterone more efficiently.

Tribulus terrestris has been shown in studies to increase the sensitivity of the androgen receptors in the brain, making it more responsive to lower amounts of testosterone. This can mean an increase in sexual thoughts and desire levels, as well as having benefits for erection and semen quality, stamina, muscle development, and other sexually beneficial effects.

Mucuna Pruriens: A tropical plant with bean-like fruit that is sometimes used to make medicine. Mucuna pruriens is not typically associated with male enhancement blends, although it may help increase dopamine receptors in the brain, which could make sex more pleasurable for some.

Mucuna pruriens lacks any kind of clinical pedigree, however none of the conditions that it is used for in even unverified home remedies are related to male sexual function or response. These conditions include:

  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Worm infestations
  • Muscle pain
  • Bone and joint conditions

There is some thought that topically applied mucuna pruriens could stimulate blood flow, however it has also been called unsafe by medical professionals because it is known to sometimes cause burning and swelling when it contacts the skin. Other side effects associated with its oral use include:

  • Headache
  • Pounding heartbeat
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Abnormal body movement
  • Hallucination and delusion
  • Psychotic breakdown

Cnidium Monnieri: A Chinese herb that is now also now also grown in parts of the Northwestern United States. Cnidium is frequently used in many Chinese personal products such as lotions and soaps, as well as an ointment to treat fungal infections.

Cnidium is sometimes taken to prevent erectile dysfunction, however there is no clinical data that supports this usage, nor is there any scientific explanation for its effects offered by its proponents. It is also not known if cnidium is safe for all users, or what potential side effects could result from its consumption.

Passiflora Incarnata: A Peruvian plant with large purple flowers that is often used as a sedative. Named “passionflower” by Spanish explorers that discovered it flower in the 1500’s, it has been used for centuries in home remedies for:

  • Anxiety
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Nervous stomach
  • High blood pressure
  • Seizures

There is little indication that passionflower can be useful for male sexual function. It is possible that it could help prevent anxiety-related ED or premature ejaculation because of its relaxing qualities, however this usage is purely speculatory.

There are some side effects that may possibly be related to passionflower consumption, including:

  • Dizziness
  • Confusion
  • Loss of muscle control
  • Altered consciousness
  • Abnormal heart rhythm

There are also concerns about passionflower’s effect on the central nervous system, especially when taken over a prolonged period of time. There are worries that, amongst other effects, taking passionflower can increase the effects of anesthesia and other chemicals, potentially to dangerous degrees.

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Delay Pills Quality of Ingredients

Delay Pills use an herbal blend that is highly unconventional for typical male enhancement products. Other than tribulus terrestris, there is very little chance that anything in this blend will be effective for most of the uses that a man might seek out a sexual enhancement product.

It does not improve erections, seminal quality, libido levels, or stamina. It may potentially help improve users’ ability to avoid ejaculating prematurely, and it is also possible that it could positively impact anxiety-based forms of erectile dysfunction.

It is ultimately impossible to say what the cumulative effect of all of Delay Pills’ ingredients is because we do not know everything that goes into their blend. They do not publish a complete ingredients list or any dosage information of any kind, instead only choosing to highlight a select few of the additives in their blend.

The problem with this is that it becomes impossible to tell if a product will be safe for a user that has specific concerns, such as allergy issues, issues with specific medications that could interact badly with certain chemicals, or low-grade ingredients that can have harsh side effects. It is impossible for a user to know what a product will do to their body if they do not know what is in it.

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The Price and Quality of Delay Pills

Delay Pills have been carried at different times by independent retailers, however most of them have dropped the product from their rosters. There is no explanation given by any of these companies as to why this choice was made.

Delay Pills ale still sold through their own website. The prices that were being quoted as of the date of this article’s publication are:

  • 1, 60-count bottle (30-day supply) of Delay Pills: $49.95
  • 3, 60-count bottles (90-day supply) of Delay Pills: $109.95
  • 6, 60-count bottles (180-day supply) of Delay Pills: $199.95

This price is more than most male enhancement pills of this nature, though not dramatically so. The explanation for this may be the cost of some of its more exotic ingredients which, despite their lack of effectiveness, can be considered somewhat rare.

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Business of Delay Pills

Delay Pills is a subsidiary of Everyday Health, a supplements and pharmaceuticals manufacturer that can be found through these channels:

Phone Number: (210) 807-4404

Address: 345 Hudson St, 16th Floor

New York, NY 10014

Email: Delay Pills does not have an email address for their customers. They do have an electronic comment form on their website that can be used for those purposes.

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Customer Opinions of Delay Pills

The responses from customers were very divided. Some found Delay Pills useful for delaying their orgasms, however others that were looking for more from the pills were angry with the experience that they had:

“I know it said that it could relax you, but my penis was a little too relaxed, if you know what I mean.”

“I wish that I had either a penis that knew how to work or a machine that could take me back in time to before I wasted money on this garbage.”

“I thought maybe this would be the solution I was looking for. It turns out it’s just another scam, and I still can’t get it up.”

The customers that were upset with Delay Pills had issues with its ineffectiveness for male enhancement, as well as some mild reports of side effects.

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Conclusion – Do Delay Pills Work?

How successful a customer thinks Delay Pills are seems to be largely a product of what they are using them for. Those individuals that are seeking relief from a premature ejaculation condition may find some use in taking Delay Pills, especially if they are suffering from specific forms of anxiety-related erectile dysfunction.

All other customers of Delay Pills do not have a good chance of being satisfied by their experience. There is no indication that it can improve erectile health at all, and according to some of the customer reviews it is possible that it could even have the opposite effect.

The same is true about libido, seminal quality, and especially stamina, as Delay Pills may actually have sedative effects on its users. There are also possibly mystery ingredients that they do not disclose, and the responses from their previous users are distinctly unfavorable. For all of these reasons, our team of experts cannot recommend Delay Pills to our users.

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