Bulgarian Tribulus Review (UPDATED 2017): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Bulgarian Tribulus is a male enhancement product that is designed to help improve users’ performance sexually and athletically. Their advertising claims that it has shown benefits for improving the size and strength of users’ erections, their desire levels, and the quality and quantity of semen that they produce during orgasm. In addition to other sexual benefits, such as preventing premature orgasm, Bulgarian Tribulus also is supposed to be helpful for improving athletic performance and recovery time.

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Bulgarian Tribulus Ingredients and Side Effects

Bulgarian Tribulus only lists one active ingredient in their product. Other than a handful of fillers that are used to help make the pill solid and cheap to produce, the singular ingredient in Bulgarian Tribulus is:

Tribulus Blend

 Tribulus Blend: A combination of extracts taken from both the fruit and from the aerial parts of the tribulus terrestris plant. Tribulus is originally from North America but can be grown in any climate that is dry enough to fit its needs and it is used by cultures worldwide.

Tribulus is globally known by many names including caltrop, cat’s head, goathead, devil’s weed, and quitiba. It’s also often called tackweed or, most commonly, puncture vine, thanks to the long sharp spines that protrude from the exterior of the fruit. People have used its byproducts for centuries in medicine and therapeutic blends to help treat conditions such as:

  • Eczema
  • Anemia
  • Flatulence
  • Blood pressure
  • Diuresis

It is best known, however, as an aphrodisiac that can have a number of beneficial effects for men’s sexual health, which has earned it another nickname: “nature’s Viagra.” There are some products that advertise tribulus as a testosterone enhancement aid, however that has been shown to be inaccurate.

One of the reasons that so many people were ready to believe that tribulus increases testosterone is that it’s effects on the body are very similar. Like testosterone, tribulus has a profound effect on libido levels. The frequency of sexual thoughts and fantasies and the level of arousal all increase, as does the frequency, size, and strength of users’ erections.

Tribulus has also been linked to improving fertility levels in men. The quantity of semen that is produced with every orgasm is increased, as is the density of the sperm within the ejaculate. The sperm themselves also seem to be healthier and show increased movement and mobility.

Some people worry about the safety of taking puncture vine because of its intimidating appearance. While it’s true that ingesting the outer layer and spines of the fruit can have serious health effects on people, including the collapsing of lungs in some cases, these are not the parts of the plant that supplements are made from.

The aerils and the inner fruit of the plant are safe for the vast majority of people. Tribulus has been tested for safety in studies lasting as long as eight weeks of daily consumption, and users have yet to show and serious side effects or health consequences. It is one of the most highly recommended products according to our team of researchers.

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Bulgarian Tribulus Quality of Ingredients

Even though our research team recommends tribulus so highly, they are somewhat skeptical about the fact that it is the only ingredient in Bulgarian Tribulus’s proprietary blend. If you had to make a male enhancement product with only one ingredient tribulus would be one of the ones that would be considered, however there is no reason that a supplement only has to have one ingredient.

As effective as tribulus is, it only affects the body one way. Other additives can attach the problems of erectile dysfunction, lowered desire, and seminal quality as well, and when combined with tribulus the effects of both products can be magnified.

L-Arginine can be extremely helpful with improving circulation, which is also a major component in being able to achieve and maintain erections. Maca powder can also increase the frequency of sexual thoughts and the density of their receptors in the brain. Plenty of other herbs and chemicals can also be beneficial to the arousal process, however none of them are included in the Bulgarian Tribulus blend.

The issue with this is not that Bulgarian Tribulus won’t be effective, it’s that it won’t be as effective as other products, or as effective as it could be for some people. Everyone’s body works differently, has different needs, and processes chemicals in their own ways. More diverse ingredients increase the likelihood of a product working for any given consumer, and increase how effective that product may be. Deciding to use a tribulus-only blend seems to needlessly limit the effectiveness of a product and the size of the client base that it will work for.

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The Price and Quality of Bulgarian Tribulus

Bulgarian Tribulus is sold through quite a few different outlets online, and it can also be purchased in some physical locations such as GNC stores. This is the price that is quoted through the homepage of their manufacturer, Ultimate Nutrition:

  • 1, 90-capsule bottle (30-day supply) of Bulgarian Tribulus herbal supplement capsules: $17.49

This price is well below the average market price of most male enhancement supplements, which makes sense given their limited ingredients list. Users with more money to spend may choose to use Bulgarian Tribulus as a secondary supplement paired with a more diverse blend, however that approach is neither efficient nor cost effective.

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Business of Bulgarian Tribulus

As mentioned above, Bulgarian Tribulus is one of the products offered by Ultimate Nutrition, a supplements and pharmaceuticals manufacturer specifically geared to athletic and work-out supplements. They list their contact information as:

Phone Number: (860) 409-7100

Address: PO Box 643

Farmington, CT 06034

Email: Ultimate Nutrition does not publish an email address publically, however they do have a customer comment form on their website that can be used for electronic communication purposes.

It should be noted that Ultimate Nutrition has been involved in a number of lawsuits in the last few years. They have been sued for improper labeling, misleading advertising, and for including unlisted ingredients in their products, and there are other cases that are currently still in progress.

They were also sued by a former Olympic swimmer who was banned from the sport when he tested positive for steroids after taking Ultimate Nutrition products. He won and they were forced to pay out a settlement of over $500,000.

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Customer Opinions of Bulgarian Tribulus

The opinions of customers about their experience with Bulgarian Tribulus vary wildly.:

“I’ve used other tribulus products in the past and had positive results, so I was surprised when I got Bulgarian Tribulus and it did absolutely nothing.”

“Totally worthless. Save your money for something that actually has an effect.”

“Maybe this will work for old people or people with disorders or something, but for me it didn’t do anything. I’ve got way better stuff that I could’ve spent that twenty bucks on.”

The most common report from past users was that it was ineffective. There were few reports of side effects or negative experiences beyond general lack of effects.

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Conclusion – Does Bulgarian Tribulus Work?

Our review team has studied the ingredients that go into male enhancement products, the clinical data about their effects, and the reports from the consumers of different brands. In their experience, some individuals will react better with certain ingredients than others and that a certain amount of trial and error may be necessary to find a product that is effective for their specific body chemistry and need areas.

Single-ingredient products like Bulgarian Tribulus make it much less likely that they will be effective for any given user, and if they are effective it is questionable to what degree. Our team recommends that users pair Bulgarian Tribulus with a more complete male enhancement product, or just find one of the many supplement blends that combines it with other additives lime L-Arginine or maca root.

The most complete male enhancement product on the market is Viritenz. Their blend includes tribulus, L-Arginine, maca, and several other highly potent ingredients.

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