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Coleen’s Biggest Loser Episode 7-4 Recap

Cue the NFL intro music… it’s Super Bowl Week on The Biggest Loser!

The contestants are greeted by Ali who informs them they will be playing a Super Bowl snack trivia game with Australian hottie, I mean– chef, Curtis Stone. The contestants test their knowledge of how many calories are in each common Super Bowl party food. Winning means a visit to their partner at home from Chef Curtis and a 2 pound pass at the next weigh-in. Daniel wins the game for the orange team and David gets a surprise visit from the Take Home Chef himself.

kurt warner biggest loserKeeping with the Super Bowl Theme, NFL MVP Kurt Warner helps Ali kickoff the challenge by informing the contestants they’ll be doing two sprints drills, picking up a football and running it back to the opposite end of the football field and dropping the football off in another player’s bin. The idea is to be the last player standing. Winning this challenge gets you immunity for your team and a guarantee that your partner will return to the ranch. Helen and Joelle battle it out in a footrace for the win. Helen wins the challenge and seals the deal for the pink team to be reunited.

During the last chance workout we see Joelle step up to the plate and Daniel accomplish a 5 minute run on the treadmill. As tough as those workouts can be, this week it wasn’t enough to keep the brown team and orange team above the yellow line. It comes down to a matter of who wants to be there as the teams chose to eliminate orange.

I’m so happy to see that both Daniel and David are doing excellent at home. David has stopped smoking and Daniel is running like the wind! Both have plans to shock America at the finale. Hear what else they are up to in their interview.

January 28th, 2009