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What is it?

Blackcore Edge is a testosterone booster and male enhancement pill made to maximize one’s capacity for nitric oxide. By boosting nitric oxide it can help promote more blood flow.

It’s also meant to prevent fat accumulation, low energy, muscle loss, erectile dysfunction, and any and all sex problems. By working deep in the bloodstream each ingredient is meant to circulate through the body. Our review experts have found that the most effective male enhancement supplement is Viritenz. It’s made up of natural ingredients and shown to be effective at increasing overall sexual performance. Follow this link to learn more about Viritenz.

Blackcore Edge Ingredients and Side Effects

Here’s what’s added to Blackcore Edge:

Boron Orchic Togkat Alli Saw Palmetto
Epimedium Sarsaparilla Wild Yam Extract Horny Goat Weed

Boron: Mineral used to increase testosterone when added in higher amounts than what’s added in food. It can also help to increase estrogen levels. This important mineral can be found in many foods.

Orchic: Extract taken from cattle testicles. This is used to maintain testicular health.

Tongkat Ali: Plant found in parts of Asia and used as an aphrodisiac and way to boost fertility. It has been shown to be safe even with long term use.

This natural ingredient has shown the possibility to improve overall virility.

Saw Palmetto: Fruit extract that has rich fatty acids. A study by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine found it had no more effective than a placebo.

Potential side effects may include:

  • Vomiting, impotence, and headaches.
  • Dizziness, nausea, and diarrhea.

Epimedium: Herb also known as horny goat weed. This has chemicals in it which help to increase blood flow as well as sexual function. Side effects are possible when it is taken for long periods such as:

  • Dry mouth, vomiting, and dizziness.
  • Nosebleed, thirst, and spasms.

Though it is commonly taken in male enhancement pills, it has limited use.

Sarsaparilla: Plant which has chemicals made to reduce inflammation, joint pain, and itching. This can potentially cause stomach irritation.

Wild Yam Extract: Plant which has a chemical named diosgenin which can be made into steroids. By itself it has shown the possibility for causing vomiting.

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EDITOR’S TIP:Combine this supplement with a proven male enhancement pill such as Viritenz for better results.

Blackcore Edge Quality of Ingredients

There is a mixture of healthy ingredients which can aid in male enhancement and testosterone such as orchic, boron, and tongkat ali, but there are also potentially harmful and useless additives such as wild yam and epimedium.

Wild yam is a particularly strange additive as it’s only added so it can mimic steroid function. Taking these kinds of drugs can lead to serious side effects, and can cause long term erectile dysfunction if they’re added in strong and frequent doses.

Overall, the formula just isn’t going to be a truly effective solution for overall male enhancement effects. Click the link cited for a comprehensive list of the best male enhancement pills.

The Price and Quality of Blackcore Edge

The company website does mention how one can purchase only trial offers for $4.99 to cover shipping and handling. You cannot outright purchase only a bottle, and instead you have to be held accountable to an auto shipment program.

There are issues with some companies who offer free trials which extend to automatic billing. For example, when looking to purchase from the manufacturers they add:

“it will then be billed $89.99 on the 14th day, and $94.98 evert 30 days thereafter”

This questionable practice often causes people to suddenly notice money taken away from their account without due notice. The reason being is that companies can legally take money without first giving some sort of notification. One is allowing themselves to be held accountable to an online contract.

The responsibility to cancel is on the behalf of the customer, instead of the company being courteous enough to contact users. This can lead to reoccurring charges if one is not careful. Some scam companies will also make it hard to cancel, or will avoid messages to make sure people are locked into their month to month auto shipment program.

As you’ll see in the next section, there were many complaints from users who say they were tricked into thinking they were going to take part in a free trial. Legally companies who implement this policy are allowed to continue, as there is a technical binding agreement between the company and user. This can cause many serious charges to one’s bank account if one is not careful.

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Business of Blackcore Edge

Edgeline Performance is the name of the company and their listed contact information is:

Address: PO Box 25380 Santa, Ana 92799

Phone Number: (877) 516-7511


There are two versions of Blackcore Edge, but one is specifically tailored for male enhancement. The company also engages in controversial auto shipment practices which are often questionable and potentially unsafe.

Here are some reviews about the company:

“Terrible customer service”

“Could not cancel within the first 14 days”

“Please read this review and know this product is a lie”

“tricked me and ended up charging me $89”

Many were highly disappointed and angry to be suddenly charged without due notice.

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Customer Opinions of Blackcore Edge

No sort of testimonials are offered but certain websites to list customer reviews:

“not a good product, saw no results”

“Blackcore edge is a joke!”

“this does absolutely nothing”

“did not see any results after two weeks”

There were only complaints found online. This makes it seem likely that this product would not produce any of the claimed effects.

People often added how they failed to see any changes and that it was a waste of money. Since no positive reviews are available online, it’s likely to not be an effective male enhancement supplement. There needs to be some show of support to help ensure that it would actually be effective and worth the cost to use.

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Conclusion – Does Blackcore Edge Work?

There have been many issues with this brand due to complaints about this products effectiveness and lack of customer satisfaction. There were several issues from users who complained they were scammed out of money. Some also highly advised potential users to not do any business with the company, as the so called free trial was never put in place. People were charged way before the 14 day free trial that was claimed.

After looking at several male enhancement supplements our review experts found Viritenz delivered the best results. It’s made up of natural ingredients which have been shown effective at promoting virility, male enhancement, and overall sexual performance.

Each ingredient is carefully selected to help ensure that this supplement can deliver results. Users have also offered their support to show how effective it is at promoting long lasting and noticeable changes. Learn more about the effects of Viritenz by clicking on the link provided here.

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