Lucienne Skin Review (UPDATED 2017): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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 What is it?

Lucienne Skin is a skin care product that says it can improve skin appearance and function, which makes users look younger and healthier. Their website says that Lucienne Skin enhances both skin hydration and oxidation protection while simultaneously reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. They further claim that their product tightens the skin, smoothes out color and texture, and restores luster and pH balance.

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Lucienne Skin Ingredients and Side Effects

Lucienne Skin does not choose to publish their full ingredients list. Instead, their website just highlights two of their active ingredients:

Trylagen Gatuline

Trylagen: A newly synthesized chemical that is said to have collagen production and retention increasing properties. First introduced three years ago there is ne data for trylagen outside of the manufacturer’s initial studies.

The lab that developed trylagen, the Lipotec Group, claims that it is a combination of protein chains and active peptides that have the ability to boost collagen production and reduce wrinkle depth. Wheat and soy proteins are both used, as is citruline and several different synthetic peptide chains, and the end result is a viscous, yellowish serum that is soluble in most skin cream formulations.

Lipotec does not include any safety information, allergy warnings, or mentions of potential negative side effects related to trylagen. There have been no independent studies that confirm Lipotec’s claims about their product, nor have their been any studies – independent or not – into the long-term safety of products containing trylagen.

Gatuline: An extract derived from the Scotch thistle plant, a member of the asteraceae family of plants, which some individuals believe to have medicinal properties. There is no evidence, however, that the scotch thistle shares any of those properties.

Gatuline has become a fad skin care ingredient recently due to a study that claimed it was found ex vivo in skin explants, but this was another study performed by the chemical’s distributor. Their advertising claims that it can help with collagen synthesis, epidermal regeneration, and recovering the skin barrier, but offered no further data to back those claims up.

There is also no available data about any negative effects that gatuline may have. The chemical’s distributor does not choose to publish any, and there has been no third-party research performed into its safety or effectiveness.

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Lucienne Skin Quality of Ingredients

It is impossible to accurately analyze the effectiveness of a product that will not disclose what its components are. This is due as much to not knowing what is in the mixture as knowing what is not. There may be unlisted additives that have harsh side effects, long-term health consequences, or that are just ineffective filler ingredients used to cut costs.

Most reputable companies prominently post their ingredients in an attempt to show consumers that they are manufacturing a quality product. This allows for easy side-by-side comparison that allows the consumer to accurately decide which product will be the best for her or his individual skin.

That omission aside, our panel of skin care experts was not impressed with the two ingredients that Lucienne Skin did decide to highlight. Trylagen and gatuline are both trendy skin care ingredients that have no track record of success, and it is unclear how safe they are or are not for users.

The beauty industry is always promoting new additives as the next revolutionary ingredient for skin care, however those claims are easier to make when there have been no studies that show it is ineffective or dangerous. It will be years before we accurately understand what trylagen and gatuline actually do to our bodies, by which time the industry will be busily promoting the next new revolutionary ingredient.

There are no mentions of Lucienne Skin including any known successful skin care ingredients. They do not say anywhere on their advertising that it may contain any vitamins like A, C, or E that are integral to the skin generation and repair process, and they do not mention any natural ingredients like shea butter or stem cells that can stimulate the skin’s natural defense functions.

It is possible that those useful chemicals may be some of the unmentioned ingredients, however it would be a strange choice to not mention ingredients that are proven safe and effective and only talk about ones that aren’t.

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The Price and Quality of Lucienne Skin

Not mentioning the full ingredients list is a warning sign for consumers that Lucienne Skin may not be a trustworthy product, and so is their non-traditional pricing structure.

Quality companies will sell their products at a fair, prominently displayed price, and they don’t try to trick consumers into paying for their products. They stand by their products and believe that consumers will pay for them because they choose with full knowledge of what they are buying and what they are paying for it.

This is not the business model that Lucienne Skin uses. They do not sell their products on a per unit basis, display no price of any kind, and instead only offer a “free trial” of their product. Signing up for the free trial however actually enrolls customers in an automatic payment program that charges $98.41 per month.

There are also fees associated with cancelling the program, keeping the free trial, and returning the free trial. All of these details are kept in a “Terms and Conditions” link that is buried on the bottom of only one of their multiple web pages. It is not readily visible to visitors to their site unless they are actively looking for it, and even then it is somewhat difficult to find in the lengthy legal text of the agreement.

There is almost no way that a consumer can avoid paying at least some amount of fees to Lucienne Skin for the privilege of receiving their free trial.

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Business of Lucienne Skin

Lucienne Skin is one of many products in a network that all utilize the same business model of tricking consumers into signing up for what they believe is a free trial and then hitting them later with multiple extra charges. Coal Cosmetics, Satin Youth, and Skin Technologies are all part of the same organization as Lucienne Skin but list multiple different parent companies so as to prevent customers and legal entities from catching on to what they are doing.

Lucienne Skin’s parent company is listed as Kiara Skin, and this is the contact information that they post on their website:

Phone Number: (888) 694-2941

Address: Hashtag Fulfillment c/o Lucienne Skin

PO Box 41542

St. Petersburg, FL 33743


There are currently hundreds of formal complaints regarding Lucienne Skin, Kiara Skin, and their various partner websites filed with the Better Business Bureau. Many customers have threatened legal action against them, however our research team could find no evidence of currently active court cases that they are involved in at this time.

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Customer Opinions of Lucienne Skin

There are thousands of angry reports from customers who feel like they have been taken advantage by Lucienne Skin and their partner companies. Most people simply did not realize that there was a catch to the free trial and thought they were getting a chance to try a new skin care product, and now they are angry that they’ve lost sometimes hundreds of dollars to a dishonest company.

There are also some reviews of the product itself, which are also quite negative. Many comments echoed the themes in these reports:

“OUCH! This stuff burns after I put it on, then dries my skin out worse than before. It gets dry and cracked and it hurts!”

“I’m confused why anyone would think that this was an acceptable product. It doesn’t smell good, it doesn’t feel good, and my wife and I both had nasty breakouts after using it.”

“I tried Lucienne for two weeks before my skin just couldn’t take it any more. I was so red and blotchy and sensitive  – I looked as terrible as I felt.”

Reviews reported an array of side effects and negative reactions, as well as quite a few accounts that it just did nothing. Many users expressed the sentiment that Lucienne Skin knows their product doesn’t work but doesn’t care because they only want to trap people into paying the automatic fees.

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Conclusion – Does Lucienne Skin Work?

A quality skin care company is one that makes a product that they genuinely believe helps make people’s skin healthier. If it looks more beautiful, that should be the result of improved core health, not because of misleading ingredients that in the long run do more harm than good.

They should be honest and forthright in their business dealings, charging a fair price for a product that does what they say it does. Lucienne Skin does not live up to any of these definitions of quality. They are a manipulative organization that seeks to profit off of its customers without offering anything back to them.

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4 Responses to Lucienne Skin Review: Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

  1. Beth says:

    I had a terrible experience with this company. When I ordered 2 trial products on line I was also automatically signed up for the Vitamin C serum. There was no place on the website to cancel this. When I realized the trial products were a scam and attempted to get a refund I had a very rude customer service rep arguing with me on the phone to the point that I hung up on him. Very unprofessional. However he did call me back and apologized and refunded me the money but only after he repeatedly said that I was at fault for not cancelling the auto renewal order on a specific date.

    • Drebs says:

      Congrats to you. I had a much different experience with this scam peddler. After a 51 minute “hold” I was connected to 2 absolutely rude customer services representatives who a snidely informed me that their products, though the shipping packages and the contents are unopened, cannot be returned for a refund. They reasoned that the contents may be contaminated??? This is a phoney scam company which should be forced to shut down. I attempted to return these products through UPS but they were returned to me 9 days later with the reason being that the company moved and left no forwarding address! I learned that the Florida BBB rated this company “F”! I couldn’t agree more.

  2. Mannie says:

    So I cancelled the auto order on the last day of my trial period. When I noticed that I had a $89.92 dollar charge on my credit card, I emailed them and told them that I had cancelled and they said I should see my refund within 10 days. 17 days went by and I still hadn’t seen the refund. Today it’s been almost 2 months so I decided to call them. At first the lady told me that they do not give refunds. I said “so you do not give a refund AND I also don’t get a product? Really?” First she said NO, then she said she’d see what she can do. When she came back to the phone, she said a supervisor told her she could refund me 30% of what I paid. I asked if she was kidding me, then she said let me try another supervisor. After she came back she said that he would refund 50%. Then I said “Absolutely not”. She then said she could call the company and see if they would refund all of it. When she came back (just a few seconds later) she said okay, 75%. I told her NO, I would like to get all my money back. Or at least send me some products if you won’t refund all. She surprisingly then said that I’ll get back all of my money and she’ll send me a sample. UNBELIEVABLE! It took staying on hold for 20 minutes, then leaving a call back number and staying on the phone for another 25 minutes to get my money back. If I hadn’t persisted, they would have only paid back 30%. It is outrageous what some companies do. Wasn’t too bad of a product.

  3. Gerle Webb says:

    Total scam. Call customer service at 855-208-3259

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